The Anti-5G petition was assessed by the Institute of Telecommunications – 1G network as a threat …

Petition against 5G This is nothing new, as many such letters have already been sent to offices across Poland. Now the Institute of Communications has decided to deal with one of them, and in April of this year it was placed in offices. On the GOV website you can read a very interesting column, which in practice shows that this particular petition contains a number of errors and low expressions.

Anti-5G petition – just unfulfilled postulates

Opponents of the 5G network There are many in the world, and some of them are making enough noise about the new communication standard. Sometimes there are other activities, including sending petitions to local governments. The same happened in April of this year. The petition described here was sent to the mailboxes of city presidents, mayors and mayors, as well as chairmen of city and communal councils. We do not know exactly where the petition against 5G was sent, but since then their number should be significant Institute of Communication decided to deal with it in an interesting way. On the GOV website, you can read a column that divides the petition into key factors and leaves no doubt that the magazine itself was not created at all. It was published by Foundation Nikola Teslaand there are three main ones between queries (original text):

  • Measurement of frequencies around 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G mobile phone poles (continuous with measurement record) in the field of radioactive radiation.
  • Suspension of permits for the construction and operation of penetrating range (penetrating radiation) electromagnetic waves 4G and 5G devices until all mobile network operators in Poland present the results of the Scientific Papers that these waves are not harmful to living organisms.
  • Establishment of protection zones for 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G transmitting and receiving antennas, especially within schools, kindergartens, hospitals, churches and residential areas.

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The National Telecommunications Institute is responding to a petition against 5G

Among the information and requirements contained in this petition, including the statement for the issue to be resolved by the Municipal Sanitary Inspectorate. But the problem is that in Poland there is no such body as the Municipal Sanitary Inspectorate, but the Province or Poviat. This alone shows the petition against 5G in a hurry and unprepared. The Institute of Telecommunications reminds us of this Poland no longer has a 1G networkand in addition, it is not possible to measure the range of radioactive radiation because base stations do not emit such radiation. They could be made of radioactive elements, but this is certainly not true. The applicants may have been talking about electromagnetic radiation, but it is difficult to give an unequivocal answer, as this is not the only error in the application. The second requirement is that you … have a building and maintenance permit for smartphones. Sounds absurd? The answer to this survey on the GOV website clearly shows that this is the case.

The author’s requirement does not apply to mobile telephony base stations, as they operate in millions of times lower frequency ranges and generate non-ionizing radiation. In fact, this survey is nothing, because it is designed to fully cover not only base stations, but also 4G and 5G devices. There is no case when, for example, the use of a smartphone is allowed by any authority. Operational permits are also not issued. Well, if it’s not about parental control, but we will not enter the home zone.


As for the third of the claims, the regulation has been in place for a long time Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy (June 29, 2016), identifies mobile phone base stations as a source of electromagnetic fields. Thus, such protection zones already exist around the base stations and they apply to every base station, not just those near schools or hospitals. You can find all the columns that correspond to the anti-5G petition on the GOV website (link to the source) and we recommend that you read it, because you can learn a lot of interesting things.

Source: GOV

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