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Regular Lidl customers on Toszecka Street already know that a parking ticket is required to park at this supermarket. Others don’t, so be aware – leaving your car here (and a few other places) can cost you dearly.

This is a Lidl store located in L. Kaczyński district. In recent months, a parking meter has been installed there, which, like in Labedi, Poem, you have to print the ticket and put it behind the car window so that you don’t pay a high parking fee. Such a system is designed to protect the market from being invaded by drivers who do not use the store. Otherwise, there would be no room for customers.

Parking is provided by APCOA Parking Polska. As of August last year, it already has 800 parking lots in the country.

For the convenience of our customers when shopping in Lidl stores, parking meters have been put into operation so that customers can take advantage of free parking when shopping. Depending on the operator, from 1 hour to 1.5 hours – detailed information is available on the ticket machine. – LIDL explains the Polish network.

The parking lot is marked at the entrance and exit with information boards about the “paid parking zone”. Free tickets must be purchased from the car when shopping (tickets must also be purchased when using seats for the disabled). There are rules for using the parking lot next to the car – continues the commercial network.

Parking and parking meters are provided by a foreign company, so all claims for fees and parking services must be addressed directly to the company specified in the rules or payment confirmation.

– Adds LIDL.

Complaints about the applicable fee should be submitted to APCOA (if we have grounds for this – for example, we made a purchase in the LIDL store at the time of the request – so we have a receipt). This can be done by website or by traditional letter.

– On the basis of information received from the Central Register of Motor Vehicles and Drivers, unpaid additional payments may be made in connection with the collection of debt – we read in the receipt “Call for payment” received by our editorial office.

– If the park user fills out the form on within 7 days and adds the purchase document in the Lidl store issued half an hour ago or before, the additional payment will be canceled. Half an hour after the survey was conducted, about 771,000 numbers were written on the printed page of the “Call Sheet”.

Where else can we find such stops in Gliwice?

Failure to pay attention to the information about the collection of parking tickets and paid parking will not relieve anyone from the need to pay a fee. We described in more detail a similar issue in the case of expensive parking at the health clinic on Cichociemnych Street: “Pułapka” in parked drivers. Anyone who does not see the board can pay up to 500 PLN here

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the signs and signs that appear in the parking lots. The Lidl store, located at 7 Toszecka Street, has a parking meter right next to the entrance where tickets can be collected. The same situation applies to the Netto store on Lotnikow Street.

The map on the APCOA website shows that paid parking provided by this company has been applied in the following places in our city:

  • Lidl, ul. Pszczyńska 89,
  • Lidl ul. Poem 5,
  • Lidl, ul. Toszecka 7,
  • Lidl, ul. Andersa 60,
  • Netto, ul. Lotnikow 78,
  • Kaufland, ul. Pszczyńska 64.

– APCOA Parking Polska has been cooperating with many important investors, property owners and government agencies in the country for many years. These include shopping malls, hotels, airports, office buildings, city parking lots, hospitals, etc. includes. Every day thousands of people all over Poland use the parking lots we drive, we read on the company’s website.

– Extensive experience in the Polish market in the field of parking management, professional and reliable approach to the customer and diligent fulfillment of obligations arising from the concluded contracts allowed our company to maximize revenues from parking activities, while also satisfying customers and providing parking services – APCOA note is.


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