“The manager’s friend throws dirty texts at me, and I keep quiet and take the whips. If I get up, I will fall on my face. ”- Real life

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– Borrow two cents – my friend asks, I do not, I do not. He frowns in surprise and asks why.

– Don’t you have one? – throws.

– I have.

– Why?

– Because you do not return – I say directly. – You roll, you shine, you run away from me. Then I feel stupid to kick you out!

I recently learned the art of saying no. I haven’t done a good job so far. Although I was curious, I did my best to make others happy. This is called not pretending!

Summer Saturday morning … I will sleep more, walk around the apartment in a robe, watch the repetitions of the series. I drink coffee, yawn, and browse the colorful newspapers. Peace, tranquility, paradise.

As a result, I lost my money and free time. Suddenly, my cell phone rang. “Maybe you don’t take it?” – I think so. However, some unknown numbers are displayed. Interest wins.

– What are you still sleeping? – I hear the energetic voice of my friend I don’t like. – I have a new phone … Shall we talk?

I have to send him to hell, but I know how insulting and gossiping he is, so I turned my back on him.

– Well, what’s up? – I ask and he states that he will not create any impetus, but offers a meeting in the city.

But I don’t feel it!

I’m starting to blink.

“My teeth hurt,” I lie. – I think I will stay at home.

– I will come to you – I hear. – I don’t have a job already! I’ll be there in half an hour. You can make some coffee.

Hell strikes me, but I falsely invite him and pretend to be satisfied. What does this do for me? On a broken Saturday, a severe headache from his conversation and the assurance that he would talk to me at work anyway. It was enough to say, “No, I have other plans.” I spent the whole weekend like this. Out of fear of being stupid and rude …

This was my unsuccessful trip on Sunday! Here is another example.

I am buying shoes. A young saleswoman looks at me with a bored face. Although he asked
you can help, but you see he doesn’t want to help. I find beautiful ballerinas.

– I warn you – says the arrogant girl – they are very expensive! And I think they will be very narrow for you, although they look great on your feet. This is the hit of the season! They are worn only by really elegant girls …

I’m boiling with anger. I want to be elegant and rich!

“Please bring 38 measurements,” I say in the face of the prince. – But I will try them.

The shoes are really tight and they are very expensive! The salesman looks at me
with irony on his face. What am I doing?

– Please pack – I decided to increase the overdraft by removing the credit card. – I was looking for it. They are perfect. The color was very beautiful …

Of course, I will never wear these shoes. I don’t like them anymore, they are worried and not for me. What captivated me? I fell into a trap of tension – I’m sure it will win my pride. He won!

I hope I can squeeze them out for someone. I have a friend who has been offering me a meeting for months. I do not like. It behaves like a dirty beet.

“Hello, Maryla!” He calls loudly in the hallway, even though he knows I hate him. – Girl, you have a beautiful ass!

I should have slapped him in the face, but he is a friend of the manager. I have a fixed-term employment contract. I can’t take any risks, so I allow myself to hurt myself and then cry in the bathroom. At home, I plan what to say to her the next time I take her out and fix it!

Then I’m confident and open, but when he calls me again, I’m stupid.
Finally, I do what I want. What comfort! I find an old friend from high school online. I know he graduated from the faculty of psychology. We were friends, so I ask: What to do with the disability of not being able to say “NO”?

This is a long process

– Start by learning your strengths and weaknesses. Learn for yourself.

– Later? – I’m digging.

– Next? Admit that you are as important as the one who humiliates you, he explains to me.

– Be yourself! You are angry with a fool, tell him! You will see it melt!

“They will not renew my contract,” I said. – He will!

– You will find another job. Don’t be afraid, Marylka!

The next day he wants to borrow two hundred dollars. He’s sure I’ll take the money out of my wallet, so he’s crazy to say NO! He looks stupid and I know I have control.

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