There is an urgent need for 5G network in Poland

Poland is one of the last countries in the European Union where tenders for 5G network expansion have not been resolved. Telecom is still waiting for the procedure to begin … The new technology means new opportunities not only for individual customers, but above all for business and industry.

  • 5G network should increase the quality and speed of data transmission.
  • The emergence of the fifth generation of mobile network for the industry means maintaining competitiveness in international markets.
  • The current 700 MHz band should be disconnected and used as soon as possible.

5G is the latest technology in the fifth generation of mobile networks. It works using high-frequency radio waves, as well as connections to optical fibers used to transmit data between operating transmitters. It will consistently replace 4G / LTE solutions.

Poland has been preparing for a tender for the construction of a 5G network for several years. However, there are still technical, formal and organizational hurdles – and telecommunications are waiting in the starting blocks to submit proposals. We are already one of the last countries in the European Union, where, instead of talking about networking, negotiations are still underway on when and to whom the frequencies will be allocated.

– It is important to determine what we are talking about in the case of 5G. It’s just a radio interface, the most important difference is not only the sound, but also the use of the image with excellent resolution and sharing with the receiver. This is where the biggest, potential commercial profit is sought. It will increase the offer to contact the customer and offer him new services, said Andrzej Dulka, President of the Polish Chamber of Information Technologies and Telecommunications, during the 5G panel at the 14th European Economic Congress in Katowice. – For me, it is important to use innovative solutions for the needs of industry and agriculture. 5G will be available when it starts to be used for industrial needs, not when it is available on all available frequencies

In addition to the benefits for individual customers of mobile networks, the most important thing is to adapt the business to the new opportunities offered by future technology.

– 5G infrastructure will allow access to the mechanisms and structures of the Polish economy. So far, we have paid very little attention to process automation and robotics. If it is possible to implement solutions using new technology, I believe that – despite the need to incur high initial costs – the Polish economy will benefit from the multiplication of gold. Pandemic habits have changed and shown that business can be organized differently; now the impetus must come from the new network. Currently, only 5-6 countries, except Poland, have not held a tender for 5G. At the same time, the war in Ukraine should show how important online security is, said Andrzej Kubisiak of the Polish Institute of Economics.

– The discussion of the urgent 5G tender has been going on for several years. There is a need to speed up the process of meetings of people and experts from the telecommunications industry, and everything ends with everyone still waiting, – said the chairman of the panel Pavel Shigulsky from WNP.PL.

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– At the end of June, the frequency of 700 MHz will be released and the switching of television networks in all regions of Poland will be completed. I think that this band should be separated and used in addition to the maximum. Emitela President Andrzej Kozlowski said that despite reports that part of northeastern Poland could be violated by Russia and Belarus at this time.

He added that we need to develop effective methods to ensure a frequency of 700 MHz; this is the last call – we are avoiding foreign competition.

– We are 3 years late in setting up a 5G network. We need to offer our customers something as soon as possible. We prepare industrial projects without waiting for a tender. The demand for business is very high, said Andrzej Kozlowski.

The business is waiting for the results of the tender, but is also looking for solutions to build their own independent networks.

– By 2030, the market for private mobile networks used in European industry is estimated at 40 billion euros. The business expects solutions that will allow full security and independence from existing networks in general. Especially now that it is clear how widespread cyberattacks are and the possibility of intrusion into internal systems. Small, local container networks have a great future. In my opinion, it already seems that this is a new, promising segment of the telecommunications market. It’s not about fashion, it’s about necessity! – Anna Katarzyna Nietyksza, President of the Polish Cloud Community Europe, commented.

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Infrastructure will be needed for the needs of the 5G network, and Cellnex Polska can help.

– As for meeting the infrastructure needs, I am optimistic. Cellnex currently has about 15,000 stations in Poland and has contracts with another 6,000 stations. This discount should be made because it reduces the cost of joint access to the station and democratizes business, said Jacek Niewęgłowski, director of Cellnex Poland.

He also reminded that the full coverage of the mobile network is determined not by technical barriers, but by costs. 5G auction and its solution will not revolutionize the market – private and private industrial networks will do it.

– Business plans for the construction of private networks and any such implementation should be based on economic calculations. At the same time, it will be possible to finance or cooperate with our company. Network security, reliability and quality will be crucial. We are talking about networks in an area of ​​0.8-2 square kilometers, perhaps somewhat larger, isolated from the outside world. 5G solutions can already be used in them – explained Jacek Niewęgłowski.

It should be noted that during the pandemic in 184 Poland, the transmission capacity of the lines was not enough … Remote operation and the simultaneous connection of hundreds of thousands of receiving devices showed the need to look for new, faster and faster devices. safer solutions. Thus, the launch of the 5G network will have a positive impact on the entire economy.

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