“Our 15-year-old daughter falsified our signatures and went to a photo session at night. Brat scared us. “- Taken from real life

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“Mother,” Justina shouted from the threshold. – Mother, TV will come to our school He announced with joy and entered the kitchen.

– Television? – I was surprised.

– No. The lady said that they would look for a girl for this role … – She raised her eyebrows, remembering the name of the girl in the book with the wolf – Isi or Iza … And I will play it. Romandan character.

– Yes? – I asked curiously, because my Jusia did not like to read books. At least so far.

– Well, it’s … Oh, mother, you choose. Most importantly, I have a chance to get this role. I will play in a movie.

– Jusia, you want to play a novel in a movie you never knew.

– So what? He snored. – They will give me a text, I can read. I will learn what happened and what to say from the script … I will be famous. But the girls will be jealous of me.

I took a deep breath.

“Well, you never agree with anything,” he said. “You decided in advance that this was a stupid idea and that I would not succeed.” My father would definitely allow it.

– Then ask him when he comes home from work.

Justina snored and left the kitchen offended. I shook my head. He behaves like an adult, still like a child. He doesn’t know about the book, but he is the first to go to the casting for a film based on the book. I wish for casting …

I wish he went to science

A lady called me from a TV show less than a month ago. To confirm our consent to participate in this program. I was surprised that I did not send a report anywhere. It turned out that it was Jusia who told us about mothers and their teenage daughters. I flatly refused. After all, I will not talk about family issues in front of the cameras. It was still not enough for the whole of Poland to learn that we sometimes had problems with our daughter. It is enough to tolerate the humor of a teenage girl in a private forum.

But Justina decided that the refusal was cruel on my part. According to him, he is finally – yes, finally – mature enough to start a television career. And I’m worried about the degenerate mother.

– Jusia, do you have a lot of lessons tomorrow? I called the dishes from above.

– I have no lessons. They didn’t ask us anything, he shouted from his room.

They did not ask anything. Exactly. He would probably remember it again before going to bed at night.

The next few days were quiet. Justina he didn’t talk about casting for the film anymore. But my husband remembered about her.

– How are you, my dear? He asked at lunch time. – Who was chosen for this film?

Justina angrily pushed the plate away with the sandwiches.

– They did not choose any of us. Apparently, they are looking for someone completely different. But also something. But I will show them again he promised. – I will be a famous model, and then I will be asked to play in their stupid movies.

I shook my head in doubt. Justina was too short for a model and did not look like a clothes hanger. Fortunately. Just a normal, healthy teenager.

– Justys, to be a model … – I wanted to gently explain to the children that models also learn. Even languages. But her daughter did not stop. He got up from the table and left the kitchen.

– Do not worry. Such age … – Jacek squeezed my hand lightly.

“Well, yes,” I said, agreeing with him.

“Something else will come to him in a few days,” he smiled.

– Let these be lessons to be learned I muttered sarcastically.

Our child preferred something completely different from the lessons.

“Mother, look!” – A few days later he pushed the newspaper under my nose. – There is an announcement that they are looking for attachments. You need to call and talk to them immediately.

“Then call me,” I replied.

“You have to call because I’ve already eaten the whole card,” Justina explained. – Joining takes a lot of time, the car talks, eats money.

I looked at him weakly. Was he really that naive?

– Boy, if they really wanted to hire someone extra, they would give other information in addition to the hotline number. For example, which company organizes, how many people are needed. AND these are just scammers.

I saw in my daughter’s face that she wanted to answer something, but she stopped. Apparently, the loss of twenty zlotys on the card made him think.

I think I was wrong, because Justina came to me and showed all kinds of announcements about the competitions and TV shows she wanted to participate in.

I can read like everyone else, maybe I should apply there? – I pushed the newspaper with the advertisement and phone number under my nose. – Oh, here parents are looking for teenagers who do not pay pocket money and will talk to them about how to plan a home budget.

– We do not give you out-of-pocket expenses? I asked angrily now, not having fun.

“Come on,” he admitted. “But I don’t think so.” And then I’ll be on this show. You too. And they will pay us for it – he assured me.

– Justina, finally come to your senses, baby. First school, then work. One in history, that’s right.

– How can you not understand anything!

Justina slammed the door and disappeared into her room.

Neither I nor Jacek could explain to him that everything would have time. If he wants to be in front of the cameras, he must first finish primary school, then high school, and continue his education, for example, to become an actress or a journalist. But Josie didn’t like it. O he already wanted to be famous and admired. Like celebrities, known for their popularity.

His friend told him where to look for him

Probably that’s why he didn’t tell us his next opinion. He must. For your own safety. It was already 9:00 pm and Justina had not yet come home. My husband and I were worried. After all, he went to Basia, where he lived just a few blocks away. Anxiously we went there and found our daughter was not at her friend’s house today. Jacek wanted to call the police. I went to the emergency room.

“Then maybe I’ll say …” Basia groaned when she realized it wasn’t a joke. – Because today Jusia met with a photographer.

– Which photographer? I whispered, my heart was pounding like crazy.

– Looking for models on the Internet. You had to send him pictures and he organized a photo session.

– Which photographer? Which models? What do you say, Basia – Jacek raised his voice.

– Well … I don’t know him.

– Did you send something too? The girl’s mother agreed; he looked as excited as we did.

The teenager quickly denied it.

“Just don’t tell Jusia what I told you,” he asked me. – Because he went to that meeting today. He had to take a picture of her in her underweara catalog for women … ”he muttered.

– Yes?! – until my heart jumped into my throat.

“Girls, you’re 15,” Jacek muttered. – What pictures are in your underwear ?!

– Well, he told me that …

Fortunately, he knew the address of the photo studio where our daughter went. By bus to the neighboring city. God … I just hope that this address will be correct. We went there immediately. I was trembling with nervousness. In my imagination, I saw Josiah in some depraved paws.

“If he touches it, I’ll kill him,” said Jacek, standing in front of one of the pavilions in the center.

I had never seen him so angry and threatening. My husband is calm, gentle, and does not hurt flies. But not this time.

We fell out of the car. A large Flash Photo Studio board was visible in the distance. We ran there. We saw some shapes and shadows from the glass window. It looked like someone was inside. Jacek began to pull the door handle.

– Open up! Because we will call the police I hit the glass with my hand and shouted. – Hello! Is anyone there?

We did not wait long. The room lit up and soon an old man opened the door. He didn’t look like a pervert. These are the worst.

“Good evening,” he said softly. -Who are you?

“You bastard,” my husband shouted. – Where is our daughter? What did you do with him? He pushed the man inside and went inside himself.

I slid after him and quickly looked inside. There were diplomas, certificates, prizes and awards from the competitions hanging on the walls. Lots of photos of all kinds. Wide meter, machines like an ordinary photographer.

“What’s going on here?” – We heard a worried woman’s voice.

A middle-aged woman came out from behind the curtain leading to the second room. Well, he does in general he didn’t look like a teenage kidnapper. My wife and I were surprised. Something went wrong …

“Our daughter Justina should have been here,” I said.

“Please follow me.” She waved her hand and opened the curtain. – Which of them is your daughter?

There were more than ten teenagers in the second room

One of them was standing in front of a white screen, powdering his face by a makeup artist. Jusia was sitting on the side. As soon as he saw us, he jumped up from his seat.

“Damn it, Justina,” Jacek shouted at her.

Our daughter was embarrassed to blush.

“We’re not done yet,” she said softly. – What is the problem anyway? After all, you signed the agreement yourself …

– What agreement? – Jacek was surprised.

It turned out that Castina secretly submitted to the casting for calendar photos. He and several other girls were elected. The session was to take place at night with a panoramic view of the city in the background. Clever Jusia falsified our signatures on the parental consent form. No. When the photographer called to confirm his participation in the session and to be picked up by his parents, he asked his friend to pretend to be me.

What about lingerie photos? Justina wanted to surprise her friends even more, so she made up. A couple of photographers did not plan to take such pictures. At the request of one of the companies, they created a calendar with photos of girls dressed in the background of the night city. When we entered the studio, they had just finished applying makeup for teenagers. Soon they were preparing to go to the city. If we came later, we would not find anyone elseand we will continue to die of anxiety.

At home, my daughter and I talked sincerely and harshly. He promised never to be so irresponsible again. He will never, ever falsify my signature. No one has a signature already. As for me, I thanked the provider out loud and spiritually. Smarkula was so lucky that he found a solid studio, not one of the many perverts on the Internet. Or bandits. Divine, they can take him out of nowhere and force him to do terrible things! When I think about it, I feel weak.

Penalty? Yes, he was. He did not attend the meeting that night and did not dare to protest, seeing the effect of his will.

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