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Author: Mirosław Sosnowski / Tvn
Mask singer: final. Who was hiding under the masks?

The 10th final episode of “Mask Singer” aroused great emotions. Rain, Stork and Rooster fought for victory. Who was in the costumes? Detectives guess who bought the Golden Mask? Check the answer in the text below!

All fans of the program were waiting for this day! The remaining characters in the music show – Stork, Rooster and Rain – will compete for the Golden Mask statuette and reveal their identities! After weeks of deciphering their clues, combining the facts, and searching for information hidden by their clues, we will finally find out who is hiding in the finalists’ costumes. The characters will compete in music duels and sing, among others, the cult song “YMCA” by Village People or the hit “Love Me Again” by John Newman. Which show will be appreciated by spectators and detectives and will receive a statuette?

Mask Singer. What are we talking about?

“Mask Singer” is a musical show with unusual costumes and hits, but it is a search for answers to the most common question – who is hiding under the mask? Famous people from the front pages of newspapers sing on the show, but their identities are hidden under amazing masks. The program is led by Michał Meyer. Musical performances are watched by spectators, studio spectators and four “detectives”. This role is played by Julia Kamińska, Joanna Trzepiecińska, Kuba Wojewódzki and Kacper Ruciński. Detectives conduct research, ask participants questions, and think about who is hiding under the costumes. In each episode, viewers and detectives vote for the best performance. The participant who collects the least votes removes the mask!

They are also the participants of the “Mask Singer”! We know the names of the participants

Mask Singer. Who was hiding under the hood in the final?

The final part of “Mask Singer” began with the performance of all finalists. Rain, Stork and Rooster sang “Celebration” together. The competition was started by Kokut, who previously admitted that he worked on the radio, was interested in repairing furniture and was allergic to cats. He bravely sang the song “YMCA”. Detectives predicted that the mask was hidden: Yaroslaw Boberek, Piotr Jacoń, Jarek Kuźniar, Wojciech Mecwaldowski. The other was a stork. He said he meditated, loved jewelry and sang backing vocals in the past. We heard the sensitive song “Un-Break My Heart” performed by him. According to Wojewódzki, Trzepiecińska, Ruciński and Kamińska, the following masks can be hidden: Ania Świątczak, Kasia Stankiewicz, Barbara Pravi or Mela Koteluk. The last thing in the first part was Rain, who revealed that he made money by advertising something related to hair. The person hiding under the suit captivated the audience by singing “Love me again”. Before the detectives began to deliver their species, they spoke highly of the quality of the play. In the suit, they wrote that Sarsa, Agnieszka Chylińska, Kacper’s father or Agata Kulesza were hiding. After the first voting, the Rooster had to remove the mask from the film “Mask Singer”. It turned out that, as expected, Krzysztof Skorzinski was hiding under him. Detectives were not surprised that in previous episodes, his name appeared in the genres Kacper Ruciński and Cuba Wojewódzki. So, Rain and Stork met in the final.

Stork began the second part of the music competition. The production recalled previous hints, and then we heard “Proud Mary.” This time we did not know the types of detectives. After repeating the hint, Deszcz took the stage with the song “Purple Rain”.

Who won the “Mask Singer”?

The winner of the first edition of “Mask Singer” was Rain, who also won the “Golden Mask”. We learned that Anna Karvan is hiding under the mask of a stork and Natasza Urbańska is singing for us in the guise of rain!

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