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LINK4 offers a wide range of vehicle owners’ liability / car insurance. But it is worth noting that this is not all. For a small additional fee, you can use several options of the additional Auto Assistance package, which has a great feeling of comfort and safety in various unexpected situations on the road.

This is one of many real life stories that show how useful this is in practice Automatic insurance On LINK4.

Ms. Weronika (31) from Warsaw checked her insurer in an emergency and learned how important it is to be able to rely on the help of professionals on the road in case of unexpected problems.

My friends and I have been planning this trip for a long time. It was supposed to be our woman’s walk in Hel. There are three friends and a boy. Complete relaxation. We left on Friday evening to be at the beach in the morning. As expected, we were stuck in traffic immediately after leaving the city, but nothing disturbed our good mood. The journey passed us quickly and without stopping. We made our first stop on the way only at a gas station near Gdansk.

While I was refueling, the girls stretched their bones and went to the restaurant for coffee. One of my friends wanted to take something from his backpack in the car. So I gave him the car keys. It turned out that this was not a good idea. When he returned, I asked him if he had locked the car. Yes, the car door was locked, but … the keys were in the back seat! Until I cooled down. And what to do now ?!

It was after 23:00. Who will help us now? The girls were already losing their heads. I do Insurance on LINK4 “Let them help us,” I thought. I dialed the number on my insurance policy and the consultant’s quiet voice spoke immediately. I told you briefly what happened and told us our exact location. Less than half an hour later, a specially marked car arrived with a specialist. All this took him three minutes. With a few skillful actions, with the help of special equipment, he unlocked and the door opened. A stone fell from my heart. We are saved – I thought and thanked you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

Fortunately, I received additional Assistance Insurance for my third party liability policy. We have almost avoided the high cost of forcing the route somewhere, and we are not saying that we will reach the coast with a long delay. Fortunately, the help on LINK4 worked very quickly and we were able to continue. Two hours later we were there and stayed at our hotel. And in the morning – as planned – sunbathe! Save on weekends by the sea at no extra cost.

What do we get from Automatic Help on LINK4?

You may encounter various unexpected situations along the way. Help this insuranceThanks to this, you will receive the necessary assistance in the first moments after the incident. It covers both the driver and the passenger of the car and is provided throughout Poland and almost all of Europe.

Auto Assistance insurance on LINK4 covers the following:

  • technical assistance in case of accident, accident, injury, theft and vandalism
  • on-site repair
  • towing to the place you specify (distance limit, up to 500 km in the basic version – 500 km, depending on the selected insurance option)
  • wheel replacement
  • starts when the battery is discharged
  • fuel supply
  • help if fuel freezes or refuses by mistake
  • crumb
  • opening in case of loss or damage of keys
  • Covers parking costs for up to 2 days

and one of the following services to choose from:

  • replacement of the car up to 5 days in case of accident or theft
  • hotel accommodation ** / *** (if the event takes place more than 20 km from the place of residence)
  • transportation of drivers and passengers more than 20 km to their destination or place of residence.

Worth to know: Car opening service One of the most commonly used benefits of insurance is that in the event of loss or damage to keys, everyone, even the most basic, Help package On LINK4. Auto Assistance insurance is only available in a package with third party liability insurance or third party liability insurance.

Additional information, including all restrictions and limitations, can be found at GTC at link4.pl.

The material was created in cooperation with PZU Group.

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