Trials and tragedies of the Krakow gang during the difficult moments of the pandemic

Arthur Drozdzak

A group of pimps from Krakow not only avoided law enforcement, but also found their place in the sex business market during the pandemic. Now the director and his subordinates are explaining this in the Krakow court.

Investigators have found that during the pandemic in Krakow there were two gangs of rivals competing with each other.

Two rival gangs

One was led by Agata J. ps. Barbie, another Robert Ch. with his wife Grażyna and brother-in-law Marek. As much as possible, both groups tried not to parade each other and to win at their own expense, benefiting from the prostitution of several dozen Polish girls and those from the eastern border.

The Barbie group had buildings with “girls” on the outskirts of the city, and Robert Ch. captured the center. He rented it at ul. Sołtyk, Masarska and Łazarz.

“Barbie” was afraid of competition, which did not escape from the dangerous crackles, because Robert Ch. he may threaten Agata J. to attack Agata J. by the police or the people. One of the women serving the Barbie gang openly said that if she did not leave her rented place, the woman could face an unpleasant incident and someone would cut her face. Sometimes Robert Ch. called the girls from the competition to find out at what address and how much they worked. He then introduced himself as a customer interested in the service. After making sure that his territory was not disturbed, he did not bother anyone.

In fact, both groups operated on a similar scheme. They posted ads on erotic portals, held a photo session for “young ladies”, and posted photos on the website. There is no denying that Robert Ch has a family gang. had more experience in the market and a better working structure.

Instructions for ladies on the cards

In some places there was a shift schedule that ensured the convenience of women’s service. There can be no breaks, unused beds or deadlines.

High rotation was not a problem, as the latter used phones with a description attached. They knew from the cards pasted on their cells that customers had to say they were blonde or that they could have bisexual sex. A man at the scene complained that he had met a plump woman in the photo on the portal, and when he opened the door for her thin and red-haired face, he heard that his friend had just gone to another client.

The ladies gave the manager 50 PLN out of 150 PLN for each hour of service. Customer visit 300 PLN, Robert Ch. then received 150 zlotys. If a customer wanted a prostitute for 1,500 zlotys a night, the thieves would take 600 zlotys for themselves.

Some women said they would pay a fixed amount of 500 PLN to the guardian for the work week and took the rest themselves. The boss was flexible in hiring individual girls.

Nina K. ps. Julia worked in one group and then in another. It all depended on current prices and employment conditions. She didn’t like Barbie once pushing her to accept another client, although Julia didn’t feel it anymore, and then went to work at Robert Ch. He didn’t like the fact that when the customer came, all the girls had to parade in front of them, and he chose one.

– In such situations, I felt like I was in a zoo, it did not suit me, so I returned to work at Agata J. – said the woman. He also complained that he had to take a taxi to the customer at his own expense and clean up after the other girls. Moreover, there was a higher income with “Barbie”.

Hard to save during a pandemic
During the pandemic, however, there were fewer enthusiastic craftsmen and salaries were falling. Earlier it was possible to earn 1000 PLN in one night, but in difficult times with Covid it was successful to earn 300 PLN per night. Nina K. also had to be quarantined once because she came in contact with an infected coronavirus. In general, he did not ask customers if they had been vaccinated against the coronavirus, did not boast of having such protection, and did not ask customers about it.
When the gang’s case was brought to court in Krakow, Julia was charged with participating in an organized criminal group, using prostitution and giving drugs to other people. She had taken them long ago, years ago, as a young girl, and even had the punishment of possession, but this conviction has already been overturned.

In modern times he had several suppliers, a woman nicknamed Cobra, a salesman near the market hall in Grzegorzeçka. He also bought a cheap bicycle for his son, but it turned out that the bicycle was stolen in the street. Wielicka and Nina K. therefore received additional charges against the prosecutor. The drug itself to other girls and Robert O. He denied this, calling Julia a woman in love, cheating and anxious. He once described how he chased a customer who ran out of the building naked with a knife.
Nina K. confirmed that such an incident occurred because the guest paid for the service with a condom and then refused to wear it. This made him a little nervous. He threw another one because he pushed and offered her to participate in porn movies.

There are cameras in the facility and smoking is prohibited

Robert Ch. as a gang leader, he was pretty tough. The buildings he managed had cameras and could monitor workers. Thanks to the software installed in the cell, he had a continuous review of the situation. Especially girls did not tolerate smoking, they were forbidden to do so. He required them to perform their duties, to record their working hours and the number of customers in an accurate notebook.

The notebook was kept in the oven drawer. One of the cameras was equipped with a loudspeaker, and Robert was able to remotely control the staff and give commands. Robert Ch. He was arrested and arrested, and took over the business from his wife, Gray.

When he was arrested, his brother-in-law Marek B. zlotys for many women. These were the realities of the pandemic.

Convictions one after another

Robert and Grażyna Ch’s previous criminal case. and Marek B. ended up with convictions in 2019 for profiting from prostitution. The prosecutor calculated that from 2010 to 2018, this family fraud group earned 10 million PLN thanks to the work of several dozen “girls”.

Dozens of girls worked day and night in 30 apartments. Qrażyna Ch. runs erotic sites and posts about 200 new ads every month with photos of girls working for them. They usually wore skinny clothes, posed confrontationally, and offered any sex for an additional fee or not. Previously, they had photo sessions to let customers know who they were meeting. Effective marketing and large-scale advocacy were key to the team’s success.

Robert Ch. He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and was re-arrested in November 2020.

Now he is facing a severe punishment again. As soon as he returned to the sex business, he was only released from the pre-trial detention center on the previous criminal case.

The trial is underway in Krakow

He, his wife Marek B. and three others are still on trial in Krakow. The defendants include a photographer who took pictures of the girls undressing, a security guard and a kind cleaner who took advantage of prostitution and helped the gang leader run the business while sitting behind bars.

The trial of Agata J. ps’s rival gang. Barbie.

So far, only Nina K. has been sentenced to three years probation and financial hardship. His judgment is now final.

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