T-Mobile has introduced 5G Ready in Austria

The Polish division of T-Mobile believes that the term “5G Ready” used by Play confuses consumers. Meanwhile, the Austrian branch of T-Mobile (henceforth called Magenta) has submitted two premium tariff plans signed under the term “5G Ready”. What does this mean?

Operators around the world are preparing to introduce 5G technology. Some people work better than others. As far as I know, commercial 5G networks in the world are currently available to residents of 3 countries: South Korea (3 operators), the United States (1 operator) and Switzerland (2 operators). On the other hand, in other countries there are test 5G networks that can be used only by home customers and companies selected for testing. Although 5G is currently a little available technology, it sounds very loud about it. Therefore, marketers began to think about it. In the United States, AT&T uses the term 5G Evolution, which means a network that is evolving to a new standard. In Poland, Play advertises a network ready to install software that supports 5G technology under the slogan “5G Ready”. Adapted equipment for this purpose has already been installed at the base stations of the selected operator. On the other hand, T-Mobile’s Austrian equivalent, Magenta, uses the term “5G Ready” in the context of two new tariffs.

T-Mobile Austria: 5G means the end of data transmission limits

In today’s press release, Magenta showed what it means to be ready for 5G in the context of the new offer. In this way, the operator informs its customers that the new generation network will be so large that the “data packages” known today will not be applied to it. The operator limits the maximum data download speed to 150 Mbit / s (gold plan) or 300 Mbit / s (platinum plan). In addition, since these are premium plans, the operator offers to prioritize traffic in case of network overload. All this is to give the customers of Austrian Magenta, who decided to use the new tariffs, a “taste of 5G in advance.” The operator promised that on the day of the introduction of 5G network, subscribers will be able to increase their tariffs to tariffs that support the new technology at no additional cost.

In Poland, the debate over the slogan “5G Ready” is still ongoing.

Although operators in the United States have agreed on a 5G Evolution term, Polish telecommunications companies are still debating 5G Ready. In both cases, the dispute was initiated by companies affiliated with the Deutsche Telecom group. Sprint, which plans to merge with the American branch of T-Mobile, has sued AT&T to use the term 5G Evolution and use the 5G E network ID on the screens of selected smartphones. The dispute ended with the signing of the contract. We do not know the details of the agreement, but it is known that AT&T will continue to use the scandalous advertising slogan. In turn, the Polish branch of T-Mobile sued Play for calling its network 5G-ready, ie 5G Ready. The mega-operator believes that the marketing communications of “purple” competitors confuse customers. Meanwhile, Playa employees said they would be happy to use the term 5G Ready in court by T-Mobile’s Austrian branch, Magenta.

The controversy seems interesting, because the Polish branch of T-Mobile believes that Play uses the term in a completely different sense.

Of course, the 5G network launched by T-Mobile in Austria is a test network. At the end of March, it consisted of 25 base stations.

Does 5G mean unlimited mobile internet?

We do not judge whether Play has the right to use the term 5G Ready. On the other hand, the step taken by the Austrians sheds some light on how the proposals of operators will be formed after the introduction of 5G technology. Magenta wants to offer its customers unlimited access to mobile internet. This means that there is no limit to the amount of data that can be transmitted. However, there may be speed limits. At the same time, this approach to mobile internet is not innovative.

Simply put, the international T-Mobile group has two operators who recently submitted similar offers. One of them is the Polish branch of T-Mobile. In September 2017, our home operator introduced unlimited home internet to its offer. Currently, this service is available in two speeds: 20 Mbit / s and 60 Mbit / s.

T-Mobile home internet

In turn, the second operator to offer unlimited service is the American branch of T-Mobile. Initially, Telecom offered a real Unlimited plan, ie there was no funnel. The operator noted that it can work only on smartphones. If someone shared a mobile connection using a Wi-Fi hotspot, then the data package assigned to the account was used. However, “smart” users have found a way to circumvent this restriction. In this way, the record holder downloaded 2 TB of data in a month. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile in the United States, called such people thieves. Currently, the operator uses a “funnel”, or more precisely, reduces the priority of data transmission in relation to users who exceed 50 GB per month.

We do not know whether Polish operators will decide to introduce additional payments for the use of 5G networks. It seems to me that we are a country where such an offer will not be very well received. However, I will not be surprised if after the introduction of the new generation of mobile networks in our market there are new offers with no data limits.

Source: Magenta

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