Repertoire of Helios Cinema in Tzzew. See what movies you will be watching on May 6-12

Still from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The Helios Cinema in Tzzew presents the latest repertoire. It will be valid from Friday to Thursday (May 6-12). Among other things, film lovers will see three premieres, as well as films from special projects – “Konesera Cinema”, “Accessible Culture”, “Women’s Cinema” and “For Children”.

Below, Helios Cinema presents to all cinematographers what stories and emotions the upcoming film week will present. Also follow, as we will offer double invitations to many movies.

You can see the latest repertoire here: Helios Cinema repertoire May 6-12

Crazy repertoire in Helios cinema network!

The day that millions of fans around the world have been waiting for is fast approaching! Already “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity” will appear on Helios screens this Friday! In addition, the repertoire will include a lightning-fast hedgehog Sonic and a modern 40-year-old group from Bornholm Island … There will also be a series of women’s movies.

“Dr. Strange is in a world of madness” will take everyone on a journey into the world of Marvel and will surely drive many viewers crazy! In this part, the chief wizard of the MCU world opens up many universes by changing the boundaries to previously undiscovered areas. With the help of old and new allies, Doctor Strange travels to amazing and dangerous alternative worlds to meet a mysterious new enemy. Something the world has never seen before!

The sound of the waves, the sand under your feet, the sun and the Baltic Sea, what more could you want? In Anna Kazejak’s latest film “Lanet Bornholm” viewers will learn that not every weekend in May can be considered successful, and will remember it with a smile. An seemingly insignificant situation can lead to a huge crisis, and an unexpected force can fall on everyone. How will the protagonists deal with this and what awaits them after this trip? We will learn next Friday. On May 11, Women’s Cinema also invites you to an evening meeting with this film. Traditionally, many attractions, competitions and spectacular entertainment await the ladies.

The youngest audience will have fun walking “Pet Games”. All you have to do is take your seats and welcome Daisy, who wants to win a great competition for the “Most Terrible Animals in the World”. The problem is that it is a lovely mammal that looks like a cross between a hamster and a … kangaroo and is not one of the largest or most dangerous predators on the planet. The protagonist will do everything to prove to the animal kingdom that the will to fight and the chance to win medals should not go hand in hand with muscles, giant looks and length.

There it is: he is fast, but not angry, funny, and mega-popular on Earth because he saved him from destruction! Our hero returns – “SONIC 2. Fast as lightning”. This time, the evil forces in the image of Dr. Robotnik double their power with the Knuckles on his side. But Sonic is not alone and can count on the help of his friend Tails, who is as unique as he is funny. It is a perfect team, listen!

Helios continues a series of free shows in Ukrainian to help children stay away from dramatic events for a while, given the large number of children from war-torn Ukraine. Starting this Friday (May 6), two specially selected shows will be broadcast daily. The first suggestion – a collection of fairy tales “44 cats” – It is designed with the youngest viewers in mind, so it will be broadcast in a Ukrainian dubbed version. Older audiences will no doubt be interested in the film “Black-clad operating man” in version with a Ukrainian teacher. Young detectives, who are dog assistants, find traces of a mysterious treasure and a man in a black suit.

On Sunday, May 8, Helios invites you to Film Mornings with new adventures of famous serial heroes. “44 cats”. The youngest viewers will have fun with a very beautiful group of cats known as Arcykoty! Traditionally, competitions and games will be held in the cinema hall before the screening.

Already a day later, on May 9, Koneser Cinema will present the animated documentary series “Bye”It was a hit at the Sundance Festival, where it won the Grand Prix of the International Competition and was compared to the legendary “Bashir and Waltz”. The film is the moving story of a teenager who flees war-torn Afghanistan to Europe with his mother and siblings. This is an intimate story that will touch many viewers about growing up and discovering your gender.

On May 12, as part of the “Existing Culture” series, viewers will see Sławomira Łozińska in a moving social drama. “Tenant”. The film depicts the unequal struggle between the individual and the system, exposing destructive political and financial mechanisms. The protagonist opposes the re-privatization mafia, which is trying to deprive the residents of one of the houses in Warsaw of their homes. The woman mysteriously disappears, and police discover an intrigue involving politicians, members of the Bar and former service agencies.

Details of the May repertoire can be found here: and the new Helios mobile app. Spectators can choose the best venues and save the most by planning a visit to the cinema and buying tickets in advance. Film Emotions is a great idea to spend an unforgettable time with relatives and friends, until we meet in May at a positive show!

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