The old browser is bad! Therefore, you should give it up immediately

Working on any computer is inextricably linked to the use of the Internet. This, in turn, is due to the use of web browsers. There are many of them on the market – from celebrities like Chrome, Firefox or Edge to niches like Brave or Avast. The companies behind them offer updates that allow you to use them without much hassle. However, some users do not pay attention to the patches. For others, an old browser, such as Internet Explorer, is a program that cannot run in a computer environment. However, keep in mind that This type of software can be malicious. That’s why you should immediately abandon the old browser.

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The old browser is bad – that’s why

If we are talking about older browsers, of course, in most cases we are dealing with Internet Explorer. People who use older operating systems also use an outdated browser in the package. This can cause many problems and concerns.

This is the first important argument for abandoning the old browser does not support modern standards for example, HTML5 and CSS3. As mentioned above, some pages may not display correctly or may not load at all. Website developers will not waste time developing standards for older browsers, which account for one percent of the market share. In addition, even if the portal is miraculously opened, the standards are often misinterpreted by the old software. Some companies then force developers to waste time adapting portals to outdated browsers. But these are really sporadic cases. In addition to, the displayed content may not be displayed correctly.

The old browser is also very slow. In some cases, such a program can “eat” more system resources than a more optimized, modern competition. Discharging the laptop’s battery can also be a big problem. For example, Microsoft Edge is optimized for mobile devices, and its operation does not significantly reduce the service life of wireless laptops. Older browsers, such as Internet Explorer, were created at a time when computers that were permanently connected to the mains were popular. The developers did not optimize it for battery life.

However, the most convincing argument is that the use of older browsers does this threat to your data. Failure to update such software may result in a computer attack. Once you enter your bank credentials, cybercriminals can easily learn them and then literally rob you. So why do we allow fraudsters to access our account in such a simple way? It’s like believing that no one will leave your wallet on public transport and steal it. But this is not the end. Scammers can even use an old browser as an “access point” to steal sensitive information from your computer, such as photos.


In addition, Using an old Internet browsing program can infect your system with malware and viruses. For example, they may redirect the user to malicious sites that steal data or corrupt software so that the system does not restart. Malware, Trojans, keyloggers, service denial (DoS) attacks are the bread and butter of older browsers.

At the end of this paragraph, it should be added that the old browser will never be as rich in features as the new one. For example, Chrome or Edge updates not only improve the overall security of applications, but also add new, useful features. By the way, I recommend reading what features were recently added to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft asks you to stop using Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer ends in June

Internet Explorer is a really old browser released in 1995. This program has changed over the years, but today it is not entirely in place. Fortunately, the Redmond giant has not developed this project for several years, and Edge has become a major web-based standby program. Microsoft announces that IE will finally retire on June 15, 2022.

“We know that waiting for something to happen can be stressful, especially in complex IT environments. So, instead of waiting, we recommend that you plan your internal retirement history – the best way to prepare for an IE disability after June 15 is to actively retire your IE before June 15 in your organizations.

– A Microsoft spokesman said in a blog post.

The future of Internet Explorer is Microsoft Edge. The giant from Redmond has developed a special IE mode that allows you to open old websites running in Internet Explorer in the browser. It really works, I’m using this feature for the first time, for example, for technical analysis of companies listed in JAVA. It should be noted that this option will be available even until 2029, so many companies will have time to adapt their software to the latest standards.

Microsoft also recommends transferring data from your old browser to Edge using an external: // settings / importData

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