Shining Girls: Season 1 Episodes 1-3 – Review

Shining girls It is a new Apple TV + thriller based on Lauren Beukes’ novel of the same name. The plot is about Kirby Mazrachi, a retired woman who miraculously survived the attack six years ago. Kirby lives his daily life in a rather schematic way. When another crime takes place in the city, everything changes. At first, a frightened woman decides to face the demons of the past and, together with local reporter Dan Velazquez, who is trying to restore her reputation in the profession, begins her investigation to uncover the serial killer.

Apple TV + has decided to premiere a new series of three series. I think this is very true, because the first episode alone will probably not have this gravitational force. Only after reading all three do we have a better starting point for future events. But is it good enough to interfere with him completely? That’s the question. The series is very mild at first – the creators openly dedicate the opening episodes primarily to a better presentation of the main characters and (everything shows) the killer himself. Here you can see the systematic concentration of activity, after the third episode it gradually warms up, and this promises good for the rest of the season. However, I have a dilemma, because despite approaching the middle of the season, after three episodes, it is still quite safe here. The prototype of the book, simply according to the descriptions, could show driving without a master, but at this stage you can not talk about such a thing at all. The creators start production very, very much – maybe very carefully.

The plot of the series sounds very simple – after all, television remembers many productions in which the main theme is watching a serial killer. True, at this stage Shining girls they still haven’t offered anything that would allow them to stand out clearly from the genre. The actions of the heroes are schematic – in the archive there are scenes of a cat-and-mouse game with the killer, digging dusty evidence from crime scenes. We find more bodies, more women are missing. In short: everything is as you expect, and in addition, dressed in a traditional, remarkable technical layer. It’s very common here after three episodes, and it’s impossible not to see it – it’s hard to say whether the production will be remembered at all, although I’d love it.

However, there is an issue in this story that may bear fruit – it has not yet been fully explored and developed. Exactly – a chart in which strange and unforgivable things begin to happen in the first three episodes. The main perspective on the events is presented by Kirby, who was a little lost in reality after the attack. The creators cautiously suggest that this may not be a problem for him. Maybe in reality really Something is wrong? From the point of view of the three-episode premiere, it may seem that some fantastic themes are trying to get into the story, and although the story is clearly a reality, it may have a different tone at the end of it all. offers a summary of the standard thriller. At this point, it works well – more weird and weird things naturally make you want to know the next thing. Unfortunately, there are still very few fantastic suggestions – multidimensionality and hits in chronology will probably interest the viewer more than the slow detective trend chosen by the creators in this case.

As for acting – no complaints. He is in the lead role Elisabeth Moss (Hand Tale) and it is accompanied by inter alia: Vaqner Moura and Jamie Bell. All the characters are mysterious, so the actors don’t have much to play yet, but everyone is doing their best, especially Bell. But even from the character’s point of view, I have the impression that the three-series presentation is a bit long, given that the season will consist of only eight episodes, you just want to see more details, surprises and surprises. Larger works appear on the screen, and you can even wait for the book after the fictional description. So far, all this is ahead of us, and there is not much time left on the screen.

Shining girls has a certain potential. The story has a chance to turn into something interesting, although the first episodes are not shocking enough to attract him from the first minute. When you start the premiere of a three-part series, you need to prepare for the mild pace of story and genre clichés that require patience. It may be a little disappointing at first, but the perspective of the story is interesting enough to give this production a chance. Unfortunately, at this stage, it comes not from the show, but from the promise of the source material of the book – without knowing in which direction everything could go, I probably would not have felt so interested in watching this story. blushing face. So far with a plus of 6 for me – that’s just right; It is very static and very safe for higher prices, but in the end it is possible to get something worth remembering.

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