New “petition” to stop 5G network, radioactive radiation and … 1G networks. Kraśnik is a piece of cake

Disruption of the 5G network is one of the main postulates of the anti-cellular communities once heard in Kraśnik. This time they return with double force, filling the offices with another “petition”. Sit back, because Kraśnik is fading away with new, fantastic ideas.

What happened in Kraśnik?

Recall that the famous fight in Kraśnik took place in 2020. At the time, Polish anti-cell circles were sending a “petition” (under Polish law, it was not an application) to every city and commune in Poland. Some of them, realizing its contents, decided to ridicule and ridicule it. It was supposed, including the complete removal of Wi-Fi networks from schools. One of the cities that accepted the appeal (later regretted it) was Kraśnik. Which coincided with the adoption of Fr.’s resolution. LGBT free zone. Thus, Kraśnik was in the candlestick twice.

Council members rejected Fr.’s resolution and tried to rehabilitate him. Stop 5G network, Was accompanied by an extremely stormy session of the City Council. What you will read in this material. The level of the event was perfectly described by the recording exploration With UKE spokesman Witold Tomaszewski:

Kraśnik? Take me a squeaky measurement, because the new “petition” is a hit!

The author of the new “petition”, which was again sent en masse to all possible offices, is Fundacja im. Nikola Tesla from Białystok. And don’t let a serious name deceive you, nor the logo of the Białystok Federation of NGOs, which appears on the Foundation’s website. Interestingly, despite the questions addressed to the Federation in recent months, I could not find out whether it was used properly.

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Does the fund take care of everything? In fact, because literally everyone 5G radiation sickness, Gutter Hydroelectric Power Stationsif Toxic components of mRNA vaccinesand even exhibits asked for posters about Genocide crimes against Poland, including the Police and their families, by members of the PiS Government using mRNA “vaccines”. It is rich!

Let’s do the same thing application. Its first point is to perform:

What, as you guessed, is not possible. It is not clear what the authors mean frequency measurements, especially in the field of radioactive radiation, what … impossible? Because such radiation does not occur in mobile phone transmitters. I’m not saying we can’t find a 1G base station in Poland. As far as I remember, it is more than ten years.

The second point is this:

And again – a box. Devices, such as smartphones and routers, as well as watches or even cars, as we understand them, do not have a building permit. As far as I know. And they can work on 4G and 5G networks. In addition, all these devices emit an electromagnetic field (radiation) in the range of non-ionizing waves, ie waves that do not penetrate the body. This means that the second paragraph of the “application” is practically impossible, because the events described there do not exist.

The third point sounds the most logical in this absurdity, I think …

I have no idea that the authors of the “appeal” want to protect the transmitting and receiving antennas, especially the 1G network, which does not work in Poland. It is especially interesting in the context of the magazine’s authors wanting to fight antennas instead of protecting them. Although it was probably a matter of separating the zones around the antennas, there was no way to protect them, and the authors should be saddened that such zones exist. There is a reason why base stations are usually heavily fenced, and this is a legal obligation. Such zones must and do exist.

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This is just an introduction. The next is just more interesting

The “petition” that you can find, among others, is on the website of the Opole City Hall. And they have, for example, a reference to one of the alleged scientific works proves it Radiation produced by SARS-Cov 2 (original spelling) 4G and 5G antennas. Both are traditionally used for anti-cell environments, proof whom measurements in large units. This time, as I first encountered in conspiracy theories, we have the Sivert unit. It is a unit of electromagnetic field of ionizing radiation. The letter states that the antennas of mobile networks should cover an area of ​​0.64 Sv or 640 mSv. Computed tomography is associated with a radiation dose of 50-100 mSV. If the base stations really emitted such radiation, we would have given the green light for a long time, not at night.

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The rest of the letter deals with COVID, as well as colds radioactive radiation (from a known source) also found that COVID was milder than the flu and disappeared for up to 7 days without medication. If it is so easy to treat, why be afraid of combining it with radiation? It feels a little inappropriate.

If this is not enough, then we still know that the operating frequency of mobile network transmitters is 1800 – 3800 MHz. radioactive radiation, Such as Chernobyl, Fukushima or Hiroshima. In turn, it is a 5G network military technology to detect people hiding in buildingsit is also a kind of nuclear weapon.

A comprehensive explanation and explanation of why all this is nonsense can be found in a very detailed description of the 3.4 PEM program at the Institute of Telecommunications. It was a source of inspiration for the material.

“Why are you preaching madness?”

I have come across such questions many times when dealing with anti-cell environments. So let’s explain.

Anti-cell environments are now returning to their advantage. In the last two years experts They went from fighting 5G to explaining Assassination attempt on Covid-19 plandemi and vaccinations. The issue is slowly being erased, and the pro-Russian attitude to the war in Ukraine is increasingly being censored by the government. Therefore, there is a growing turn to 5G networks and mobile networks in general. It is safer.

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It is worth publicizing the topic for two reasons. This must be done now before cities can consider a new “petition” and, worse, accept it. We have a dream of early elections, and no doubt there will be advisers who want to run for parliament, who will put forward anti-cell ideas in the search for a new electorate. It is better to publicize it now than too late. The second reason, on the contrary, is that anti-cell environments have increased significantly over the past two years as an anti-epidemic environment. They were often fired upon by the rulers who supported them, took the wind on their sails, and are now in a wave of success (because) epidemic canceled) they return to their core activities. Therefore, it is worth and gain as much and often more fantastic theories as possible. Before more people believe them blindly.

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