Cisco’s new prediction technology can predict network problems before they occur

The first tests of the technology show that IT teams can now predict problems with high accuracy and prevent their consequences.

The most important information

  • Cisco solutions contribute to the evolution of the network by anticipating software problems before they occur, bringing a new level of reliability and performance.
  • The company has been building and testing forecasting software engines for two years. Early customer trials have shown that Cisco technology can predict problems with high accuracy and help IT teams dramatically improve network connectivity.
  • Cisco also plans to offer forecasting technologies in its portfolio in the form of an integrated, easy-to-use SaaS offer that will make Cisco forecasting networks accessible to companies of all sizes.

For more than 30 years, Cisco has been involved in the development of the Internet, providing connectivity to the world in the most important areas of activity, including medicine, business and science. During this time, networks have evolved to detect problems early and respond to them to help maintain their performance and reliability. The next step in this direction is to anticipate the problems that have been so difficult before.

Following this leader, Cisco demonstrates how it defines the future of connectivity using advanced technology to help IT teams understand, predict failures, and plan operations to avoid costly interruptions.

Cisco forecasting networks

Cisco combines new forecasting technologies with a broad portfolio of network monitoring solutions that increase network visibility and intelligence to increase reliability and performance in all operating scenarios. For the past two years, Cisco experts have been working on the first type of predictive analytics engine that will help IT teams prevent problems and improve the user experience. Cisco has accurately tuned and tested forecasting models with customers across a wide range of industries, using advanced analytical techniques and machine learning to make the technology more accurate and easy to use.

Mechanism of action

Cisco forecasting networks operate on data collected from many telemetry sources. Once integrated, Cisco systems learn patterns using different models and begin to estimate user problems for a choice to solve them. Customers can thus decide how much they want to connect the engine to the entire network, giving them flexible expansion options if needed.

“The future of connectivity will depend on self-healing networks that can learn, predict and plan,” said Chuck Robbins, president and CEO of Cisco. “Our predictive network research has been supported by experiments and developed in collaboration with clients, and early implementers see significant benefits that save time and money. The industry was waiting for a safe, proactive network. “

Capabilities of the new Cisco technology

It is difficult for IT teams to remain active in solving potential problems. Often, they have to manage cybersecurity and at the same time prevent incidents, activate hybrid operation, use hybrid cloud, and perform many other tasks. The risks associated with providing the best online experience to employees and customers are high. Therefore, 24/7 efficient operation is very important in this situation. Unplanned interruptions and failures can disrupt employee productivity, disrupt customer service, and affect revenue. Therefore, 45% of IT leaders surveyed consider the violation of the answer to be the most important network problem in 2021.

In addition to overcoming failures, the user experience has become important for the business. It is often a program that is responsible for the first impression of customers. 57% of people say that brands have only one chance to impress them, and if the digital service does not live up to their expectations, they will not use it again. To fully realize the digital business vision, the industry needs a way to better anticipate network problems, actively avoid problems, and provide the best possible experience.

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