“My boyfriend looks at young girls and takes pictures of strange grandmothers. I was a fool and wanted to marry her. “

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I was lucky. As they say, happiness in misery. Why? Because over time, I have come to realize that my boyfriend – or in fact, he is already my fiancé – has all the tendencies to be an unfaithful husband. I discovered the dark side of his nature.

We met in a shopping center. At that time, I was looking for clothes for shopping on Saturdays. I was walking between the shelves when a handsome boy came up to me and asked if I could help him choose something. I was sure it was one of the services.

– No, thank you. He just looks at her. I’ll call you if I need anything.

“But I won’t be here then,” he replied with a smile.

– Then I will ask your friend.

– I do not work here. I bought myself pants and saw that you have a hard time choosing. I am pleased to advise you.

– Oh, I’m sorry, I thought …

– It does not matter. The only question is that I will be useful. Looking for a specific event or something for every day?

– To the banquet. Thanks for the offer, but I prefer to shop myself.

– What do you think, but I think you would be great in that blouse.

– I’m looking for clothes …

– Do you see red? – He showed his hanger a few meters away.

He pulled my hand and I couldn’t stand it. I followed her, put on the coat she suggested, and then put on some of the clothes she had brought to my dressing room. It was so direct that I surrendered to his pleas without protest. I was amazed at his courage and determination.

My friends were jealous of me

I was a little embarrassed, but my curiosity won out. Adventure excitement. For a long time I did not feel such excitement with any boy. It was probably his confidence. Guys in my company are often scared because I can humbly tell you that I look good. Marci did not have this problem at all. Probably that’s why I went to have coffee with him, and then – at the end of our first meeting, I was invited to the cinema.

In the second meeting he dared to kiss me, and in the third meeting he dared to get closer. I didn’t realize when I was her lover.

My friends were also pleased with him. Marcin was very handsome and provocative. Almost every grandmother had an aura that was weak against her. I remember a certain situation at the beginning of our relationship … He was at a party, one of the girls openly wanted Marcini. He followed her step by step, met her, talked to her, asked her something. I had to react. I put it aside and expressed my attitude to such behavior quite sharply. Then he was offended.

– What’s going on? – Marsin, who was watching our conversation from afar, asked me.

– I told him that you are mine!

– Really?

“Didn’t you see he was trying to deceive you?” – I answered with a question.

“I didn’t feel confused,” he smiled and looked at the door through which he came out.

Then I saw something strange in their eyes, intimidating, predatory. It’s as if a rabid fox is looking at a chicken.

– Marcin …

– Yes? – withHe approached me and put his hand under my skirt. He touched the short skirts. It was hot. We left the party immediately.

What woman doesn’t dream that her husband is this “something”? Because it can ignite the senses. Marcin managed it without any problems. I fell in love with him and willingly surrendered to his mood. I believed that he was loyal to me. He loves me and his passion comes from this love. That she is warm but also clean and sincere. And I can feel safe with him. I trusted him.

After dating for two years, I agreed to marry her. I had no doubt, I did not hesitate. I wanted that. I tremble when I know what I’m going to do today.

I met him by chance. Where it fascinates me. A place where we meet. We went shopping that Saturday. Without a big reason. I needed a few blouses and Marcin wanted to buy shoes. He found them quickly, and then followed me when he chose something for himself. He would get tired quickly.

Like every boy did not like shopping. The first exception was the method of knowing. So he asked me to sit in a small bistro and have a coffee. I’m not one of those women who forces her husband to do something, I did not object. So I went to my favorite stores and he sat in an open cafe.

I could not believe what I saw

Tale asked me to put the purse in one of the bags he had next to him. Fifteen minutes later, when it was time to pay for the blouse, I realized. So I asked the salesman to put it back for me, and I went to Marcin. He was sitting where I left him. I have already seen it from afar.

I was walking straight towards him, but he could not see me. He was facing three young girls. At first he did not look suspicious, but as he approached, I saw a mischievous smile on his face. I stopped instinctively, then deliberately hid behind the column.

Marcin looked at these girls shamelessly and intrusively. And they laughed because they realized his interest. They were much younger than me. Probably at the beginning of college and maybe in high school. I felt hot and wanted to get out of hiding and call her to order, but then another girl appeared on the horizon. Very attractive and very skinny. This time a little older. Probably my age.

Then Marcin did something that surprised me. He took money out of his purse, threw it on the coffee table, took his grocery bag and followed her. Yes, for him. I was sure I followed in his footsteps.

When she entered the store, Marcin followed her. I stayed outside and watched what he would do through the glass. And my fiancé, the man I want to marry, he took out his phone … started clicking on the pictures. Although he pretended to be looking at something, from time to time he took photos with the camera lens open towards the girl.

I felt weak. I left quickly. In fact, I was embarrassed and ran away, as if I had been caught doing something shameful. I hid in the ladies’ toilet, and when it got cold, I called her. I said we can go.

I didn’t talk to him along the way, but he didn’t feel anything. He talked to me, told me a few stories, and I only thought about what I saw. What was he? What have I witnessed?

I waited for him to wash at home, then picked up his phone and started looking at the photos. They were there! Not only this girl, but also two people I don’t know are very handsome and provocatively dressed. I was really angry.

Suddenly Marcin left the bathroom with only a towel. Her expression indicated that she wanted to make love. I knew him well.

– What bloody pictures do you have on your phone? I shouted, waving his cell phone. – Why did you take a picture of that girl in the store? Who are you? Some perverts ?!

He made it a brick. He was silent for a long time, standing there. Then he took my phone away from me as if to check what I was saying.

– Come on. It is such a game … Finally he said.

– What’s fun? Why are you doing this? Are you voyeur?

“Don’t you look after the children?” He asked with a stupid face.

– It’s one thing to look, it’s quite another to take a picture of them. What do they need?

“Actually … in vain,” he shrugged, then added something to explain everything. You know, then I feel more like you …

– Yes?!

I ran out of the apartment and went to my parents. I told them that Marcin had betrayed me. In fact, it was. I felt betrayed. The next day, I moved out of our apartment and cut my sign.

It was a very difficult time. Marcin tried to calm me down and convince me to return to him. But I stayed my decision. I’m not stupid to believe that this is just fun, that these photos have no meaning. In any case, the subsequent arguments made me even more discouraged.

I remember our last call. Then I heard:

– Look, this is just a game. After all, I also took photos of you. The day we met … Think about it, if it weren’t for this game, we wouldn’t know each other today.

– That would be good! I answered and dropped the phone.

That’s it.

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