How can you extend the life of your laptop for years to come? Here are some tips

There are electronic devices that deteriorate (in spoken language) after several years of use. Not so bad, we can benefit from free repair if the defects occur during the warranty period, if it is not our fault. However, it is good to take care of your equipment during use, especially notebook computers. So you can extend the life of your laptop or computer. Here are some tips to support the life of your device, both in terms of hardware and software.

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How to extend the life of a laptop – a device

Pay attention to cleanliness

Maintenance of the device may seem difficult, but in contrast to the appearance, it requires attention and attention to certain details. One of the main rules to help prolong the life of a laptop is to keep it clean. Everything has to do with cleanliness:

  • Matrix – Wipe with a slightly damp (but not wet!) cloth for screens at least once a week,
  • Keyboards – the above cloth can be used successfully to erase the keyboard;
  • Corps / fans – this is the most time-consuming activity, requiring the removal of a vacuum cleaner and the absorption of contaminants in the ventilation holes. This is very important because clogged openings can cause problems with the cooling of the device, which can lead to high temperatures and for example, swelling of the battery. It is also important to use the laptop on a flat surface for fans to work properly. If you place it on a blanket or other material, the device may heat up quickly. Prolonged use in such conditions is a simple recipe for swelling of the battery.

Do not expose the device to external influences

After paying attention to the cleanliness of the laptop, try not to expose it to external factors, such as children, animals or the sun. Do not place the computer where your child can easily reach it. Also, try to prevent your pet from easily accessing your laptop. Finally, make sure that the weather conditions do not affect the equipment – do not leave it outside (possible rain) and do not expose it to the sun at home for a long time.

Pay attention to the battery

Laptop battery

From a laptop point of view, the most important issue is their battery life. After several years of using the equipment, its charging time is significantly reduced. It could have been 5 hours out of the box and only 30 minutes after 4 years. If you do not want to apply such a sharp time limit to your device, Do not charge for 24 hours. Connecting the equipment to the charger shortens the battery life in a short time.

Replace the device

If you do not want to buy new equipment and the components of your device are very old, you should consider replacing them. Not all hardware components can be replaced on laptops, but this is possible on some models. For example, on the Razer Blade 15, I replaced 16 GB of RAM with 32 GB. You can often replace the disc with a larger disc – all at home, using a suitable screwdriver. Often, changing or increasing the amount of RAM on older computers gives them “new life” in terms of system performance.

By the way, this is also worth zLearn additional accessories. For example, if you want to use Face ID in Windows Hello, get a compatible laptop camera. Here you will find excellent equipment at a low price! It’s also worth getting a convenient, wireless and inexpensive mouse and external SSD drive for backups.

Software tips


Before you start using any equipment, The main thing you need to do is back up your most important data. If you have more than 90% TB files that aren’t important, just focus on the most important ones – then you don’t have to buy extra cloud disk space from providers like Google. I use the basic 15 GB capacity of this service and thus protect the most important documents, the loss of which can cause a heart attack. You don’t need to back up games or apps – you can always reinstall them.

System and its update

Great Windows 10 update as a service

If you have a very old system, such as Windows 7 or older, then I have bad news. Using this type of software makes you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You can quickly lose important information, such as bank account passwords. There is nothing to do here but upgrade your system to Windows 11 or at least Windows 10. These are secure platforms that are constantly receiving security updates. Therefore, it is also important to perform these procedures on a regular basis, which will reduce the likelihood of any system vulnerabilities. Then your laptop will be really safe.

However, if your device does not meet the requirements of newer systems – you have two options:

  • If possible – update the equipment, for example, by changing the processor or increasing the amount of RAM,
  • Keep working on the old system, but when the Internet connection is turned off – this is the only way you will not subject your data to cyber attacks.

Clean your programs and disk

If your computer starts to “nationalize”, one of the reasons may be that the disk is clogged and a large number of programs are running during system startup. To turn off programs that start when Windows starts, go to Task Manager> Startup tab. Make sure you disable programs you don’t need here. Additionally, delete programs you don’t use: Control Panel> Applications> Delete Applications.

Clear Windows memory

A separate issue is disk cleanup. I do not recommend doing this with additional programs available on the Internet. It is worth using Windows system programs here. Detailed instructions on this issue can be found in my post. However, if this does not give the desired result, it is a good idea to clean the system to zero every 2-3 years after the previous backup of the data.

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