New look for Microsoft Edge and other innovations – finally give up Chrome

Microsoft Edge is an excellent browser. This includes everything that competing programs can do and much more. For example, here you will find IE mode, which allows you to open obsolete websites without any problems. It is also worth praising the sleep of tabs, which saves resources, which is especially important in older computers. But this is not the end. The Redmond giant will soon introduce a new look and more features to Microsoft Edge. They are worth a look – maybe it will encourage you to switch to a better browser?

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More news from Microsoft Edge

Before discussing the new look of Microsoft Edge, let’s take a look at the features that debuted in recent months and I haven’t written about yet:

  • The new EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled feature allows you to set a standard profile when you open the browser. With this option, you can start working with the account you want instead of the account you used before closing the browser.
  • The Client Certificate Pass is a feature that allows you to clear a cached certificate. The certificate re-selection window will then appear when you enter a site that requires HTTP certificate authentication.
  • Updated policies, including, but not limited to:
    • Configure Keyboard Shortcuts,
    • ControlDefaultStateOfAllowExtensionFromOtherStoresSettingEnabled,
    • EdgeAssetDeliveryServiceEnabled,
    • EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled,
    • InternetExplorerModeEnableSavePageAs,
    • KioskSwipeGesturesEnabled,
    • MicrosoftOfficeMenuEnabled,
    • SiteSafetyServicesEnabled,
  • Improving Microsoft 365 Application Protocol Activation Protocol activation will now run directly on some Microsoft 365 applications, including SharePoint subdomains and Microsoft OneDrive URLs.
  • Preview PDF files in Microsoft Outlook and File Explorer. This feature will work for Outlook Desktop PDF attachments or when we try to open a file using File Explorer. The document is slightly enlarged and will only be displayed in the preview for reading. Additionally, you will be able to use the PDFSecureMode policy to enable digital signature verification for PDF files directly from your browser. In addition, you can browse your documents with thumbnails of the page. They will appear in the left panel of the PDF reader.
  • Option to configure password manager for domain list. The user will be able to choose where to turn off the charging. This means that they will not be completed automatically in web forms. In addition, stored passwords will be able to enter proper authentication before being automatically filled in on web forms. As a result, unauthorized users will not be able to access passwords that are automatically filled out on forms on individual websites.

These features are a list of the most important updates to the browser in the last two months.

A new look at Microsoft Edge

What we will soon see on the Edge is no less important. The most interesting is the new look of Microsoft Edge, which will be adapted to the interface of Windows 11. It should be noted that with the debut of the new platform, the browser has already received some improvements in appearance. Now the changes will be significant and will be adapted to the Mica language.

What’s new here? The most important innovation will be a new bar on the right side of the browser window. Here we will find shortcuts to most of Microsoft’s core services and programs that we can add and customize to suit our needs. Others include Office, Outlook, and One Drive icons. Okay – but if you can access these apps from Windows 11, why use them? Microsoft claims that thanks to the new panel, the user can quickly and easily view emails, for example, without closing or minimizing the browser. This sounds pretty logical, but we’ll see how it works in practice.

In addition, the new look of Microsoft Edge also means more rounded window corners. We will also see a slightly updated card design, is displayed as standard at the top of the browser. Interestingly, Canary channel testers can now play with new features and designs, but they don’t turn on by default – just enter the settings and turn them on.

Before a new look of Microsoft Edge appears in the browser, it needs to hit the Dev and Beta channels. So we will probably wait for him for a few months.

A new look at Microsoft Edge

But this is not the end. Microsoft is also working on a VPN feature. The giant also intends to add a new layer of security and privacy to the look. Internet researchers have discovered a Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature in the code that allows data to be encrypted and blocked online thanks to Cloudflare. Interestingly, the function is similar to Cloudflare in version Its main purpose will be to encrypt your browsing data. Of course, it will be possible to reserve space and use some services that are not available in our country, as it is suitable for VPN.

What will the new version look like? Good:

  • To use it, you must be logged in to your Microsoft account,
  • You will receive 1 GB of free data per month.

It is important to remember that VPN services are not usually free, so the Redmond giant’s offer looks attractive. It should be noted that Edge will not be the first browser to offer such a feature. In 2020, VPN appeared in Mozilla, and an option is also available in Opera. It is good that Microsoft is trying to meet the needs of such users in such a niche area.

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