Family fear escapes “killer” Casey White is also guilty of the mysterious death of his ex-girlfriend

Police have reopened an investigation into the mysterious death of ex-boyfriend Casey White as the escaped prisoner was released along with his captive boyfriend.

Christy Shelton, 31, was found dead on February 1, 2008 in Lexington, Alabama, from a gunshot wound to the chest in a trailer belonging to Casey White’s mother.


Casey White was in a trailer with Christy when the deadly gunfire was heard.

At the time, investigators considered the death of the mother of three children a suicide. Casey White was removed as a suspect and the case was quickly closed.

However, Christy’s family never believed the story and for a long time suspected that White had some kind of hand in his death.

“Christie was a very sweet and fun person,” said Christie’s cousin, Lori Boon, of The US Sun.

“She was having a hard time … but she lived for her children and never left them.”

Casey White was holding me by force of arms - now I'm afraid he'll reach me
The police


According to Lori, Christie had suffered a bitter divorce from her estranged husband shortly before her death. She recently lost her three children to the Child Protection Service.

The US Sun claims that the unnamed husband physically and emotionally abused Christie and often threatened her life.

“He wasn’t just a good person, and Christy was really scared of him at the time,” Lori said. “And I think the reason he was with Casey was because he felt he would protect her.”

Although Lori met him several times shortly after the couple met, it is still unknown under what circumstances he met Christie White.

Describing the white six-foot-nine-inch “giant” as a “giant,” Lori said she felt disgusted when she first met him.

“My first impression of him was disgusting,” he said, “the feeling I got from him bothered me … his speech and so on.”

“Or you could say he wasn’t smart at all,” Lori said. “And I remember saying to Christie, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing with this man?’

Christie continued to see White, putting aside her cousin’s fears.

As Lori understands, the couple ate Chinese food in a trailer belonging to White’s mother in Lexington on the night of Christy’s death on February 1, 2008.

He was shot in the chest, shot with a shotgun and died on the spot.


The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office has not yet asked U.S. Sun for more information on the matter.

But Lori and her mother said that when paramedics arrived at the scene, they were so scared of Whit that they didn’t get into the trailer to deal with Christy until the police left.

While eating dinner with her friend that night, Lori said she was drowning because something terrible had happened.

A few hours later, Christie’s grandmother called and told her that her cousin, whom she thought was more like a sister, had been found dead.

“It was just a nightmare … it didn’t look real, it was just incredible,” Lori said.

“When we got this call, we didn’t know what kind of person Casey was, but it made us tremble.”

Lori said her family was told by investigators that Christy’s death was probably due to the fact that she had lost custody of her children.

“She was shaken because she loved her children so much,” Lori said, “but we couldn’t believe it because she never gave up, she wanted to fight for her children.”

“We didn’t really know what to think [but] We knew it wasn’t fair for him to just kill himself, “he added.

“We knew he wouldn’t do it, and I had no doubt he would [Casey White] he was involved in some way. “

A GREAT coincidence

Casey White, 38, was released on April 29 after fleeing Lauderdale County surveillance with the help of 56-year-old Vicky White, a veteran wanted by police.

Although the couple are not related, investigators believe they have been in a romantic relationship for more than two years.

Casey White was sentenced to 75 years in prison for a number of violent crimes, including attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, car theft and shooting a dog.

She was also expected to stand trial after being convicted in 2015 of the murder of Connie Ridgeway, a 58-year-old mother of two who was brutally stabbed in a house robbery.

By a strange coincidence, Christie and Lori grew up on the opposite side of the Ridgeway and her two sons, Austin and Cameron, years before his murder.

Christie's family never believed that a mother of three would end her life


By a strange coincidence, Christie and Lori White grew up on the opposite side of Connie Ridgeway (above), which she confessed to killing in 2015.


Vicky White, Lauderdale, released Casey White on April 29


The so-called model was in a secret relationship with Casey for two years


Lori, a hairdresser in Anderson, Alabama, said she was told by a friend via SMS that she had fled to Casey White.

He described his heartbeat as he opened the messages to see Casey’s face and name on the screen.

“It’s just awful to know he’s out,” Lori said. “There’s a reason he’s behind bars.”

Lori said she was worried about the safety of herself and the wider audience because she wasn’t sure what Casey would do next.

When she started hunting in the second week, Lori told the US Sun that she now always carries a weapon with her.

“I never thought of taking such a stone before, but now it seems necessary to me,” he said.

“I can’t think of anything else right now,” Lori said of the search.

“I wake up and automatically check my phone to see if there is any update or to turn on the TV to see if it has been caught or killed. [Vicky White] already. “


After her capture, Laurie said she hoped Casey White would “stay behind bars forever, if not worse.”

After one of her daughters, Sommer Mitchell, posted a video on TikTok discussing her mother’s death, police first warned Lori’s family that they were re-investigating the circumstances of Kristin’s death.

“Casey White was with my mother the night she committed suicide,” Mitchell said in the film.

“Nothing has really been done,” he said. I do not think he was taken for questioning. So maybe this movie will fall into the right hands of someone who can really make a difference or take a closer look at it. I’m not sure. “

Limestone County investigators confirmed they contacted the family and re-investigated the case.

According to Lori, investigators are optimistic that they will be able to gather enough evidence to bring the case to a larger jury.

“That’s good, good news,” he said. “Hopefully we can finally come to terms with Christy’s death.”


Casey White and Vicky White have been on the run for 11 days now.

The incident began on the morning of April 29, when Vicky White released Casey White from prison at 9:30 a.m. and told her colleagues that she would accompany him to a nearby court evaluation hearing that was never scheduled.

Vicky White also said that after seeing her off, she would seek medical help for herself because she was not feeling well.

But the couple never went to court, and Vicky never asked for medical help. The search began hours after Vicky’s police car was found abandoned near the mall.

Very few updates have been made since then, and Singleton admitted last week that investigators had “no idea” where the couple might be.

U.S. marshals said Monday they were looking into the couple’s possible appearance in Evansville, Indiana.

News Nation’s Brian Entin tweeted that a stolen car had been found in a city of 350,000 people with links to his favorite fugitives.

Another car related to the couple – a rusty 2007 Ford Escape – was found in a towing parking lot in Tennessee on Friday.

Sheriff Rick Singleton said the car was “cleaned.”

“There is nothing left in the car. Apparently, they took everything they had with them, “CNN said.


Vicky White was considered a model prison officer and had no criminal record in her name until she was released from prison last month.

Vicky, meanwhile, was considered a model prison officer and her name was not disclosed before Friday’s incident.

However, it has since been revealed that Vicki has been in a “special relationship” with Casey White since 2020, when she was taken to prison on charges of Ridgeway murder.

The apparent romance favored Casey White, including more food on a plate and privileges “not available to other inmates,” Singleton said.

Casey White had previously attempted another break from the prison in 2020, during which time he had planned to make two paws and take hostages, but in the end the sober guards broke the plan.


On Wednesday, Vicky White Singleton was officially fired as a correctional officer.

He was planning to retire and submitted documents to do so a few days before he went missing. But after leaving, he will now lose state contributions for pensions and other benefits.

Earlier last week, he was arrested on suspicion of allowing or assisting a first-degree escape.

Singleton says after giving Vicky the benefit of the doubt at first, an experienced security guard helped Casey escape voluntarily, adding that “it’s clear he’s not worried about her safety.”

“I think that all our employees, including me, hoped that he did not participate voluntarily. But apparently he did it completely, the sheriff told the GMA.

“We were very disappointed because we had the greatest confidence in him as an employee, Assistant Director of Approval … we continue to do so. We have all our employees. “

Police say both Vicki and Casey should be considered armed and dangerous.

The wiki service disappeared with a 9mm firearm. Police also believe that the couple may have a shotgun and an AR-15.

Speaking directly to Wiki, Singleton said: “You’ve been in this business for 17 years, you’ve seen this script more than once, and you always know how it ends.

“Go ahead and finish the job now, pick up the phone, call 911, surrender, and help us get Casey White back behind bars, because you know it’s over.”

A few days after Casey White fled, police reopened the case


Casey was sentenced to 75 years in prison for a number of violent crimes


Christy's family says they hope they can finally close her death case


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