Lindsay Lohan wants to return to the top. What is the Hollywood scandal doing today?

Lindsay Lohan she was the best banquet girl and scandal in Hollywood. He has been repeatedly prosecuted for fraud, including. for driving while intoxicated, driving without a driver’s license, and assaulting a female police officer. Years ago, his acting career came to a standstill due to personal problems.

Recently, however, Lindsay Lohan settled down and began to lead a healthy lifestyle. The controversial actress has been living in Dubai for several years. There is a reason for this – the activities of paparazzi are illegal in the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to this, the actress can enjoy privacy. He found love there too. She was engaged to a banker in 2021, Bader Shammas.

“Darling. My life. My family. My future,” Lohan wrote on Instagram on engagement day.

Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986 in New York. She is the daughter of businessman Michael Lohan and dance teacher Dina Lohan. At the age of three, he appeared in commercials and appeared on camera. She was best known for her dual role as a childhood sibling in the family comedy Do Not Believe in Twins (1998).

The turning point in his career was a side role Jamie Lee Curtis in the film “Crazy Friday” (2003) – For this role, the young star received the MTV Award for New Actor Talent. Role in comedy “Envious girls” (2004) strengthened its position in the film industry. In addition to her silver screen career, Lohan also became famous as a singer.

Just a movie “Envious girls”Lohan is the biggest hit of the production [tytuł zarobił 86 mln dolarów w pierwszy weekend wyświetlania – red.]will be possible After midnight on Thursday, look at Polsat, which is actually already Friday (Watch our tv program). In the film, Lindsay Lohan portrays a teenager who started high school in America after staying with her parents in Africa for several years. The comedy is based on Rosalind Wiseman’s “World of Teenage Girls”.

The next stage in the actress’s career is definitely more mature clothes. Lohan spoke, including a confrontation with Meryl Streep in Robert Altman’s “Last Broadcast” (2006). In turn, in the comedy “All Happiness” (2006) he was accompanied on screen by Chris Pine. The most successful role of the actress at that time came from Emilio Estevez’s drama “Bobby”.

In 2007, we saw Lohana John Lennon’s killer (played by Cared Leto) in Chapter 27, Jane Fonda and Felicity Haffman in the comedy Hard Art, and the thriller I. Know Who Killed Me. “” (2006), but it failed financially and artistically, and Lohan received two Golden Raspberries for his role in the film.

News of the actress’s scandalous behavior, alcohol and drug problems began to ruin her career. He began to receive less and less movie offers. In 2009, he starred only in the comedy The Law of Gravity, and in 2010 in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete.

In 2012, she played Elizabeth Taylor herself in the biographical drama “Liz and Dick.” The film, which is expected to be a major turning point in show business for him, failed.

In 2013, Lohan co-starred with Charlie Sheen in the comedy Horror Movie 5. It was not a successful production, and the black detective film directed by Paul Schreider was not in The Canyons. In 2019, the actress starred in the horror film “Between the Shadows.” As you can guess, the production was overlooked.

After this failure, Lindsay Lohan announced her return to the United States and her attempt to rebuild her career. Netflix broadcast platform helped him and offered him a role in the film “Fall into Christmas” (formerly known as “Christmas in the Land of Miracles”).

The film is likely to appear on Netflix in Christmas 2022. Filmed with Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner and Olivia Perez. The director of the film is Janeen Damian (“Christmas Waltz”).

Although Falling for Christmas has not yet premiered, Lindsay Lohan already has reason to be pleased. He signed a contract with Netflix to make two more films. Maybe he will finally be able to return to the top?

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