Two updates to Windows 11 brought some good news. See them

At least once a month, I look at the most important features that appear in Windows 11. Microsoft is constantly updating its system with new features. builds for insiders. This time, from April 2022, I will participate in two Windows 11 updates. These versions are: 22598 and 22610. Let’s look at the most important news and minor adjustments and changes.

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Two Windows 11 updates – the most important news

This is one of the new features of version 22598 Windows Spotlight is set as standard. Please note that this is a Desktop feature that displays random images or ads from the Bing browser. They are displayed on a locked computer screen or desktop. Redmond is also testing 4K versions of giant wallpapers. Microsoft has decided to enable this feature by default on new devices.

Interestingly, two Windows 11 updates also change the appearance of the battery icon on the lock screen. The platform will also show the estimated battery life on the battery icon label on the system tray. If we are talking about icons, it should be added that the appearance of shortcuts in the shortcut menu will also change. The last visual aspect is to change the colors used in the Task Manager – shades of blue will appear to enhance the readability of the application.

The developers also plan to test the new rules for the system. These apply to changes made to the Start menu or the Task Manager. Insiders will be able to test features such as turning off the quick settings menu, turning off the Taskbar settings, blocking the built-in Start menu, or hiding all programs in this area. All related options can be found here: User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Start Menu and Taskbar.

Build 22610 is an update to a kind of widget related to family security. Family Security features help strengthen family safety and security. Microsoft has introduced an update here that provides a better experience using Widgets. Here we will see, among other things, an improved spatial view view showing family members in the field. In addition, you will get an updated view of the service life of various devices. You will also be able to see how long it takes for a particular family member to use each program. Interestingly, Microsoft has also introduced a more dynamic look for all widgets on the Dev and Beta channels.

Family security windows 11

Remember the improved Tablet Taskbar from previous configurations? Let me tell you that it was bigger and easier to use. It seems so far Microsoft rejects the project, because it deletes it from the new version of Windows 11. By the way, the giant reminds that not all tested features will be transferred to Dev and Beta channels. Unfortunately, I like this feature very much.

Minor adjustments and changes

By default, two of the Windows 11 updates include minor tweaks and changes. There are really many of them. The most important of them are:

Numerous problems with the taskbar malfunction have been resolved including explorer.exe problems, keyboard focus defect and so on wrong associated with mouse movements. In addition, application icons should be displayed more reliably. In turn, by clicking on the taskbar, it should now close, for example, if the Speed ​​Settings and Notification Center is open. Also, problems with animations and incorrect display of the Wi-Fi icon when connected to the network have been fixed. In addition, by sliding the microphone button on the taskbar, the localization section, which is an empty program name, should no longer be displayed in the toolbar.

Problems with launching programs through gestures have been fixed in the Start menu section. There will also be a malfunction as a result of accidentally closing the Start while sliding with your finger. Buttons and labels should also show the correct colors when using contrasting subjects.

The problem with displaying the context menu in File Explorer has been fixed. Also, this field should not be hung when selecting a large number of files or after installing WSL. Explorer.exe crash has also been removed. The update also ensures that the Enter key works properly. In addition, thumbnails will now be displayed on the home page when you open photos and videos.

Problems with the emoji menu, clipboard history, and voice recording have also been fixed. Additionally, the connected Xbox controller should no longer create the error that the Mic Mute application is not supported. On the other hand, when you press the WIN + H keys again, the voice recording should no longer freeze.

The problem of not activating the “Restart Now” button in the settings section has been resolved In Windows Update. Stable too wrong Quickly appears under the Bluetooth section of Settings. Also, applications should no longer be visible in the wrong area. In turn, the appearance of the icon in the Taskbar settings has been corrected.

The explorer.exe crash in the Windows field has been fixed while invoking the task view. When using ALT + Tab, we will not see an off-focus error. Also, the main problem has been solved wrong white pixels in the corners of some applications when using dark mode. The window-breaking feature and its animations have also been improved. We also solved the problem of the Snap assistant appearing unexpectedly.

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