“My mother deprived me of my inheritance because I was married to a divorced person. He didn’t know his grandchildren and didn’t want to know me anymore. ”- Real life

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On Sunday, the girls arrived with their families and an unrepentant bachelor, Mateusz. Seven adults and my favorite grandchildren: three-year-old Martynka and two-year-old twins: Julek and Lucek. Daughters – Marysia, Zuzia and Patrycja in the kitchen helped my wife prepare dinner; In the dining room, the male company tried to tame the three screaming babies. There was a terrible noise, I could hardly hear the phone in the noise.

“Is that you, Pawelek?” I recognized my father’s weak voice. “My son, Bozena is dead, my mother says …” he was silent; He was probably waiting for me to say something, but I didn’t know what to say. – Nothing, son, there is no need to say anything. Dorota arranged a funeral, there will be a funeral. Bozena’s friends will come. Ritual in our church on Wednesday at 10 o’clock. You will come?

– Yes, father, I will do it – I promised, then I asked my father about his health; We no longer talked about the funeral, I did not ask exactly when he died mother or what was the cause of death.

When I finished talking to my father, I felt strange. I have thought many times about this moment: what will happen when he dies, what will I do, what will I feel. Now I didn’t feel anything at all. My head was empty. What about the heart?

– Something happened, father? Little daughter Patrycja shrugged. – Father, wake up, what happened to you?

“Grandma’s dead,” I said, without emotion.

– Grandma? Zuza was surprised, as if he didn’t know who he was talking about.

Patrycja and Zuza couldn’t remember him. They only knew my wife’s mother, Zosiaalthough he was remembered very badly. Our eldest daughter Marysia once saw Grandma Bozena in the distance … Once she asked about her. He was in the second grade.

– We make cards for grandparents, there will be a concert at school. Father and grandmother will come to us? Then he asked me.

I knew I didn’t have that chance. I explained to my daughter that my grandmother was ill.

– What about grandpa? Marysia insisted.

I remember how my throat narrowed then. Dad, he is my father, he probably wanted to see his grandchildrenbut it was impossible for him to come to us. He risked his mother’s wrath, and fled from her like a fire with a good temper.

They seemed to be jealous of me

I fell in love with Martha at first sight. I immediately felt that he was responding to me, but he was careful. Without beating her hand, she confessed to me that she was divorced, had a child, and did not dream of another relationship, she was just afraid of marriage. But after a year of dating, all doubts disappeared, and we decided to get married.

Martha and I went to my parents’ house. From the very first moment my mother was jealous of my fiancé. He was always swollen, strangely, as if he were expressing every word with a sense of superiority. I put the tea on the table myself. I started cutting the cake in the kitchen, but then my sister stopped me, saying that the cake was not for strangers. I was stunned, showed him his head and took the plate to the room.

When I came in, my mother was asking Martha back and forth … The fiancé answered all the questions sincerely, but did not say anything about his first relationship or Mateusz. I warned him that I had to prepare my parents for the news. mother she was always afraid to divorce people.

The next day, when I told my parents that I was going to marry Martha, I heard:

– Very smart for you. Look for a normal girl, not a professor – my fiancé was teaching Polish at one of the high schools at the time.

I didn’t understand how you could be so biased against someone you never knew. I did not find anything in the conversation with my mother. He answered my questions in a hurry, and when I accused him of turning Dorota against my lover, he said in a strange, hitherto unknown rage that he seemed to know my “daughter” as well.

My father was my friend, but he loved comfort

– I don’t like the period and that’s why you will cry!

I did not understand what Martha could do to me. Within a few months, I was able to get to know him better, connect with him, like his son, and get to know the whole family. Everyone was kind to me, very kind. So why should I be afraid of something? Finally, I realized that my mother was jealous of me. All that came to my mind was to explain this strange hostility to Martha. The same thing probably happened to my sister. He always held me in his arms, and now that has changed.

The mother went mad when she learned that Martha was divorced and had a five-year-old son.

– You will not bring this delicacy home. We are a decent family and I will not allow my son to be deceived!

I tried to talk to her and explain that a divorced woman is not a prostitute, on the contrary: it was her ex-husband who betrayed Martha after the wedding, when she became pregnant. She divorced him because she could not stand the thought that a third person had appeared in her life together.

Nothing was enough for my mother. On the contrary. He began to treat me like a stranger. My sister completely rebelled against me, and this promising old servant also decided that I was terribly betraying the sacred principles that our family still adheres to. I could not understand! I wish my mother and Dorothy were very religious, but neither of them went to church.

My father only had a friend.

– Don’t listen to Anana. You love each other, get married – I heard from him.

I was thirty years old behind my neck, I didn’t even wait a moment. I asked my mother if it was time to let me out of the house and try to convince Martha (who was very understanding of her). Nothing more. Neither mother nor sister appeared at the wedding. My father came, but he was in a hurry to go home.

– You know the situation, son. I don’t want to argue – he asked to be released from the gala dinner prepared by Martha’s mother.

But I insisted, and in the end he stayed. Then I felt guilty, because my family’s house was not without controversy …

I thought it would be a leap …

One week after the wedding, my mother came to the workshop where I worked with my father.

“Get your things out of the house,” he demanded dryly. “Dorothy has already packed everything for you.” Well, look for a job. The workshop is my father’s. She will not work on the prostitute and her scoundrel. The month is over, you will receive your salary, and I do not want to see you here again.

When I returned to my wife, I just cried. It was difficult for me, but not because I had to look for a job … Earlier I suggested to my father to expand the workshop and create an official company so that my parents would not be burdened, but I did not expect such a step from my mother.

Later I found out that my mother had made a will at a notary. The family, which I once inherited from my parents, my grandmother and my grandmother, bequeathed our house to my sister and completely deprived me of the inheritance. A few years later, he ordered his father to rewrite the workshop for Dorothy as well. To be honest, I did not expect any inheritance after this will.

Anyway, I already had my own workshop – a small workshop outside the city, next to the house where my wife and I bought money from the sale of the apartment after my mother-in-law. To be honest, my life was not what I wanted it to be, but it wasn’t bad. Good luck to everyone – It was a source of pride and joy for me, my wife or any of the children. But every happy moment was always poisoned by the thought that I could not share with my mother.

Mom, I’m a father! – I remember how excited I was when I called my mother.

I was glad to hear his voice. I was convinced that the birth of my daughter and her granddaughter would be a turning point. My mother would laugh, she would say she was happy, she would congratulate me, she wanted to see the baby.

– Hello, who is talking? Ah yes. Well, I expected it to completely trap you, he muttered in response.

– Mom, I have a daughter! We named her Marysia! I shouted at the receiver. – I’m happy … Aren’t you happy? – It took me a while to understand that I heard a constant signal.

Connection lost.

I invited my mother to Mary’s next birthday, but she didn’t come. Later, when Zuzia was born, I went to my family’s house to show the girls. My mother did not open the door for us. He stood on the steps of the balcony and just asked:

– First, how much money does he have?

I said Merizia is two years old. The mother shook her head, muttered something under her lips, then entered the house and disappeared. When I went out, I saw my sister in the depths of the garden. He picked plums in a basket. He did not come to say hello.

Patrycja was born with a heart defect. I did not inform my mother about the birth. So she knew for sure that she would be a grandmother for the third time. After all, I contacted my father, and each time I spoke to him, I asked him to tell me about my family. Now sure told him that Patrycja was seriously ill.

– What is the story of this operation? – One day my sister called me on her cell phone; I felt both curiosity and … resentment in his voice.

A small, only two-month-old girl was taken to the operating room. I was dying for my little girl, I could hardly speak.

“She has a heart condition and will be operated on,” I said in a trembling voice.

“Don’t be hysterical and stop telling your father everything, because he’s just annoying us with these stories about your children.” Mother’s blood pressure is high, you can’t hurt her …

I hung up the phone. I couldn’t listen to Dorothy. I think I realized at that moment that I would not wait for the moment when my mother missed me and my children. I realized that although my mother was alive, she was not there.

Years later, when my children grew up and my grandchildren were born, I did not tell my mother or sister. I told my father to keep this news to himself. When the twins were about three months old, I tricked her out of the house and took my daughter to meet Julek and Luck. He was very happy.

“We’re all going to the funeral,” my wife’s voice distracted me. – Your grandmother died, your father’s mother. Care for the twins will be organized in a few hours. We will all go, he repeated.

No one objected. Even my son-in-law attended my mother’s funeral. I don’t know if he deserved it, I think he lost a lot in his life. Because I don’t think I made any mistakes.

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