The killer, Sharon Tate, wanted to plead guilty years later. Life punished him painfully

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On August 9, 1969, Sharon Tate hosted a party for her closest friends. That evening, early in the morning, three followers of the Charles Manson sect: Patricia Krenwinkel, Tex Watson and Susan Atkins, raided the property of the actress and Roman Polanski. The last woman identified two victims – Sharon Tate and Hollywood barber Jay Sebring. The man died immediately from gunshot wounds. The killer was even more cruel to the actress and extended the moment when she would end her life. He wanted to suffer, and he enjoyed hearing the pleas of a frightened woman.

Give me two weeks, and then you will kill me. “Long live the baby,” cried Tate, eight months pregnant.

The claim was in vain. Atkins walked over to the actress and stabbed her 16 times. Polanski’s wife had no chance of survival, and the child born on August 18 died with her. Then Atkins picked up a handkerchief dipped in blood. He wrote an insulting phrase “pig” on the front door for rich people. He looked down on them. He then explained in the courtroom that he should be killed. It was only years later that he realized what he was doing and how blind he was to the arguments that Manson forced him to do.

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Who is Susan Atkins?

Charles Manson recruited troubled young girls who felt rejected and “out of place” into his “family,” which he called his sect. Most of them met him by chance. So it was with 19-year-old Susan Denise Atkins. He met a man who was interested in him and had a vision for the future.

Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins and Leslie Van HoutenPatricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins and Leslie Van Houten Photo Anonymous / AP Photo

He never feels safe in his family home, where his two parents are drinking. Those who knew her described her as a quiet, attached girl who belonged to the local church choir. He lost his mother to cancer four years before meeting Manson. The father remained, but never felt responsible for the family and disappeared. Susan and her two brothers were adopted by relatives, but they accused her of persuading their children to drink alcohol and kicked them out of the house. This meant that at that time a young girl had to have enough money to survive in high school. He did strange things – in a cafe and as a secretary. He devoted almost all of his time to making money, and his financial problems did not end there. So the idea of ​​becoming a stripper came to his mind. He had more time, only extra money at night, and the salaries were definitely better.

One evening in a low-profile bar, he meets Anton Szandor LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, nicknamed the “black pope.” He boasted that his church had hundreds of thousands of followers at the highest level. In fact, their number did not exceed 300 people.

However, Atkins quickly found that Manson’s assumptions attracted him more. A few months later, he joined a group he called “family.” He drew a picture of the future being superior to people, better and more important. Like other members, she used nicknames – Sexy Sadie or Sadie Mae Glutz. They had a plan: to buy a bus, paint it black and travel around the country. Atkins, who had nothing to lose, gladly agreed. He officially became part of the “family” and went on a tour that caused the most brutal crimes in American history.

On March 29, 1971, Susan Atkins was sentenced to death, which was later commuted to life imprisonment. In court, he spoke as if he had run away from his job. As he himself admits, he did not see Tate as a human being.

She sounded like a computer and looked like a mannequin. He kept begging and pleading. I couldn’t hear it anymore, so I stabbed him.

Three years later he realized what he was doing. He said he saw a vision in which Jesus said he forgave his sins. Although he was born in 1948, he believes that life did not begin until he converted to religion in 1974.

Suddenly a door appeared in my mind. When I opened them, a stream of light fell on me. I knew it was Jesus. He told me, Susan, I came to your heart, your sins were forgiven.

While in prison, he began teaching himself and helping those in need. The factory workers called him an angel. Susan believed she could show how she had changed once she left the camera. But it was never given to him. He was rejected even a month before his death when he was paralyzed and after numerous surgeries (including amputation of the leg). He died in prison on September 24, 2009 from a brain tumor.

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