He posted a picture of a swarm of bees on the network. Experts sound the alarm!

Damian Żurawski, a member of parliament from Sosnowiec, wrote something disturbing at first glance on Facebook. picture of a swarm of bees. You can see bees lying on the stairs of the apartment building, and the entrance was placed “at the request of an old lady who loves bees.”

– The adviser wrote.

Damian Jurawski also reminded that “Without bees, there will be no human beings left on earth“Therefore, they deserve protection, because all observers commenting on the post agree.

Along with people who do not know much about bees, the experts decided to comment on the article, and although they praised the adviser’s contribution to the protection of insects, they did not hesitate to point out some of his mistakes.

“Żołna na łowach” profile published an article with several myths about bees:

– we read.

In the next article you will find information about what to do when you encounter such a herd on the road. The best is simply call the nearest beekeeperwhich will take the flock to its nest. Thanks to this, we will prevent bees from settling in a place where they will not have a chance to live and will not become a danger to humans. You can also alert the fire brigade, which will likely contact the beekeeper.

– We read later in the article.

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Although there were a number of errors in the adviser’s writing, experts and beekeepers praised the growing awareness of Poles, who no longer view bees as pests and increasingly create oases full of plants and flowers that allow them to survive. Bees distinguish only a few colors: white, black, gray, yellow, green and blue. But they especially liked the latter. Therefore, for example, love lavender and purple. It is also worth planting them in the garden:

  • Heather – blooms most often in late August and September, and is one of the last autumn delicacies of bees. Heather honey is dense and very aromatic
  • Catnip – it is loved not only by cats, but also by bees. It blooms from July to September and is often grown near apiaries.
  • Issop – blooms for a long time, almost all summer, has beautiful flowers, and bees literally love it!

The biggest danger for bees is the mass burning of grass and the destruction of wild gardens and damage to the environment as a result of the use of invasive fertilizers. All this makes it increasingly difficult for them to find a safe area rich in honey plants. However, each of us can create a garden or even a balcony that is friendly to these hardworking creatures.

Honey bees have fascinated man since ancient times. Their wisdom, responsibility, and sense of mission were unique. Bees were considered sacredand the honey produced by the gods for their life-giving food — often rubbed on the corpses of the dead — to secure a safe journey to the land of eternity. Greek philosophers even believed that bees were the only living thing in the world that could attain absolute knowledge and wisdom. In other cultures, their behavior was considered prophetic. When a swarm of bees came into the house, it was considered a blessing.


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