An excellent start for athletes in Warsaw. Julia Skomiał’s victory and life. Sochaczew

On May 7 and 8, the AWF in Warsaw hosted the athletes at the opening meeting of the season. Active Sochaczew trained by Cold Emanuel By giving high sports classes, they achieved many valuable results, of course, they improved their life results. The name Active Sochaczew appeared in all the finals in which our team competed.

The U18 women’s 100-meter race started the season brilliantly Julia Skomiał. He won not only the ranking series, but also the final of the competition. He immediately began to harden, very hard. In the qualifying rounds, he tied for personal best with 12.63. Wind in the elimination +1.4 m / s. Another great start in the final and re-equalization to 12.63 in +0.5 m / s wind. We are very pleased with these results, they show that the basic form is designed correctly and you can easily prepare for competitions and championship events. The above results gave Julia a second sports class at the beginning of the season.

100 meters by a young girl Carolina Kurachka but also performed brilliantly. In the elimination series, he covered the distance at 13.35 with a wind of -0.6 m / s. Which is the best of his new personality. Carolina advanced from 6th place to the tough 8-man final. There, with a wind of +0.1 m / s, it took 5th place with a result of 13.37. This was Carolina’s first start of the season. You can see a lot of inventory in the running technique, so the result will definitely improve in the near future. So far, we are happy to finish the season with the fourth grade.

I am very glad that we have a very promising sprinter at Active Sochaczew. Anthony Sot In the U16 age category (young) ran 100 meters. Antek, like the girls, first made an excellent ranking run, then reached the final of the race. In the elimination race with a wind of +1.7 m / s, his personal best was 12.22. For the 6th time he reached the final, where he took the 5th place with a result of 12.32 with a wind of +0.9 m / s. In the near future, Antekin is likely to cross the border at 12.00. This was his second competition, and you can see that he feels better and more confident there. In the final, the concentration cracked a bit, but the more he did, the more he would maintain and even improve his qualifying times. Antek took fifth place in the race in Warsaw. IV is less than 0.02 seconds.

He got off to a great start in the 300 meters Natalia Hoyer. The big result of 42.51 gave our opponent the 5th place in the match with older players. I am very glad that this result is a very high II class of Active Young Girl. It is true that the season is just beginning, but with this result, it is likely that he will participate in the Polish U-16 Championship in September, starting in Warsaw.

The 400-meter hurdles for juniors (U18) is a debut start Michalina Gosik. There was one goal – to clear the paths of obstacles at this distance. It worked brilliantly. The result of 1.12.21 is the result of the fourth sports class in the debut. In the match, he lost to a two-year-old woman and took third place. I think that in the next starts on the obstacles, he should feel more confident, and the result will definitely change for the better.

We started on the second day of the race 4×100 relay U16 consists of the following: Dominika Karbowiak, Karolina Kuracka, Patrycja Ptaszyńska, Natalia Hoyer. Here, in turn, in the first start of such a relay system, we wanted to focus on getting a good result, but we will run a little more carefully in the transition zones. The changes have so far been “felt” – not purposeful. It was perfect for the girl. In the meeting of 7 youth teams, they took the second place with 53.24 points. Currently, this team is 8th in the country. Of course, our goal is higher. Anyway, the girls surprised me by running 1.5 seconds faster than I expected.

Running 1000 meters is the beginning Simon Gajda. An active opponent can consider the start very successful. He improved his life expectancy a year ago by 18 seconds. Currently 3.20.07. Shimon took the 22nd place in the match.

The last starts recorded by my players are an open 200 meter race. All participants improved their life records. With 26.94 he missed a very good result Natalia Hoyer with wind +1.8 m / s. This result gave him the 3rd sports degree in this distance. It was another great start Carolina Kurachka +1.7 m / s with wind of 27.81. He received IV sports class. Patrycja Ptaszyńska +1.7 m / s with wind 28.69. Thus, Patrycja completed the minimum for the 5th sports class. Dominika Karbowiak just like Patrycja, ran in 5th grade with a result of 29.15 with a wind of +0.7 m / s. He also took part in the 200-meter run Maria Dudkowska. With a result of 32.86 with a wind of 1.6 m / s, he showed his personal best.

It should be noted that for young girls, the starts at a distance of 200 meters are more training-oriented. This is not the distance played in the championships in this age category. Excellent results at 200 meters are excellent predictors of the next starts at the respective distances, ie 100 and 300 meters and even 400.

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