The high school diploma dress is still elegant, stylish and obedient

Urszula Sobol

Each generation of high school graduates has its own rules. She wants to look modern, relevant and fashionable at the same time. Young people also pay a lot of attention to comfort.

This year’s high school graduates look chic and stylish. – Because matura exam is a day of elegance and castle style clothes – emphasizes Estilo Paulina Popek Studio from Rzeszów, image stylist and make-up artist Paulina Popek. – Much depends on the student’s school and his adaptation to the requirements and traditions.

He adds that high school graduates usually stick to the basic principle of general fashion: classics are timeless.

“Classics will always work, and in this case it fits perfectly,” says Paulina Popek. – However, let’s not forget that each generation has its own rules and wants to look modern, fashionable and fashionable. Then there is a sense of individuality and more self-confidence, so it is obvious to diversify the classics with fashionable accessories and cuts.

Modern fashion allows you to wear and combine

Today’s fashion gives us a lot of space to show and emphasize our personality.

– But it is better to do it in a subtle and balanced way – suggests a stylist. – First of all, the clothes for the high school final exam should be elegant, elegant in color, balanced in terms of length and cut. And usually so.

Colors like white, black, navy blue, burgundy, beige and pastel work well.

– High school graduates also present small color accents and contrasts so as not to be boring. However, it is worth being careful with the lengths, cuts and openings – I mean necklines, skirt lengths, matching dresses or blouses, as well as lace and sheer. We do not discover much, it does not mean that the dress for a girl can not be specific to a woman – says the stylist from Rzeszów.

High school graduates also pay attention to comfort

He notes that this year’s high school graduates focus on comfort.

“However, they are inspired by the style of social media and celebrities – singers, models and actresses,” says Paulina Popek. – However, these are quite comfortable and obedient sets, often based on the styles we knew 20 and 30 years ago.

Girls’ clothes are dominated by dresses and skirts consisting of blouses and skirts.

“The most desirable are simple, classic cut, neat colors, made of absolute quality fabrics,” says Paulina Popek. – For girls who like a little extravagance, layered or lace, knee-length or midi skirts or blouses are great. Although this season is dominated by mini lengths, girls in this situation should be careful not to open their legs too much. With a skirt or dress, they wear bare or stylish colored coated heels or pumps, a stylish bag and delicate fashion jewelry. The most fashionable set is also a women’s suit in light colors, preferably white or beige, with a slightly “large” cut and wide legs.

The most elegant and appropriate in men’s clothing is a suit in a timeless style, consisting of a single-breasted jacket and pleated trousers. The best color is navy blue or gray, and the fabric is wool.

– The perfect accessories are a white shirt, an elegant patterned tie or pocket square and oxford shoes in shades of black, navy blue or brown. However, in some cases you can compromise and replace a very formal suit with a less tight set: a jacket and china pants in coordinated colors. In addition, white shirts and effective ties, as well as leather details such as belts and shoes that add class – work well – stylist lists.

Sometimes … a more cheerful and less complicated dress

A few decades ago, dress for a high school diploma was more fun and less complicated.

– Men wore the most stiff fabrics and a matching, one-color tie. Women also wore conservative clothing – blouses up to the neck, wide trousers or slit knee-length skirts. This was due to strict adherence to the rules in force in schools and, of course, restrictions on access to fashionable clothes and new fabrics, says Paulina Popek. – Women could go crazy with their colors or styles by changing clothes in their homes or tailors. Our parents could not choose from such a variety of styles, fashionable lines and colors in the chain of stores.

Today, young people focus on hits, fashion brands and are inspired by social media and celebrities from the world of fashion, entertainment and music. – Inspirations from given trends or styles are still visible, but they are mixed with minimalism and modern solutions. The variety of clothes and store offers is huge, so the streets are more colorful and interesting. Therefore, high school fashion should not be approached in a cliché style. Currently, the trend of “upcycling” is obvious, that is, refreshing used vintage items and combining them with new clothing is a fantastic and creative solution.

Magdalena Mazur, owner of the Impresja Wedding Fashion Center in Rzeszów, remembers with great pleasure not only the matura exam, but also the dress she passed one of the most important exams in her life.

– I remember well how I dressed – Magdalena Mazur smiles. – At that time, the style of dress was very conservative. It had to be white and navy blue.

Pants, like a jacket, usually fit the figure.

She recalls that the girls wore navy skirts, white blouses, and low-heeled shoes. – The skirt could not be too short at all, and today it can be different – says Magdalena Mazur. – The boys used to wear a red suit and a white shirt. Today, costumes can be in different colors: black, gray.

The owner of the Impresja Wedding Fashion Center also notes that today’s young people attach great importance not only to fashion, but also to comfort when it comes to final exams.

– Although the matura exam is still one of the most important and important exams in life, there is a kind of confirmation of such a loose dress. You can see that young people want to look beautiful and elegant – adds the owner of the Wedding Fashion Center “Impresja”. – Despite the fact that today young people value individuality, young people also wear very classic clothes. The dress code is extremely important to them and emphasizes the importance of the event.

In the past, it was unthinkable for a high school girl to wear pants, but today it is a very common sight.

“More and more women are choosing not only elegant shirts, oversized jackets, but also pleated trousers,” says Magdalena Mazur.

There are many options and you will not be bored!

There is a huge offer of fashionable clothes in our market today and there are really many things for high school graduates to choose from. Zbigniew Sycz, owner of Knight’s Fashion from Rzeszów, says this year’s high school graduates didn’t just wear black or navy blue suits. – Patch suits, black and white shirts were also very popular among young people, – adds Zbigniew Sycz.

To add a bit of character to the style, high school graduates complete it with interesting accessories in the form of a tie, for example, a pocket square or caps in a small pattern or contrasting color. In fact, everything depends not only on the contents of the wallet, but also on your imagination and idea for a given look.

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