They thought the latter was dead. Christina never denied her death

Who exactly was Christina? The woman lived in Kobierz and worked as a saleswoman in one of the shops in Krakow’s Main Market Square before being named Miss Polonia’s Second Second. Her trademark was exceptional beauty, so Krystyna wanted to try herself in a beauty contest. In 1958, he dared to take this step. Miss’s local election was a perfect opportunity to be in the spotlight.

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He attracted attention with his self-confidence and obvious flawless apparatus. Krystyna once had to take part in such a competition – 170 cm tall and perfect size. It soon became clear that Miss Krakow was just a taste of her dream career. Kristyna Zlan’s beautiful smile and big eyes were remembered for a long time. For this reason, the girl easily qualified for the next stage, which is the national final in Warsaw. What happened during the Miss Polonia 1958 election?

The most beautiful, but not according to the jury. Scandal in Torvar

How did Krystyna’s relatives react to her life choices? The girl’s parents were not convinced of the importance of external beauty. They believed that such a step would not be the future. His mother was a housekeeper and his father was a goalkeeper. They lived a modest life, so they did not fully understand the interests of their daughters. Representatives of the national beauty contest had to negotiate for a long time with her parents to allow Christina to try herself in Torwar in Warsaw. Finally, they agreed, and the girl was allowed to leave Kobierzin. He believed that he could get a better chance at life. The winners of previous editions have attracted the attention of the media, as well as politicians and businessmen. They did not complain about the difficult financial situation.

The turning point for Christina was September 6, 1958. Warsaw welcomed guests from all over Poland – all of them wanted to take part in such a solemn event. Large traffic jams and queues in front of the boulevard were caused by the sale of additional tickets. From the beginning of the castle, emotions reached their peak. The event was tense as the event was delayed due to organizational issues. The long-awaited Krystyna ¯yła appeared on the podium and captivated the audience with her charm. It soon became a number for them. It was impossible to take his eyes off his white dress.

In the Miss Polonia ’58 pageant, Krystyna ¯y³a won only the 2nd Runner-Up title and returned to work behind the counter of a clothing stand in a shop on Market Square in Krakow. News soon spread that he had been killed Photo by Tadeusz Rolke / Agencja

All participants were surprised by the decision of the jury – the winner of the Miss Polonia pageant was a dancer living in Warsaw Zuzanna Cambrowska. Krystyna took second place. Opinions were expressed about the conduct of the elections. The audience began to shout. Part of it was for the beauty of Krakow, and part was for the beauty of Warsaw. There was a dispute in Torvar. Zuzanna was tossed with the tomatoes. There was a fight between the spectators and security officers. Krystyna’s fans angrily overturned the radio and the police had to intervene.

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The fame of Christina Żyły – the death in the spotlight was never denied

After this surprising incident, the woman returned to Kobierz. She wanted to be an actress, so she joined director Alexander Ford’s “The Teutonic Knights.” Unfortunately, the girl did not become famous due to her role in this film. So he went behind the counter without waiting for December 16 to be on the front page of the newspapers.
The same day, the media received information about the death of a certain girl – she had to fall out of the window of the Grand Hotel in Warsaw. The naked body was believed to be Krystyna’s, and one of the witnesses tried to confirm it:

It was a terrible accident. In one of the rooms, the intimate meeting lasted until late at night. Apparently, the mission was invited, but I do not know who rented the room where the meeting was held, and it was not possible to find out. One thing is for sure. He himself did not fall. He jumped from the 6th floor and fell on the roof of the Turkusova restaurant. I can’t say he died on the spot. He was taken to hospital.

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What really happened to Krystyna yła?

Apparently, Kobierzi’s beauty was the lament of many politicians, and they were able to send a few Mercedes to Krakow to accompany them. Thus, people began to doubt that the person who ordered his assassination could be an influential person. The official involved in this case did not complete it and retired. Many disturbing signals are simply not recorded. Subsequent investigations revealed that the victim was Krystyna, but her name was Kopeæ. The 16-year-old was considered a hurricane. On the day of the tragedy, he appeared at the Grand Hotel. Apparently, he wanted to start a film career.

However, the real cause of death could not be determined. Although the truth was different from what everyone thought, the speculation was stronger – Krystyna was buried alive. What happened to the beauties from Kobierz?

The woman was not well received by the residents of the neighborhood where she lived. Two years after the famous competition in Torvar, Krystyna became the mother of Isabella, who was raised by her grandparents. Another child from the second place has already been placed in an orphanage. How does Krystyna’s first daughter remember her early childhood?

Times were hard. Grandparents feared that they would not be able to raise another grandchild. I was four years old, no more, but I remember visiting an orphanage and a little girl with big, sad eyes brought to us.

What happened next? It turned out that Krystyna never corrected the information about the accident at the Grand Hotel. Perhaps he was afraid of the influential people involved.

After a while, my mother got married. In time, he became more and more interested in me. On Sunday, he visited my grandparents and took me for a walk. And one more thing. She was not a whimsical girl playing with guests in a hotel room. She was a poor girl, she had no support, no back, but to whom should she be thrown? How can slander and lies be corrected? No grandparents or family ever remembered what happened at the Grand Hotel. He died in 1981 at the age of 43. The mother took the secret to the grave.

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