Mr. Clex’s Academy is hiring again!

The new version of Mr. Clex Academy’s film will be accompanied by many contemporary surprises – get acquainted with the universe of Clex Academy.

In the beginning there was a book. Worshiped for generations. Then a film with the religious role of Piotr Fronczewski. However, we are approaching the creation of a real universe as superheroes admired all over the world. It will cover not only the new version of the film, but also the metaverse and special application. The use of augmented reality (AR) will not only evoke imagination, but also combine creativity with fun.

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Jan Bjehva’s cult novel has a chance to attract the attention of all families, not only in Poland. About 40 years after the film adaptation created by Krzysztof Gradowski, Maciej Kawulski is developing a new version of the film. His works are very popular all over the world. “365 Days” not only conquered Polish cinemas, but also gained a record popularity on Netflix. Played more than 300 million times. For a long time, Kawulsky’s other film, How to Love a Gangster, was one of the most popular offers of this streaming service.

We have created a completely new story based on Bjehva’s novel. It is a kind of joint educational shelter and a journey into the depths of our imagination that will take the youngest audience. We have taken elements from the literature that are still relevant and universal. Kleks are the kids who will decide what happens to them, because we already had ourselves, but I quietly believe that this character is not just getting old, and we still want to spend time with him. Perhaps, thanks to a few innovative ideas, children will have a chance to get closer to this character and spend more time with him on a daily basis. – Maciej Kawulski, the founder of the mixed arts federation – KSW, before creating films that are popular all over the world.

The film is just the beginning. Kleks Academy will open minds

Recall that Mr. Clex’s Academy is a story about a group of children selected to attend a magic school created by Professor Clex. The magician taught children to open their minds and discover their creative potential.

Filming of a new version of the film will begin in the summer. – Preparations are going straight at home, so it’s the perfect time to dispel the mystery fog. Kleks Academy is not just a movie, but a whole universe that will live before and after many years. Thanks to the latest technology, this time the experience will be deeper and more attractive. Everyone will be able to graduate from school and lead unique experiences in the field of metaverse through a creative game with the application of AR from the road film production process. – Carol Belina-Brzozowski, co-founder and creative director of Clex Academy, emphasizes.

Reviving this legendary history, Open Mind Production is building a new virtual reality with the Kleks Academy team. – Metaverse and blockchain-based technologies are showing their faces more and more boldly. Following the example of Professor Kleks, who is looking for innovation, we would like to show the potential of this technology, the power of creativity, and in addition, it can bring multidimensional entertainment to everyone. – Carol Belina-Brzozowski emphasizes.

The only such sign in the world. You can be a movie star

It will not be difficult to get a job at Kleks Academy in Metavers, but potential candidates will have to make some effort. Only those who have a special ticket in the form of an NFT token will enter the virtual world. However, they will be able to take advantage of all the benefits before crossing the threshold of the virtual world.

Our NFT logo is not just 3D graphics that can boast on social media. We offer a unique technology on a global scale, as we present an innovative multi-D NFT concept that will allow you to rediscover your brand over and over again. – Belina-Brzozowski adds.

What is happening? The Multi-D NFT token will be in the form of a cube, and on the first day the owners will learn only a part of the truth about their collection. Additional information on what will be hidden under each symbol of this virtual dice will be revealed during the planned cyclical events in the academic calendar of Kleksa school. No two NFT tokens will be the same.

According to the representatives of the Kleks Academy, this is also a breakthrough in the history of cinema, as the owners of the collection magical powers for example, they will be able to be part of the production and not only have the opportunity to visit the set during the filming, but some will also be able to take part in the film.

These most interesting advantages are the chance to become a permanent fixer in the history of Polish cinema. Thanks to NFT, we revolutionize cinema and bring the audience closer to it than anyone else has ever seen – Carol Belina-Brzozowski emphasizes.

Empathy, creative challenges and environmental awareness form the basis of the Academy

Klex Academy does not forget the basics, ie education. Thus, the decision to cooperate with the international Ashoka Association, one of the values ​​of which is empathy, was shared by Professor Clex. – Cooperation will be in two dimensions. First of all, we will allocate part of the profits to the development of Ashoka. Creating a social foundation for entrepreneurship that does not preclude, but allows, millions of people to change and acquire agency. On the other hand, the global network of Ashoka experts in areas such as children’s education, psychology, sociology and emotional intelligence will allow Clex Academy to create wise and creative challenges for our society. – Carol Belina-Brzozowski emphasizes.

KLEKS - Imagine a world where everything is possible

Part of the universe will be an application that takes advantage of augmented reality. The tasks developed by Kleks Academy are not only to collect chilies or other attributes of magic school students, but also to see the interesting places of our cities. Sometimes you will need to solve a riddle or another task.

This is not the end, because, as the founders of the Klex Academy emphasize, they also feel responsible for the fate of the planet and want to completely neutralize the carbon footprint that will be created by their actions, as well as increase environmental awareness. They will use a tool provided by Plan Be Eco, which allows them to instantly calculate and report carbon footprints. Thanks to these calculations, the Klex Academy will be able to work for climate neutrality and raise awareness by providing appropriate support to environmental programs.

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