New generation networks at a good price: we are looking for a 5G phone up to 1500 PLN

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The biggest advantage of Plus’s 5G network is that it’s easy to understand if we use a simple analogy and compare the operator’s services to the driving services. In this case, the 5G network will be a multi-lane highway with a high-quality surface and modern doors, so we will avoid queues. In other words, the ability to get to your destination quickly and easily without unnecessary hassle. By comparison, the 5G network is the fastest and most stable mobile internet today. However, its advantages do not end there, which is best seen in large cities. Their residents often face numerous concerns. When a large number of people use the mobile network at the same time and in a relatively small space, it negatively affects its performance. Anyone who has tried to book a taxi after a concert at least once knows what we are talking about. Meanwhile, in the case of a 5G network, this problem is eliminated. Moreover, this solution undoubtedly remains the future of the telecommunications industry.

Plus is the leader in the 5G network in Poland – the operator provides the fastest internet. This has been demonstrated by independent RFBenchmark tests conducted in many cities of the country. So, if you want to get a new phone and use it to the best of your ability, a smartphone with 5G seems to be the only reasonable solution. And it’s not as expensive as it seems, because the monthly payment for the devices offered by Plus remains in every pocket. What smartphone models can a customer rely on by choosing a subscription worth 65 PLN per month with a 24-month contract? Here is an overview of the selected models.

Motorola moto g51 5G (1 PLN for starters and, for example, 36 PLN 33 installments, total 1189 PLN)

Motorola moto g51 5G is not only 5G, but also a three-camera system: 50Mpix + 8Mpix + 2Mpix. The ultra-wide-angle lens with depth sensor allows you to take extremely clear and vivid photos. In addition, all photos will be viewed on a 6.8 “screen in FHD + format, as well as movies and series – 5G, we will have access in a few seconds. In addition, the battery of Motorola is equipped with moto g51 5G, which guarantees up to 30 hours of entertainment .

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G 4/128 GB (1 PLN for starters and, for example, 36 installments of 24.94 PLN each, total 898.84 PLN)

Available in three colors (black, white, purple), the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G 4 / 128GB is an extremely fast smartphone (48 Mpix + 5 Mpix + 2 Mpix) that allows you to record video in QWXGA 2K resolution and is equipped with an excellent camera. , with the second – a number of useful features that we will evaluate during daily use. I’m talking about a fingerprint reader, a 15W fast charger, or an Android that works efficiently so that duplicate apps or unnecessary apps don’t cause a problem.

Xiaomi POCO M3 Pro 5G (1 PLN for starters and, for example, 28 PLN 36 installments, total 1009 PLN)

Xiaomi POCO M3 Pro 5G is one of the cheapest 5G smartphones available on the market. Low price, aesthetic design and quality dynamics are its bigger advantages. However, the first thing to pay attention to is the battery, which has a very long service life. But when it is empty, we will quickly charge it with 18W fast charging. The side fingerprint reader and facial recognition function also have a significant impact on the ease of use of the device. So, if functionality is most important to us, it’s hard to find a better choice than the Xiaomi POCO M3 Pro 5G.

realme GT Master Edition 5G 6 / 128GB (1 PLN for starters and, for example, 36 installments of 42 PLN each, a total of 1,513 PLN)

realme GT Master Edition 5G 6 / 128GB 6.43 “Super AMOLED screen, 1080×2400 pixels and 16 million colors. In other words, the highest quality of movies and series viewed. Realme GT Master Edition 5G 6 / 128GB has the most advantages. In addition, the smartphone looks comfortable, light (174 g), fast and efficient.

realme 8 5G (1 PLN for starters and, for example, 36 installments of 28.83 PLN each, a total of 1038.88 PLN)

Realme 8 5G is the first smartphone with a Dimensity 700 5G processor and is becoming one of the best rated devices on the market to support 5G. Why? Because this processor, developed by MediaTek, saves battery power and provides maximum performance. What else do we get? 6.5 ” diagonal, refresh up to 90Hz and dual SIM standard LCD screen. This is another model connected to the 5G network.

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