“Red Square” in Mallorca. The Russians loved to rest in Spain

  • Ibiza and Majorca, once such popular places among Russians, attracted thousands of wealthy Russian businessmen and oligarchs who wanted to buy real estate and even all the latifundia.
  • – Until 2020, Russian tourists accounted for a very high percentage in our region – says Majorca manager of the Nekera travel agency Tołłoczko
  • – There were many charters and regular contacts with many cities of Russia, and shopping centers like the famous El Corte Ingles were reminiscent of Red Square! – Tołłoczko explains
  • “It was a tourist with enough money and a ‘Russian fantasy’ to spend money,” he said.
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Majorca without the Russians. “It’s history”

– During the Kovid period, ie from March 2020, Russia was completely cut off from European countries for tourists. Russia now has a number of sanctions, including a ban on flights over European territory. These two periods actually coincide and in fact automatically We have not mentioned the presence of Russian tourists in the Balearic Islands since 2020 – explains Konrad Tołłoczko, Mallorca manager of Nekera travel agency and coordinator of Palma de Mallorca City Hall tourism information offices network.

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Palma de Mallorca

– However, it should be noted that until 2020, Russian tourists made up a very high percentage in our region, – explains Tołłoczko:

Although Tojoczko admits that even if you can’t see Russian tourists in Majorca or Ibiza, there is still tourist information in Russian and … closed businesses.

– At present, Russian tourists have a memory and inscriptions only in Russian, which provides information about discounts and refunds of VAT paid, – Tołłoczko admits and adds: – Local travel agencies that once specialized in serving the Russian market have closed or searched. had to do. other markets.

The lack of Russian vacationers has affected the tourism industry in the famous Spanish resorts of Majorca or Ibiza, but as the expert stressed – their presence is already history.

– The local tourism, service and trade industries have experienced a very strong influx of Russian tourists. It was a tourist with considerable financial resources and he had a “Russian fantasy” of spending money – the travel manager of the travel agency Majorca explains and adds: – Especially if the travel destination in Russia was in fashion (and it was, of course, Mallorca), you had to show yourself on social media. Balearic Islands with a drink in hand in a fashion bar.

How the Russians avoided latifundia or sanctions in Mallorca

Ibiza and Majorca, once popular among Russians, attracted thousands of wealthy Russian businessmen and oligarchs who wanted to buy real estate and even acres of Spanish land.

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Real estate in Mallorca has attracted Russian oligarchs

– The situation with real estate owned by very rich Russians in Majorca and Ibiza is extremely complicated. It is an open secret that some real estate, or rather latifundia, belongs to the oligarchs, but officially they belong to citizens of other countries – explains Tołłoczko:

– There is a purchase agreement, taxes have been paid, all entries have been made correctly. He adds that this requires that many services, which are very expensive and have no guarantee of success, be investigated through very complex procedures.

– Besides, let’s remember that many rich Russians have other nationalities and as a result, they quietly use their property, yachts and all their luxury goods, the expert admits.

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