Not the owner, the dog, the behavior and the food for the dog’s parent. Increased awareness of dog handlers, or just fashion?

We go to the hairdresser ourselves – we take them to the hairdresser. We create Instagram accounts for them and follow those who influence the dog ourselves to stay on the trend wave for pets. We go to a psychologist and take him to a sharpener to help him in more difficult moments. We don’t save on our pets, we buy them educational toys and trailers from good designers – even during the pandemic, it became clear that Poles prefer to reduce costs other than the cost of pets. We have a unique relationship with dogs: we treat them as family members – they have human names that we use to sign gifts under the Christmas tree. Not surprisingly, more and more people are wondering what they put their pets in. You know?

Healthy eating is the basis of a dog’s healthy development

“What do you eat” is a phrase we all know well. Of course, you will agree that home-cooked, freshly cooked and balanced meals stimulate movement, your sugar does not splash and you do not think about anything. Afternoon sleep. The long-term effects of a healthy diet They are also pleasing: you do not pull your hair with your palms, you quickly concentrate and your face becomes radiant.

Dogs are no different from their friends! We consider them members of our family, so we want to eat well. We want their daily diet to support these long-term effects: a bright and strong coat, no abdominal problems and strong tail nausea! Adequate nutrition for a dog is not only a temporary benefit, but also to ensure that our dog stays healthy for as long as possible.

Bartek Drzewiecki – one of the creators of Piesotton – Szynka – also wanted it for his French bulldog. He was tired of allergies and other post-meal statements, so after talking to the vet, he started preparing food for his pet. Natural ingredients, more nutrients and you would say – Ham is not the same! Seeing a difference, Bartek decided to take the idea further. He invited his friend Karol Chmielewsky to collaborate, and Piesotto was created – a freshly cooked meal for a dog delivered to the house. “We just wanted to show other dog parents how to feed their dogs better and thus prolong their lives by several years,” Bartek said of the initiative.

Dog food that you adapt to your pet

Although food is now cooked for thousands of dogs all over Poland, food in Piesotto is still freshly prepared by a group of real chefs in Constanta, near Warsaw. Animal nutritionists, in turn, ensure that dog recipes are properly balanced and rich in nutrients. And they do not measure them all by one measure!

When ordering piesotto, you are choosing the right type of diet for your pet. By providing basic information (weight, age, activity, illness, allergies, figure), the calculator at will show you the correct dose for your dog. You can choose from 4 mono-protein flavors: Delicate turkey, juicy beef, aromatic duck or fresh fish. Each of them is made from only one type of real meat, so it is such a safe choice for dogs with allergies.

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Human quality – that is, we all eat at the same table!

You don’t know that, but 40 years ago, dogs lived on average a few years longer than they do now. Today, the degree of processing of most pet foods and the quality of the ingredients from which they are prepared does not fully reflect the development of this industry! Preservatives and flavor enhancers, meat waste, easily allergenic proteins – all these are the usual breads of the largest dog food manufacturers. The situation is different in Piesotto. “By creating our catering, we wanted to show all dog lovers that there is an alternative in the form of freshly cooked canned and dry food. Our pets can be given healthy food in a bowl, even sit with them,” adds Carol, co-founder of Piesotto.

Partner's promotional materialPartner’s promotional material

And thanks to all this, Piesotto’s dishes are made from human-grade ingredients, ie foods intended for human consumption. Fresh meat and vegetables from local suppliers without the addition of grains, rice, flavor enhancers and preservatives. No mysterious ingredient of animal origin known only to the manufacturers, for example, horns, nails, veins, skins, cut blood (would you not give your friend such a ground and dried food?). However, for Piesotto, supplements are added that balance the dishes with all the foods a dog needs.


Piesotto dishes look real because they are REAL, they smell and are delicious! You can eat from a bowl with your pet, as long as it contains Piesotto. If you want to taste the dessert – Piesotka, ie handmade dog cookies, do not forget that they are designed for your friend and should give him a healthy joy!

You don’t have to wash the dishes – just clean them

Natural ingredients are a guarantee that your pet will not have to wait for the next feeding time. If he has ever eaten, and you give him freshly cooked food, you may be surprised at how quickly it will disappear from the bowl. This is due to the fact that when preparing fresh food in Piesotto, special attention is paid to their taste and smell, which is the main stimulus for the intake of food in dogs. “We started by cooking for our pets, and today we feed dogs all over Poland, from the smallest dogs, such as the Chihuahua, to the largest breeds, such as the Great Danes and the Bernardines, through Malta and the hybrids,” says Carol.

Freshly prepared food for a dog with home delivery is a solution that is especially appreciated by dog ​​owners with stomach problems and allergies or hair or skin problems. “A lot of dog customers are Piesotto French and English bulldogs, and they, like my ham, often have problems with allergies and food intolerances.” the problems caused by good and previous nutrition disappear quickly.

Health + comfort + ecology = Piesotto

Meals for your dog are prepared in Piesotto according to his individual needs. Adequately calculated portions of freshly cooked food are frozen and packaged for 14, 21 or 28 days, depending on the size of the dog. Even if you are currently on vacation, you deliver everything directly to your door in your spare time. Thanks to a special heat-insulating foil, the temperature is kept low to prevent food from melting during transportation. The boxes from which Piesotto comes are environmentally friendly, and the films that cover the food can be reused. You can simply drop them off at your door courier before the next delivery and they will be reused.

Partner's promotional materialPartner’s promotional material

The founders of Piesotto also took care of comfort for dog owners. After determining your dog’s calorie content and type of food, don’t forget to order the next servings, as Piesotto works on a convenient subscription model. Another healthy food package will appear on your doorstep when your pet runs out of supplies in the freezer. You can unsubscribe at any time or change the delivery date and address. When you are planning a joint trip, the Piesotto team will direct the delivery to exactly where you are currently staying. The cost of feeding dogs depends on the size of your pet and starts from 3.70 PLN per day. Delivery to any part of Poland is always free.

Catering services are becoming increasingly popular among people who know that healthy eating is the key. For both humans and animals. That’s why it’s worth betting on proven ingredients and a well-thought-out diet, especially when we sometimes pay twice as little for quality canned or dried peas for freshly cooked food.

And how can you ensure that your friend enjoys good health for many years to come?

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