“She thinks the money is gone. Nothing, just give and give. Let him go to work and get a new phone. ”- Real life

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For a good month, I’ve been listening nonstop to the fact that my daughter needs the latest phone to be happy, of course, with a thousand devices that “all” friends have, that is, I’ve never heard of.

For me, the phone was only used to make calls and text messages, so I didn’t see any reason for Kasia not to reach the phone that her grandparents gave her for Christmas. And it’s not just any model, I know, because I consulted with myself to buy it, just quite expensive and on a higher shelf!

Mom, now everyone has a new iPhone – When he refused to accept this invention for the hundredth time, Cassia said angrily. – Why do I always have to look like a grandfather in front of girls ?!

– Just don’t overdo it! I shouted at him because I could not stand all his claims.


New pants, of course, branded ones; blouses are only bought from a chain of stores, although they are pieces that can be torn at once and cost money like grain; shoes, if they don’t have the appropriate brands, they won’t wear them at all … I don’t know, now young people wear labels, brands are so important for them ?!

I’m not talking about my time anymore, because it’s a long history for today’s teenagers, but even my eldest daughter was smarter than the student! He wore clothes from the market and did not complain. Kasia didn’t even want to donate clothes for her older sister because she went to a new school. He said his friends would laugh and kill him. Then I gave up, but I decided not to give up this phone!

– I will not forbid you to buy – I announced Kasia; The girl was already happy to be a mother, and soon she would throw out the money I had earned, but not this time! – If you win, I ask you, you can get whatever you want.

-But mother! He protested, he was afraid. – But I have science!

“I’m not going to force you to work full time,” I said. “But a few hours on Wednesdays or Saturdays, why not?”

Kasia was enthusiastic about the idea. I think, unfortunately, he thought that he would get a phone in a month and be free again. He immediately sat down in front of a computer monitor and began looking for stores that the owners needed for promotions.

– I have a contract! He praised a few hours later. – I have to promote chocolates in the supermarket, you just have to sign my consent.

I signed and how …

Kasia immediately started calling her friends, bragging about what she had done and what she wouldn’t get with the money she earned … I was really surprised that my child doesn’t know the value of money. I think he expected to earn the lowest national currency for a working day! On Saturday morning, he left, both excited and excited.

“You know, it’s not that easy,” he said seriously. – After all, I will represent the store and deal with different people …

I suspect he is quoting me from a flyer he received at an organization meeting. It soon became clear that people were really “different” because Kasia came back after two hours crying and without any money, as you might guess.

– People are pigs! She sobbed over my shoulder. – First, a young man in sports pants came and took the whole tray from me, although I said that it was a chocolate for one person … I did not care about his cats and when I put all the chocolates. left in his bag. The manager told me to go home, but I couldn’t do it.

“You see, it’s not so easy to make money,” I sighed, stroking the poor boy’s hair.

But Kasia did not want consolation, because she flew to her room like a slingshot and shouted that she would prove to me that she would buy this smartphone …


The next Saturday morning, she left home again, this time to look after several children.

I was terrified.

– Fear God, my daughter, you have never had a child in your life! I shouted spontaneously.

I don’t know what helpless parents could entrust to my daughter with their children, because I was still afraid to take the dog home.

– What if something happens?

– What can happen? Kasia shrugged. – And I myself was a child recently, do I have to remember anything?

I was so upset about all this that I started to gather to pass the time faster. About an hour later, I had the impression that I was a little deja vu, because Casia was standing at the door again, crying. I just sighed and went to make her lemon balm.

– It’s really not my fault! He swore. – I went for a walk with them and little Lenka. he grabbed me and ran straight into the street! Fortunately, there was nothing! Isn’t it surprising that I got angry and beat him ?! I also received it from you more than once and I’m fine! – He looked at me hopefully.

– Did you beat someone else’s child? I took a deep breath. – It is not surprising that my parents were not excited …

– Are you happy? Kasia snored. “That old evil immediately called them and told them what had happened.” I was given ten zlotys and told that they would not go to the police because of the violence!

“Then you have some money to start work,” I tried to encourage him, but he snored.

– You are joking! I will frame them, this is my first money!

These attempts to make money made me laugh. I also made extra money in my brother-in-law’s shop, which was ragged from time to time. On the eve of the delivery, we exchanged goods with a few women – we threw away the useless things, hung the rest on hangers or put them in big baskets. It took a lot of effort, but we could always talk and laugh and find some gold in our pockets … And we could choose a few rags, of course, by paying their normal price.

Next time, I invited Kasia to come with me, and what if she found something beautiful? I liked his idea, and I was glad to see that he would finally gain something, and this time he would not come home crying again. Really, because I was even proud of him he worked boldly, without delay, even my sister-in-law suggested that she come regularly, every week. As of today. Four hours, more, to relax a bit. But it’s always one thing.

“Excellent, uncle,” he said. “And those four blouses I want to buy now,” he said, and showed me three disgusting clothes that convinced me that the supermarket was rags and that skinny girls would go out when they saw them.

“Fifteen, ten, twenty, seventeen …” Staszek added. – So, only sixty-two zlotys. A little more than you earn today, but accept it as a gift from your uncle!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an astonished person like Kasia at that moment. His jaw dropped in the true sense of the word, and those blue eyes almost popped out.

– I haven’t won a hundred? He asked.

One of the women who worked there laughed out loud.

“Fourteen zlotys an hour, baby, it’s still a very good salary for such a job,” he said. – What you? do you think money ends up in trees?

Since then, I have not heard a word about my daughter getting a new phone. Not only that, she even took stock of her older sister’s wardrobe and chose a few clothes to wear. He also began to work hard to learn mathematics. As he claims, he wants to go to polytechnic to never look after other people’s children. I am very proud of him.

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