Neighboring wars. “He would throw food scraps out the window and feed the dogs.” [LIST]

  • After all the attention, the neighbors claimed that they were not, but … the people living next to us threw these remains on the balcony and flooded us – explains the reader of the “Onet” created by the neighbors.
  • Dorothy also struggles with her smoking neighbor. – He lived upstairs, so he went down to the front of the cigarette case, closed the door and lit it, and, unfortunately, the “smell” remained on all floors – he explains.
  • Zosia is also struggling with her neighbors. The insults they say are a visible part of the iceberg. – I do not count how many trees Mr. Randap (fighting weeds) planted on us.
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Spitting from the balcony and windows was the order of the day. After lunch on Sunday, noodles or leftovers flew from their balcony. Allegedly, the neighbor fed the dogs, but he did not want to go down, just threw them from above. Everything always fell on the lower balconies. You can hit your head more than once.

Frequent flooding of the apartment or balcony with flowers is also the norm. The best thing was that after all the attention, the neighbors claimed that they were not, but … the people living in the neighborhood threw these remains on the balcony and kept us under water. However, the truth is that an elderly couple with a 40-year-old son had a party that resulted in vomiting through the window.

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Another neighbor upstairs was a heavy smoker, so smoking on the porch or in the stairwell was the order of the day – regardless of the season or the weather. We tried to report the case, and the cooperative even hung the cards in a cage with a ban. After a while, they were torn apart and there was no progress.

I should also add that this gentleman also smoked cigarettes of unknown origin, because the stench was unbearable and terribly irritating. The man lived on the top floor, so he went down to the front of the cigarette case, closed the door and lit it, and the “smell” unfortunately spread to all floors, to the first floor.

I have lived in the village since I was born, and behind the fence I have – let’s call them – the Kowalski family. I can say without hesitation that not only we, but also those around us are worried. Let me start with what they do on a daily basis.

It is impossible to go out quietly to rest, because only swearing “flies” behind the fence. Not one, but eight (how many people live in this house). Unfortunately, it’s not like “hee, I missed it.” Kovalski simply replace it with comma invectives.

I have a sister the same age as my neighbor’s granddaughter. There was a time when they stayed together and often stayed at our house.

In our yard, right in front of the fence that separates us from them, there are bamboos, and next to them there are children who often play hide-and-seek like children. It was the perfect refuge. While their grandchildren were playing, they hid there. In the evening, when no one was in the yard, our dear neighbor would pick up the mill and cut bamboo over the fence.

Not only did he cut them to such a height that if one of the children fell there, he could hurt himself, and of course the blame would fall on my family. We wanted to talk to them, but unfortunately they are not the people to be discussed.

One day my mother and I were sitting on the terrace, and suddenly we smelled a terrible stench from them. After a while we look and our neighbor burns plastic. The mother approached him and said that she was not allowed to do so, and even suggested that if she no longer wanted to pay for the garbage, and if we already paid, she could add her sacks to ours.

He asked her directly: “Irek, which of your children, maybe your wife, will die of cancer?” Someone in surprise jumped up and said, “What’s going on? It’s going up in the air!” When we left, we said, what are you breathing? He said nothing.

I don’t know how many trees he planted Randap (weed control agent) and waited for someone to come out and say out loud, “But it’s dry.” We even received a letter recently saying that the neighbors … are afraid for their health because of the Christmas tree in front of our house.

They do not complicate life, only people. Animals also bother them. He’s tearing up my sheep dog – a quiet dog. Meanwhile, Mr. Kowalski is throwing stones at him. On the contrary, his wife was younger than my other dog. Of course, when no one is watching and pets are walking in the yard.

Another neighbor had a similar story. Kowalski often complained that his dog was “too barking.” One day the pet died … The owner thought it was old, but something went wrong. Investigations revealed that the four-legged animal was poisoned. Unfortunately, the police do not help and we have to solve all the problems ourselves.

The names of the heroes were changed at their request

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