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May 9, 2022, at 7:00 p.m.

If you are looking for an interesting reading with a local accent, we invite you to read our Read Tricity series, which we recommend new editions from Tricity.

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In our Zaczytane Trójmiasto series, we recommend Tri-City new editions that recommend books in all genres – from novels to poems, guides and albums. We remember the experienced writers and achievements, as well as the debutants of Tri-City publishing house in all Polish publishing houses, as well as authors from outside the region who chose Gdynia, Gdansk or Sopot as their place of activity in their works. or took a local theme or theme.

Publishers from Tri-City

We make our recommendations in collaboration with local publishers, as well as on a quarterly basis in Nowości Regionalne. Currently, the 32nd issue of “Region News” is published County and Municipal Public Library Joseph Konrad Korzeniowski in Gdanskwe also work. In our series, we try to show what is happening in the publishing market – and a lot of things happen, we note the most important events, as well as niche events, as well as events related to debutants and self-publishers. These are not book reviews – we deal with reviews in a separate section, and we recommend that you read them as well.

Book reviews from Tri-City

“Cult of the individual”

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“Cult of the individual”

The warehouses are known to every resident of Tri-City and a number of other cities in Poland. Yellow and blue trains (SKM in our company) were published. “Cult units / Radical Passion” (Torypress, Threedotstype) is the story of the longest-running train on a global scale and its radical fans. The EN57, also known as the “Section”, has been in operation for 60 years and evokes emotions between different, sometimes antagonistic groups. The publication presents the unique, fanatical attitudes of railway enthusiasts, fashion designers and graffiti artists, and explores previously unpublished archives. Authors of the book: Dawid Błaszczyk, Tomek Czechowicz, Maciej Janus and Marian Misiak. The album was nominated for the 62nd Competition of the Polish Book Publishers Association. The most beautiful books of 2021 in the II category. Scientific and popular scientific (humanitarian) books.

“Choice” Anne Applebaum, Donald Tusk

“Choice” by A. Applebaum, D. Tusk

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Anne Applebaum and Donald Tusk In 12 brilliant interviews, they answer the hottest questions about Poland and Europe. The authors show us not only the main problems of the modern world, but also the backstage of politics. Today’s in-depth analysis of their stories is intertwined with fascinating stories and anecdotes about Joe Biden, Victor Orban, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin, Jaroław Kaczyński. “Choice” (published by Agora) is a unique conversation in which two complementary, and sometimes still lively, clashes of perspectives: a prominent journalist and author of books on recent history and an experienced practitioner on political theories, including political theory. resolutely acknowledged by himself,, multidimensional inspection. Choice is a book against feelings of weakness and helplessness, including the return of hope and confidence in the victory of democratic values ​​and the democratic world.

“The Girl with the Index” by Elżbieta Nieć

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“The Girl with the Index” by Elżbieta Nieć

“The Girl with the Index” (ed. Novae Res) is a debutant’s novel – Elbebieta Nieć. The book tells about the colorful youth of the gray period of the Polish People’s Republic. The action took place in Gdansk in the 1970s.

– The eyes of all Poles who dream of freedom are turning to the shore. For Uka, a Russian philology student at the University of Gdansk, each subsequent academic year is an excuse for surprising discoveries. New historical facts carefully hidden by the authorities until recently, embarrassing family secrets, cultural differences and … passionate love for the son of a prominent party member – all this means that the girl’s life is constantly changing. Changes that may be more important than you think so far … Will they be able to cope with the consequences? You will learn from the book – says the publisher.

“Secrets of Gdynia dwellings” by A. Brzęczek

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“Secrets of Gdynia dwellings IV” Arkadiusz Brzęczek

“Secrets of Gdynia dwellings IV” (published by Dziennik Baltycki) is another part of the book by a citizen of Gdynia and a lover of Gdynia – Arkadiusz Brzęczek More than 46 Gdynia building with the most interesting, unusual and rich history. However, this is primarily a book about people. The walls of the houses are just an excuse to present the stories of the people who made Gdynia. In the fourth part, the author finds buildings that stand in the same place, but were registered on another street before the war, or have different numbers. The stories that accompany their work are extremely rich. As in the first three sections, there is a map that you can walk along the path of the dwellings presented in the publication. The author is passionate about the history of Gdynia throughout his life. He is also a local guide in Gdynia.

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“Cookie Little Girl” by E. Formella

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“Little girl with cookies” by Ewa Formella

Ewa FormellaAlthough he is from Silesia, he has lived in Tri-City for almost 40 years. The author worked as an administrator in one of the kindergartens in Gdynia and now cares for the elderly and the disabled. He writes with enthusiasm. He made his debut with the novel Leśniczówka in 2010 and has published more than 10 books since then. Her latest novel is Little Girl with Cakes (published by Branch), published in late 2021. It is an impressive novel about the power of love with a war story in the background. The protagonist is a little girl who can listen for hours to her childhood memories of the war from her neighbor’s grandmother, and even entertain the saddest neighbor. The action of the novel takes place between the charming Gdansk dwellings in Gdansk. This is a warm Christmas story to read, not only on holidays, but also in winter.

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“Innocent people are not punished” Monica Koszewska

“Innocent people are not punished” Monica Koszewska

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“Innocent people should not be punished” (Together we measure higher) is another book Monica Koszewska – Author of books, crime novels and sayings, manager from Tri-City. This time, Koszewska’s protagonist, Marcin, is a 34-year-old single man who owns a large, thriving Inwestycje Rozwojowe company. Marcin is not an unambiguous figure and is difficult to equate with him, but he is able to arouse sympathy, although the methods he sometimes uses – for legal and moral reasons – should not be accepted. The novel “Let the Innocents Be Punished” is a blatant crime, so reading is not just for women. The first-person story allows us to learn the protagonist’s intentions, but does not make it easy to judge his actions. Can a person, even if he is a good leader, give himself the right to reward good and punish evil? These questions are asked by the publisher, the reader must answer them himself. The book opens with a series called “Marcin”, named after the protagonist.

Finally, as always, we offer recommendations from publishers and librarians.

“On the Paradox of Knowledge” by E. Szumilewicz

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The publisher recommends

Title: “On the paradox of cognition”
Author: Ewa Szumilewicz
Publishing: Cathedral

– Ewa Szumilewicz’s book is a bold attempt to search for mental structures hidden in paradoxes; on the one hand, philosophical thought, especially poststructure, and on the other hand, scientific thought and mathematical physics. Dr. Andrzej Leder, Professor of IFiS PAN.
Ewa Szumilewicz Doctor of Philosophy, mother of two teenagers. He likes to take photos, have long conversations with friends, walk aimlessly, read and sleep a lot. Author of the impression “W guya words” published by Oficynka 2020.

The librarian recommends

Title: “Qdańszczanie” volumes 1 and 2
Author: Bruno Zvarra
Publishing: publishing house Qdansk Museum

– Modern citizens of Gdansk should know this novel! Published in two volumes, these four volumes are one of the most important works in Polish literature on the subject of Poles from the city of Free Gdansk. However, their actions are not limited to the interwar period, but also reflect the tragic fate of this society during World War II and the Polish People’s Republic. The novel was published as part of a series initiated by Gdansk President Pavel Adamovich, who tragically passed away in 2019. His plot, based on the personal experiences of the author, his closest colleagues and friends, is not devoid of a subjective view of the events of those years. This shows, among other things, the complex attitude of the German community in Gdansk to the atmosphere of terror and crime created by the Nazis. This is the next edition of the novel. Previously, individual volumes were published by Wydawnictwo Morskie and Marpress Publishing House – recommends Iwona Joć-AdamkowiczHead of the regional department – chief curator z Provincial and City Public Library in Gdansk.

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