The best movies with Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the hottest names in show business lately. The actor has been suing Amber Herdy for a long time, and we are watching the news about his trial as a series. The court will ultimately decide whether he is guilty or not, but the Internet seems to have ruled long ago. That’s why it’s worth looking at the best movies we’ve seen of Johnny Depp.

The plasticine actor is Johnny Depp

The actor, born in 1963, is more connected with us solid roles. Although Johnny Depp was nominated for three Oscars, he never won. This does not change the fact that the 58-year-old specialist can still continue, even if he ends his career at this point. Enter as extremely successful. First of all, we can equate Depp with someone who can be extremely good “Create” figure on the screen.

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Probably the greatest “success” of the actor is the Captain Jack Sparrow, which he can not be imitated. Although in the case of Depp, we associate him primarily with him Pirates of the Caribbean, let’s not forget that there are dozens of other productions in his CV that did no worse. I even dare to say that there are even better results! Below you will find a collection of my five favorite movies that no one else has played. Johnny Depp.

5. Las Vegas Parano (1998)

A very strange and crooked movie is entertaining. Johnny Depp’s duet with Benicio del Toro said that after a two-hour session, we could at least feel like we were together. the same “eating” habits as the characters in the film. The content of the 1998 production doesn’t appeal to me at all, but Depp’s “role-playing” that we’re discussing today makes it impossible to ignore it.

Of course, movie behavior Raul Duke effectively surpasses camera motion and computer animation. In addition, the soundtrack of the film and its music should be praised from a purely technical point of view. All this helped Depp to create an extremely original American figure amateur.

4. Blow (2001)

Bright performance of Johnny Deep, who plays the role of a real drug lord – George Jung. The film itself is a typical bottom-up story, but in this case there is also a top-down option. The hero we discussed in Ted Demmen’s painting gave us a lively acquaintance with a character who still wants more, more and more.

In the end, Johnny Depp once again shows that he feels like a fish in water while making films based on the old world principle. “Sex, drugs and rock-n’roll”. Nevertheless, the end of the film and the flurry of emotions experienced by the protagonist, played by Depp at the time, suits us better than a real melodrama.

3. Donnie Brasco (1997)

A film starring Johnny Depp again. This time we have a serious crime movie the hero must balance on a fine line. Donnie Brasco is a fake surname used by FBI agent Joseph Pistone to infiltrate mafia family structures. The film is brilliant in itself, but Johnny Depp’s work on it deserves special mention.

In order to be able to share the screen with worthy characters such as, the actor had to be satisfied first of all. Al Pacino or Michael Madsen. Such good support made Deppi rise to the top of acting and gave the audience a moment of suspicion. Whether the FBI agent is still in control of the surrounding reality and which of his identities is true. In addition, it should be noted that Johnny Depp is preparing for the role of Joseph Piston met him in privateso that the image he portrays is as accurate as possible.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-2017)

definitely Johnny Depp’s most famous work. Captain Jack Spparov entertained us for fourteen years, but according to the latest events in the actor’s personal life, Revenge of Salazar was his last in the role of a rebellious pirate. Therefore, I would like to be at this point highlight the whole series. First of all, let’s talk about the first three parts that raised the character of Jacek Spparow to the peak of popularity.

Many factors affect the perception of a drunken hero. First of all Johnny Depp created the character’s impeccable style. From gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice to equality way of moving. In addition to all this, there is a clear joke, and here – a hero who can not be ignored. Let Depp’s size reflect the fact that Spparov is nineteen years after the premiere of the first film in the series. we still do not miss and we would love to see him on the big screen, even this time. Well … it seems that it will remain in the sphere of our dreams.

1. The Ninth Door (1999)

definitely favorite movie of all time is not divided into any categories. I had a painting by Johnny Depp and Roman Polanski, who loved his acting skills. Our hero today, w The ninth door He plays the role of a bibliophile whose task is to find the lost book. There are motifs of satanism, occultism and dark sects throughout the show.

But we must remember that the plot is one thing, the other is his perception, which is already influenced by acting. Johnny Depp did all his homework perfectlyto create a character that is both interesting and somewhat mysterious for us. The protagonist is a kind of bridge for the audience, connecting the real world shown in the film with Satan. In addition, the actor’s great acting is strengthened here Emmanuelle Seigner. The icing on the cake of the whole picture is the soundtrack created by the master – Mr. Wojciech Kilar.

Johnny Depp in other creations

Johnny Depp in other creations

In addition to the personal TOP5, there are indeed many other great works by Johnny Depp. That’s why I present you below for your comfort and not to be dissatisfied the rest of the films in which the actor is superior to himself.

  • Edward Scissors hands (1990)
  • Hidden window (2004)
  • Sweeney Todd: The Devil’s Barber of Fleet Street (2007)
  • Alice in Wonderland (2010)
  • Benny and Joon (1993)
  • Dreamy (2004)
  • chocolate (2000)
  • What Gilbert Grape eats (1993)
  • Nightmare on Elm Street (1984 – debut)

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