Wounded birds 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 abstract. Omar faints in the garden, and Jamil deceives his mother

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Wounded Birds – Summary of Chapters 33-37. What will happen in the program? The new episodes will be broadcast on TVP2 on May 9-13, 2022 at 18:45. You can also watch the Turkish hit on the website vod.tvp.pl. Check out the details for upcoming episodes.

Wounded birds is a Turkish drama series that enchants thousands of viewers in our country. The dynamic movement that takes place against the backdrop of modern Turkey tells the story of Meryem Celik and Omer, whom the woman sees as brothers. This is another offer of the Bosphorus to the liking of Poland, so it is not surprising that all his fans are waiting for new episodes. What will happen in the episodes broadcast on Monday, May 9? Full summary and details can be found below. All episodes will appear on TVP2 at 18:45 as standard.

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Wounded Birds Part 33 – Summary

Mary and Levent take refuge in an empty hut. Mary feels guilty about the accident. The girl takes care of Levent, and the second, despite Mary’s protection, tries to treat her calmly and remotely at any cost. Meanwhile, Metehanoglu’s family is increasingly worried about the lack of news from Ayşe and Durmuş about the absence of Levent and Meryem. Ayşe calls Levent and Meryem to the mansion to find out that they went to Shila together. Standing, Tekin and Dogan set out to find him, but returned without receiving anything. The landlord Remzi comes to the old hut. The man is convinced that Mary and Levent fled together to get married. Young people cannot fix it. Levent borrows the man’s phone and contacts Bahadir. The brothers agree that Bahadur will pick them up the next morning, but Melis tells him. Hülya goes crazy when she finds out that Levent is alive.

Wounded Birds Part 34 – Summary

Remzi marvels at Mary’s quick wit and diligence. The man is convinced that Levent and Mary are a couple and hints that Levent should marry his fiancé soon. After sitting down for breakfast, the three appear at Melis Remzi’s house. Remzi immediately senses the woman’s true nature and warns Leventa. Jealous Melis treats Mary in advance, repeatedly reminding everyone that Mary is just a servant. Mały, Czita and Ciszka secretly visit Omar in the garden of the residence. Hulya’s covering of the children causes Omar to faint in the garden. With great joy, Melis, Levent, and Mary return to their homes. Tekin’s waiting for Mary in front of the house raises suspicions in Levent.

Wounded Birds Part 35 – Summary

Everyone in the house is worried about Omar’s disappearance. Despite their intense search, they can’t find the boy for a long time. Only Levent finds him unconscious in the garden. After a short recovery, Hülya threatens that if you hand her over, she will never see her sister again. The frightened boy does not tell the truth about fainting. Meanwhile, in Ayşe, he tries to find out who the mysterious Flame is. Contrary to the girl’s fears, it turns out that Alevin is the mother of Jamil’s close friend. Levent convenes a board meeting. Its members will meet with a new shareholder – Tekin Gunduz.


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Wounded Birds Part 36 – Summary

Knowing who Tekin is makes Levent angry. The man can’t stand being in the company, while Tekin tells Bahadir to set up his office. Levent suspects Tekin and Meryem are working together against him. Tekin, who was in a hurry to meet her, called Mary and her fears intensified. He does not know that the girl is going to Tekin to pay her father’s debt. Jamil deceives his mother by telling her that he is her partner. A mother asks her son for a picture of her lover. Leaning against the wall, Jamil asks Ayşe to take a photo of him. Although she doesn’t want to, she agrees to help Jamila with a gesture to return. Neriman finds a picture of Cishka’s mother. The children do not give their friend, but Neriman decides to find out who is in the photo. Hulya steals an expertise from Levent’s accident.

Wounded Birds Part 37 – Summary

You can read the summary of the 37th series of “Wounded Birds” here. We will update the article as soon as it is available.

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