enel-med Forbes – The company is ranked No. 1 in the private medical services industry

Enel-med ranks first among Polish companies offering private medical services in the Forbes list of the best employers in Poland. The ranking of the 300 best employers, developed in collaboration with the statistician, includes organizations employing at least 250 people from 25 sectors of the market. Winners were selected based on a survey of employees, including development opportunities, atmosphere or general employment conditions.

This is the second edition of the rating, in which employees decided to distinguish Centrum Medyczne ENEL-MED SA. Thanks to their votes, the company was included in the top 200 in the ranking of Forbes magazine. The competition tested how well employees would be willing to recommend a particular employer to family and friends. Areas subject to evaluation also include promotion opportunities, organizational atmosphere, rewards, and work environment.

We are very pleased to have the highest rating among medical network employers, leaving our competitors a few dozen steps behind in the rankings. The award is the result of a consistent strategy, the most valuable people for us in “enel-med”. We take this statement very seriously and turn it into a number of concrete actions, as you can see, give concrete results. The results of the competition confirm our internal analysis. Satisfaction assessment of our work in 2022 shows that the desire to recommend enel-med as an employer has increased significantly. In addition, we observed low staff turnover. At Enel-med, the satisfaction of our staff is directly linked to the satisfaction of our patients. Many thanks to the entire enel-med team for this year’s award he concludes Jacek Rozwadowski, President of Centrum Medyczne ENEL-MED SA

The labor market has changed a lot in recent years, and candidates’ expectations for new jobs have also improved. Enel-med meets these trends by introducing new private solutions and advantages. Employees, for example, appreciate the “Go to work without stress” solution, which allows them to be more agile in performing daily tasks. enel-med also introduced a program to support young mothers to return to work after maternity leave. “My mother is back at work.” Employees of the company can also rely on interesting solutions that promote their hobbies, such as a sports card, the company’s running team and, of course, a comprehensive health insurance package that will be used throughout Poland. In addition, the employee offer includes seminars and campaigns to educate employees, ie. relaxation techniques, basic first aid to combat stress.

The organization’s efforts are noted by foreign experts, industry magazines and, most importantly, the employees themselves. In addition to the Polish Best Employers’ Award last year, the company was awarded the MarkaPracatorów.pl “Friendly Workplace” logo. The award is based on the results of team satisfaction surveys to create a friendly work environment. In addition, the company has many years of good practices and participates in the exchange of know-how as part of membership in the Friendly Employment Coalition.

About enel-med:

Centrum Medyczne ENEL-MED SA has been available since 1993. It is the largest company in the medical industry with Polish capital. The company has been listed on the stock exchange since 2011. The portfolio of ENEL-MED Capital Group includes: a network of multi-specialist branches (www.enel.pl), enel-med stomatologia dental network (www.stomatologia.enel.pl), ESTELL Aesthetic Medicine Clinic (www .estell.pl) , orthopedics, rehabilitation and sports medicine enel-sport (www.enelsport.pl) and enel-senior brand (Willa Łucja care and rehabilitation center).

The Enel-Med network consists of: 31 multidisciplinary departments, 5 internal clinics, 21 enel-med dental clinics, Centrum Hospital in Warsaw, 3 enel-sports orthopedics, rehabilitation and sports medicine clinic, ESTELL aesthetic medicine clinic, Willa Łucja care and rehabilitation center and 1,600 partner outlets.

enel-med is a brand with 29 years of experience in the field of medical services. We offer a full range of services, from consultation to diagnosis, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, ie the entire closed treatment period. Our professionalism was once again awarded the Star of Service Quality (2021) and praised by patients. The high quality of services consists of a team of outstanding specialists and high quality equipment. Recognizing the significant potential in telemedicine, we focus on new technologies. We are constantly developing our mobile application and medical consulting service in the form of e-visit.

Our offer includes medical packages for individual patients or one-time paid packages, and services for corporate clients in the form of subscription-based medical care.

We know how important the company’s employees are in the development of the company. That’s why we’ve created a program that allows employers to keep their employees healthy. Thanks to a wide range of services, we can tailor the offer to the needs of each customer.

For more information visit www.enel.pl.

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