Ostrowiec Hospital has not yet been accredited. What does this mean?

– Accreditation is not for the hospital itself, but for patients and especially for the local community who use the services of this hospital, but, of course, its purpose is to ensure the likelihood of good results of medical services. What does this mean? This means that we generally try to identify certain types of risks associated with hospitalization and try to respond to these risks, ie define appropriate procedures, identify solutions to nosocomial problems in different areas, for example. Procedural safety-related infections, such as anesthesia, patient assessment, examination, proximity and patient rights elements, and the building itself, various other elements such as fire protection, medical information security, documentation, and many of the elements we present. , how to prepare the hospital to minimize these dangerous situations for the patient – explains Michał Bedlicki, Deputy Director of the Center for Quality Monitoring in Health. , an institution that accredits hospitals in Poland.

He explains that accreditation also means that different professional groups in the hospital understand the procedures in the same way. By obtaining accreditation, the hospital also receives so-called additional one-time funds. This is a mobilization for future activities, on the one hand, and a real financial impact on the hospital, on the other.

He admits that the Health Team in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski participated in a procedure to assess the health service provider’s compliance with accreditation standards, but was not accredited because it failed to obtain the 75% required by the rules. possible number of points (§ 8 of the Regulation of the Minister of Health dated August 31, 2009, the procedure for assessing the compliance of the entity providing health services with accreditation standards and the amount of fees for its implementation).

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photo: Łukasz Grudniewski / naOSTRO.info

According to the director general of the Ostrowiec Św Health Center Tomasz Kopiec. The hospital was rated 73.97% by the accreditation committee in 2021. The accreditation committee assessed the hospital three years ago.

– Cases related to the Covid-19 epidemic had a special impact on the lack of accreditation. As a result of the need to implement numerous decisions of Świętokrzyskie Voivode, the hospital was forced to temporarily change the organization of work, which, together with the limited base, made it difficult to fully comply with the accreditation requirements of the hospital. According to the existing architectural plan of the building, it was not possible to meet some requirements. In addition, during the epidemic, the hospital was plagued by a lack of staff illness and staff quarantine, which forced staff rotation and staffing in the wards. These circumstances undoubtedly affected the results of accreditation. Due to the lack of accreditation, the hospital appealed the decision of the CJM, but the accreditation committee did not accept the appeal – we read in the response to our inquiry sent by Tomasz Kopiej.

Interestingly, other hospitals that applied for accreditation also accepted it during the coronavirus pandemic. Their list is available HERE.

Currently, three hospitals are accredited in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. He: Provincial Specialist Hospital for them. St. Raphael in Czerwona Góra, in the framework of the activities of the medical institution of the hospital in Czerwona Góra, the Health Complex in Końskie Szpital Specjalistyczny im. st. Ńukasza in Końskie, Independent Public Health Center in Staszów, Specialist Hospital in Staszów as part of the activities of the medical institution.

photo: Marzena Gołębiowska / naOSTRO.info

Tomasz Kopiec added that “due to the expected legal changes in health care, the hospital is currently awaiting the entry into force of the new act and will decide to undergo an assessment after establishing new rules for accreditation.”

– Our goal is to introduce accredited hospitals, and we try to show those who have passed this level (75% of the editor’s note), and hospitals that are always trying to reach this level, we believe that this is commendable. Sooner or later, if this happens, they will undoubtedly succeed, if they are motivated, perhaps not the first time, but if they correct their shortcomings a second time, they will have a chance to reach this level – explains Michał Bedlicki.

When asked about the differences between accredited and non-accredited hospitals, he said he hoped they were more informed than non-accredited ones.

– They try to meet the expectations of more patients, because these hospitals are obliged to conduct patient surveys. They pay more attention to the realization of patients’ rights, and of course we pay more attention to the safety of care and the minimization of so-called risks. adverse events. As for the activities of accredited hospitals, these are our priorities, he concluded.

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