Price comparison of electronics – X-com, OleOle, Morele. Where is the cheapest?

We have prepared a sample basket of the most popular products of 2020. In which store can we find the cheapest basic gaming accessories and computer equipment? We present a price comparison of electronics.

Here’s our basket based on which we compared the price of electronics

Note that the following article contains approximate values ​​- we do not consider the whole range, but selected products, which are characterized by different prices and high popularity. To select the appropriate elements of the offer, we pay attention to the ratings, statements and articles available on our website. We take into account that there are many different purchase options, promotions and options for equipment. Therefore, we will begin by describing several methodological issues.

We do not take into account campaign prices

In the case of discounts, we assume that the “deleted” price is the correct price available in the store’s standard offer.

We are looking at the major electronics stores available in Poland

The list does not include portals such as Allegro, OLX and Amazon or smaller computer hardware suppliers. In addition, we accept OleOle and Euro AGD as one store – but if they do not have a product range, we consider OleOle offers. This is due to the fact that the price differences between these services are extremely small and both are owned by the same company.

There is not always a certain product in this electric market

Then our analysis of the shopping cart is limited – the issue of price sets is not discussed, but the accessories that can be found in the offer of the store. The availability of a popular range is still important information. Therefore, we will note this if a particular store does not offer most of the products we want.

Prices have been analyzed for September 26 and our basket is based on pre-prepared articles

To get the most objective picture of the situation, we will complete several different shopping baskets. We base them on the content available on These are the following articles:

In addition to products made from the above materials, they can simply be the most popular equipment in a certain category. Taking all this into account, we will divide the article into 4 categories – computer parts, home office accessories, smartphones and smart home devices. Which store is the cheapest in Poland? Let’s learn!

Price Comparison of Electronics: Part One. Computer parts

Stores: Advance, OleOle! (RTV Euro AGD), NeoNet, X-kom,, Media-Expert, Media Markt, Komputronik.

We will create a simple computer setup suitable for games and more. We consider the following components:

  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 3600 – standard medium-priced design.
  • Motherboard – MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX – Very good, mid-budget motherboard with a slot suitable for the CPU in question.
  • RAM – 16 GB Patriot Viper 4 3200 Blackout – Additional copies for Ryzen 5 3600. 3200 MHz clock is a wonderful addition that has the potential to significantly increase the performance of the entire system.
  • Graphics Card – Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC 6GB – The cheapest card with raytracing.
  • Charger – SilentiumPC Vero L3 Bronze 600W 80+ – One of the best budget power supplies.


The store is the best here. It was not only possible to complete such a set, but also pay very little for it – 3,303 PLN. For the Advances in second place, this amount was 3,383 PLN. OleOle went well, but here you only had to use the RAM available in Euro AGD – the result is 3,391 PLN.

Computer was the worst, but if it weren’t for the failed price of the Gigabyte RTX 2060 card, it would surely be able to compete with the X-com store. The computer is a basket worth 3,635 PLN, and the X-Com is a basket worth 3,445 PLN.

In this case, the comparison of the price of electronics did not take into account the Media-Expert store – only one graphics card was not sold. In the case of Media Markt, only the SilentiumPC power supply was available (surprisingly!). There was no problem with NeoNet either. There were a lot of components out there, but in the case of the Ryzen 5 3600, it’s probably an issue where the processor was sold (it was available in the store recently). In RAM mode – all other Patriot configurations were available, it was simply missing. Therefore, it should be noted that although this store did not achieve very good results in terms of the availability of parts, it certainly performed better than Media Markt. So, our winner for the PC part is!

Price Comparison of Electronics: Part Two. Home office

Stores: Advance, OleOle! (RTV Euro AGD), NeoNet, X-kom,, Media-Expert, Media Markt, Komputronik.

Now is the time home office equipment. It is worse with its presence here. Here is a basket of some basic products:

  • Huawei Matebook D15 – Option with Ryzen 5 3500U processor. Very good laptop to work from home – basic equipment, large screen, efficient components.
  • Headphones Logitech G332 – Perfect headphones for home and office – optimal price, high sound quality.
  • Creative Live! Cam Sync HD – A popular camera for video conferencing. The home office department could not be missing from the consumer basket.
Comparison of electronics prices, September 2020: home office


This time the situation is slightly different. The overall availability of accessories is at a better level – although the Advance Store did the worst here.

Let’s start with the most expensive store in this category. This time NeoNet – PLN 3 287. But the differences are very small – they are 60 PLN, which is a small percentage for such an amount. It is also expensive in computer science – PLN 3 277. X-com got a slightly better result: – 3,247 PLN. is again in first place with a result of 3,218 PLN. The second result is OleOle! – 3 237 PLN. However, it should be noted that the low price of the MateBook plays a big role here. However, I’m talking about very balanced competition – the differences are really small.

Comparison of the cost of electronics: the fourth part. Photo smartphones

Stores: Advance, OleOle! (RTV Euro AGD), NeoNet, X-kom,, Media-Expert, Media Markt, Komputronik.

We consider smartphones in our list for the second quarter of 2020. Since the premieres took place some time ago, an excellent opportunity to see how prices have changed over this period. Initially, the edges are usually exactly the same, only after a while the differences begin to appear. We present the selected models:

  • Huawei P40 Pro – Version with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory. It has long been considered the king of mobile photography – little has changed in this regard recently.
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G – a smartphone that surpasses many other 2020 models in its class. One of the most interesting and advanced phones of 2020.
Electronics price comparison September 2020: smartphones


That means, The prices of the models did not fall, but remained at the same level. Thus, we do not include this part of the basket in our final thoughts. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is cheaper by This is undoubtedly a lower amount for this smartphone – up to 250 PLN.

In this case, we face a situation Most markets work with the Huawei brand and the Samsung brand, so the margins are virtually the same.despite the fact that a long time has passed since the premiere of these phone models. However, experience shows that in some sectors, it does not really matter where we get a particular product economically. The quality of customer service, fast delivery and simple return procedure are even more important here.

Comparison of the cost of electronics: the fourth part. Smart home accessories

Stores: Advance, OleOle! (RTV Euro AGD), NeoNet, X-kom,, Media-Expert, Media Markt, Komputronik.

Where to buy the cheapest smart home accessories? We will look at this in a moment. In this price comparison, we consider the following products:

  • Xiaomi Mi Bed Head Lamp 2 – standard smart night light.
  • Xiaomi Mi LED table lamp – A very interesting desktop lamp that supports intelligent functions.
  • Xiaomi Mi Sensor Set – A set of basic sensors for the apartment, which offers many interesting features.
Comparison of the price of electronics, September 2020: Smart home


We are facing an interesting situation in the basket of smart home products. Only two stores offered all the products they were looking for in their range.

X-com won the comparison, we will have to pay 697 PLN for these devices.. The cost of accessories in the computer is 727 PLN. As for individual cases – Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp was the cheapest on The Xiaomi Mi Desktop Lamp has the best price in advance as a Sensor Set. However, the big problem is in him it is not possible to complete this basket – Even in Computronic and X-com such products are ready.

Conclusion – What does the comparison of electronics prices in September 2020 tell us?

Let’s look at a price comparison in the context of each of these stores:

  • Advance – High availability of PC parts and low prices. Home is worse in the case of office tools – there is no assortment. Reasonable prices for smart home accessories. The store is very good on our list – with only minor flaws.
  • OleOle! – wide range, Second in the price of PC parts and home office products. A smart home is worse. Thanks to the availability of RAM dice in the offer of RTV Euro AGD, the store was removed from our list harmlessly.
  • NeoNet – a major drawback in the range for computer parts, although this is an exception to the rule rather than the usual situation. Disadvantages in the smart home range. However, the availability of home office products is very good the price was not impressive compared to this expression.
  • X-com – one of two stores with a full range. However, it is economically better than Computer. You can, of course, see the X-com team take care of the availability of products, but their profitability is controversial.
  • – definitely the lowest prices, almost full range, very strong position against competition. However, some experiences are surprising – for example, the low price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and MateBook D15.
  • Media Specialist – there were flaws in every category in the store. Prices remain moderate, but there are some shortcomings in the availability of supply.
  • Media Markt – A store with PC parts tragically coped. It seems only the most popular products can be found here and to a fairly limited extent. The amounts are quite high – the price of RAM dice was the highest, as with the Mi Sensor Set and Xiaomi Mi Desk Lamp.
  • Computer – the second store there was a full range. Were it not for the high price of the Gigabyte GeForce 2060 OC, it would probably have a chance to be called a cheaper seller.

Final summary

As you can see, prices in the top sellers do not differ muchwhen we look at them through the prism of different shopping carts. Promotions, including the upcoming Black Friday 2020, are worth the wait. However, we can observe greater differences in the availability of the range.

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