The attack gives Poland a great start

Head coach Katerina Seely said the attack was the main reason for the Polish volleyball team to start the 2022 season 6-0.

Polka Maggie McGoughlin finished third in the stolen base, defeating Bella Miller of Lewiston 6-4 in Knights volleyball over the Blue Devils in Lewiston last month. Ross Dillingham / SunJournal

“We started well, our attack is probably one of the best attacks we’ve had in Poland lately,” Seely said. “We have four-year-olds who played at the university – we saw the year of COVID (the spring sports season of 2020 was canceled due to a pandemic), but they spent all their careers in high school and their leadership really shines.”

The Knights averaged 13.3 points per game in 23 games against Wales on Friday.

Olivia Rio, the only Polish freshman, took first place and quickly won the trust of her teammates.

“I did everything and I did more,” Seeley said. “I think it’s safe to say that our whole team trusts him a lot, both on the board and behind the racket. He is a leader in achieving an average of .647, and I believe a lot about what he wants from his bowlers (Atlantis Martin and Gretchen Paradise), and both work. Good with Olivia.

Click on the cougars

After going 0-3 in preparation for the season against the conference rivals, Dirigo’s business changed rapidly when the game began to count.

The Cougars opened the season by beating Telstar and Buckfield to avenge both teams’ pre-season losses.

Losing Lisbon and Monmouth lifted Derigo 2-2 before the game against Mount Abram on Friday, with the Cougars winning 12-5 after finishing twice with nine losses in the seventh shot.

“I’m happy with our record so far,” said Derigo coach Tania Perrault. “There was a game against Monmouth on Tuesday and we were expecting a good game, they have a great Bologna (Brooklyn Federico). We have a very good defense, three new players have appeared and we were a little nervous, but they are definitely committed to it. myself “

These three teenagers, Hannah Hammer, Emily Woods and Lily Merrill, played well enough to maintain their position on the field.

Perrault said after a difficult seasonthe cougars began to “click.”

“I played with our whole team trying to see who would fit in the pre-season games,” Perrault said. “I think it helped me better understand who could contribute at the university level, and it was a great thing to gain the confidence of young players to get on the battlefield. I have a large group of veterinarians to help young girls get on the sticks. The dynamics of our team has improved.

The Bible goes well together

The season started 5-0 with a two-headed run over Saint Dome, Old Orchard Beach and Sakopi Valley.

The schedule of Saint Dome, a D-class team, consists entirely of Class C rivals.

“The girls work hard and we play a game every time,” said Saint-Dome coach Scott Birobi. “They played a really good Class C game against Sacopee Valley and had a good double strike against them on Friday. Win 2-1 Confidence Building Bonus. The tables are starting to stack up and we have another pair of heads against Mt. Apparently, this also belongs to the C class, but one day we will prepare for it. We don’t really think about the result, the girls work hard.

Kathleen Dean, according to Beerup, won in five ways for the Saints, who have an excellent work ethic as a team.

“We have a team motto: ‘Work hard together to the last step,'” Birubi said. We pay attention to this; We work hard together and do good things together. “

Ramblers are getting closer

During Winthrop’s defeat to Hall-Dale in late April, Ramblers lost two bowlers due to injury, forcing coach Chuck Gurney to use Lydia Rice’s catcher on the track in an emergency.

Rice fell in the round after injuries to Lauren Wood and Bella Littleler. Even in the event of a defeat, the Ramblers left the game as a closer unit than they had been.

“Team unity was phenomenal,” Gurney said. “We had a difficult game with Hall-Dale, our striker finished the game after injuring two Bolognese. The next day, everyone smiles and is ready to go back to work. … In general, I think it brought the group closer together and therefore made it look like some people. I think it created a more compact whole.

Winthrop, who scored 3-3 after a close defeat to Telstar on Friday, is hoping the veterans will lead the team.

Lydia Rice finished second at the Mountain Valley Conference last year and was named the best Ramblers as the older Maddy Perkins.

Student Ella Rice said there is a ton of talent among the young players, including Gurney.

“She’s our assistant and I think she’ll replace her sister,” Gurney said. “He’s the fastest kid on our team as a freshman and he’s two hits.”

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