The DM chain is already in Poland. Prices are sometimes higher than in Germany

Rossmann settled permanently in the Polish market. The chain, which originates near Hanover, Germany, already has about 1,600 members in Poland. points. Frequent comparisons of product prices did not hinder the development of our market, which showed that in Germany Rossmann products are paid less than in Poland. – although the salaries of Germans are much higher.

Now Rossmann has competition. There is already a DM network in Poland. Does his offer include items that are cheaper to buy in Germany? We followed dm online stores – Polish and German. We compared the prices of all types of products.

Results? It is not difficult to find articles that are cheaper in Germany. For example, disposable razors for men.

In Germany, razors are definitely cheaper.

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In Poland, the price of the Balea Men series product (this is the personal label of the dm chain) is 6.95 PLN (in packs of 10). In Germany, we would pay the equivalent of 5.38 PLN. Therefore, the difference is very clear and is almost 1.6 PLN.

In the case of the Babylove rattle-wheel (which is also a brand of the dm chain), the difference is more pronounced. Although the price in the Polish store is almost 20 PLN, the German will pay for such a product – and will be able to choose one of the two color versions. The pole has the ability to select only one. The same goes for many children’s articles. In Poland, for example, a brush for washing milk bottles costs almost 1 PLN.

Same product, but the price is higher in Poland.  Passat with Dm costs us 1.3 PLN

Same product, but the price is higher in Poland. Passat with Dm costs us 1.3 PLN

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Shower gels and shampoos are also cheap in Germany. The differences, however, are usually not large, and are usually a few dozen, sometimes even dozens, or so rough.

There are also products that are symbolically cheaper. For example, Bio date tomatoes in Poland are a bit more expensive in our list, but this can vary, for example, due to fluctuations in the euro exchange rate.

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What is cheaper in Poland in the DM network?

However, a Polish customer is not always “offended” when shopping in dm.

Germany will pay 11 PLN per liter for Bio series orange juice, but Poland will pay 10.75 PLN. The price of Alverde lipstick on the Oder River is 5.85 PLN, and we have only 4.45 PLN.

Seinz shower gel for men in 300 ml packaging is 10.95 PLN in Poland and more than 1 PLN in Germany. Some cereal snacks are also cheaper, such as greasy biscuits.

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