5 internet offers to watch 4K movies in 2022

Which internet up to 4K? Nowadays, the Internet is not only the main means of obtaining information, but also entertainment. We are increasingly using it to broadcast movies live. This is especially important in an era of increasingly popular streaming portals like Netflix or HBO. The development of all kinds of functions, such as Smart TV, thanks to which the access of our TVs to the Internet also plays an important role. If so, you would probably want to watch movies and programs in the best possible quality, such as 4K. What parameters should such an Internet meet?

Last update: 25/04/2022.

4K resolution – what is it?

Simply put, 4K is a high-resolution image recording format. This is a higher standard than the popular HD. Often labeled as Ultra HD (Ultra High Definition).

It is characterized by a film stored in this format perfect sharpness, depth and realism of the image. Especially in the example of different types of details, where such an image looks better than just a movie stored in HD format. To take full advantage of 4K imaging, you must first have the appropriate hardware to support this resolution. Second, if you’re streaming, you should Internet with the right settings.

What parameters should you pay attention to if the Internet is up to 4K?

If you want to watch 4K quality streaming movies without unnecessary nerves, the settings are very important here. Because it’s nice to see the movie sometimes stutter to download new information. These “pleasures” known to some “old days” must remain in the past. Therefore, when choosing an offer, pay attention to the following:

  • The speed of downloading information offered by the Internet
  • PING
  • transition stability
  • There are no restrictions or large data packages
  • data download speed (if you provide 4K resolution)

The main parameter you need to pay attention to is the data download speed. The principle is simple – the sooner the better. So if you have a choice between two offers for the same price. Choose the one with more bandwidth.

It is also worth noting the so-called PING, although in this case it can be difficult due to the fact that operators usually do not provide such parameters. Suggestions that have the opportunity to experiment here can be useful. And what is this PING? Basically, this is the response time of the internet connection. In general, the lower the value, the better for you.

The stability of the connection speaks for itself. In the back are the most stable optical fibers. However, mobile Internet should not be completely removed, as in some cases this is the only option. In addition, 5G technology is more stable than 4G / LTE technology. Therefore, there may be an alternative. However, it is worth making sure in advance that you have good coverage wherever you want to use the internet.

What is optical fiber ->

4K image size videos are generally quite large. Therefore, it is important that your Internet is free of these restrictions. And if they have to be there, it is important to hang the crossbar as high as possible.

If you intend to stream large files or live broadcasts and in the best possible quality, the speed of the data sent is important. Then this parameter is also worth considering. Here, but also when downloading – the higher the speed, the better.

Which internet will work up to 4K?

If you can choose fiber-optic Internet, this type of network connection is usually the best. It is usually the fastest and most stable. Many landline internet operators already offer very satisfactory network connection options.

Orange Internet PLN 0 2 months

One of them Orange with Fiber Optic offer. For example, with a 24-month contract you can choose the option for 69.98 PLN. As part of this, you will be connected to a network with a maximum download speed of up to 600 Mb / s. It is also possible to choose an open-term contract, but then the monthly payment increases to 79.98 PLN.

If you need faster Internet, you can choose Netiya’s proposal. You will pay a monthly subscription fee of 70 PLN for the Internet with a maximum bandwidth of 1 Gb / s. In this option, the maximum file download speed is set at 300 Mb / s. In this case, you sign a contract for a period of 24 months.

What should I do if I can’t keep in touch?

In this case, you are left with a mobile Internet offer that can “carry” movies in 4K image size. Speed ​​is not so important here data transfer limit. Because if you exceed it and go to the standard “funnel”, you will not start the film in this resolution.

Play 5G Internet promotion

So what to choose? You can decide on the offer Play 5G Internet with your device. In this option, you will receive 200 GB of data transfer at full speed. It is important that the Internet will still work after overcoming the data packet, but at a lower speed. For such an offer you will pay 70 PLN per month for a 24-month contract. The price may vary slightly depending on the type of router. The same offer, but without equipment will cost you 60 PLN per month.

You can also choose to offer T-Mobile and unlimited 200 GB. As part of this option, you will pay 70 PLN per month. In this case, the contract is for 24 months.

And if I present a stream, what is the offer?

Game computer

What if you’re the one who shares most or all of the streams? Here, as mentioned earlier, the speed of the data sent is important. In this case, it’s worth it take advantage of the symmetrical transition offer. This option allows data transfer at the same speed in both directions, both when downloading and sending 4K stream.

If you are lucky and in the circle INEA network, you can decide on the offer of this operator. You will pay 94.90 PLN per month for subscriptions up to 1 Gb / s.

If you do not pay attention to such speeds and, above all, in a symmetrical connection with the same operator, you will pay 74.90 PLN per month for a speed offer of up to 300 Mb / s on both sides.

So, as you can see, in order to enjoy good Internet up to 4K, it is worth choosing the fastest and most stable offers, if possible. Of course, according to your capabilities and technical capabilities in your area.

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