“I was invisible to women, but I conquered the heart of an exotic beauty. My family thought he was cunning. ”- Real Life

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I stood in the doorway of my family’s home and asked myself the same questions over and over again. Will they accept my choice or not? Will they rejoice in my happiness, or will they begin to face difficulties? I hoped that everything would be fine. I did not want to start conflicts. I was closely connected with my family and I valued the integrity of my relationship with him.

It did not collapse when the factory closed and my father lost his job. He took a leave of absence and started his own business. Zieleniak. He had a serious conversation with us before. He said that the family is the foundation and we should support each other. He looked at me and my brother and added:

-Children, I trust you.

After this I ran to the market before and after classwhere we shop vegetables and fruits. You had to get up before five o’clock to go to the stock exchange to buy goods. We started from a stable where we stood in line. Even my grandmother helped. He turned things we couldn’t sell into frozen or dried. In the evenings, we fell on our noses, which showed that business was flourishing, and at the same time deprived me of my personal life. I didn’t have any close friends – either I didn’t have time to play or I was too tired to kick the ball. And the girls … It’s a pity to talk.

Despite this joint efforts have borne fruit. After a while, we had four shops and five employees in different parts of the city. Grandmother has long since retired; watching the series and sleeping in a chair became his favorite pastime. My mother didn’t have to work anymore, but more and more she mentioned her grandchildren’s names … and sighed heavily.

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My good, handsome and fun brother Radek used to come to the show after work, but even though the virgins chased him away, he was in no hurry to get married. As for me, I was in my thirties, but there was no wife candidate, not even sympathy. Although I didn’t know how to do it. I had to be a good player – calm, responsible, hardworking, positional – but also boring, as my ex-girlfriend Jolka once pointed out to me, a fat gut.

That’s what he told me after two years of relationship. Well, I missed my little brother’s charmis brave against women. In addition, I am short, squatting and painful. The only thing that distinguished me was pale, almost white hair and pink freckled skin. Pig blonde – it’s me. Which will he choose as the husband and father of his children ?! I almost gave up … Then I met her: a small, low, dark, dark-haired girl. And I fell in love with my head.

So I stood nervously and resolutely in front of that cursed door. I will not move. Bat or face. It remains to be seen whether my family is open and understanding enough to accept a stranger. I felt the comforting grip of my little fingers on my worn hand. I looked down and drowned in dark, almost black, almond-shaped eyes.

“It’ll be all right, Jan …” he whispered.

My name is Janusz, but my boyfriend prefers this abbreviated form, which is devoid of hissing Polish sounds.

– They love you like me, we will understand …

– Maybe, otherwise a bundle on his back and you’re gone – I smiled sadly. “Will you marry a poor, exiled man?”

“Even today,” he replied. – I found you and don’t let go … come! He smiled proudly because he could say a difficult word.

He lived in Poland for only two yearsso it worked great anyway. Upon arrival, he took a language course, but practical training gave him more. It’s easier to sell when you understand what your customers want. Because he worked in the market near my station.

I did not notice it immediately. The market is a mixture of real nations, there is a crowd like a beehive. Someone always wants something, so I didn’t have time to observe. A slanted-eyed trader didn’t care much for me, much less. One day, when things were a little easier in the square, he came to me and asked:

– Lychee?

– How many counts? – I did not understand.

I thought he was asking the price of the goods.

– No no! He laughed, his eyes wide as almonds. “Jan … are there lychees, fruit?” He bowed his head and looked at me curiously.

“Ah … lychee, that means Chinese plum,” I thought. – I don’t have it. I can check on the stock exchange that there is an offer. How much would you like?

“Here,” he said, pointing with three fingers.

– Three pounds? It will be expensive …

“Tssy s … tuki,” he stammered.

– It will be expensive too – I smiled. – For me, if I do not sell the rest. nothing. I will see what I can do. The customer’s wish is my order, I bowed.

He bowed politely and skillfully ran away from the sparrows and pigeons everywhere. He wore a sports suit that hid his uniform more, but it was still the same I could not take my eyes off him. I was interested. He knew my name … It was no secret, it was enough to ask someone from the owners of the stable, but why did he need such information? To ask for lychee? I found these Chinese plums for him, and although I could find those who wanted to buy other parts, I bought a box. I can treat most of my family to an exotic salad.

– Thank you, Jan, you are fine – The girl took the fruit, paid, but did not go; he bowed his head in a peculiar way and looked at me curiously. – Dots, you’re really dotted! He laughed.

“Okay, yes,” I said, shrugging a little. – You don’t have freckles?

– Am I crazy? He was worried. – Very nice points. Her hair is also white. Do you paint them?

“From where!” – I laughed. – That’s what I have, and so on. Want to check if this is true? I bowed my head to him.

My confusion disappeared, and it was replaced by something like fun and … delicacy.

Wait, man, I thought, because you’ll be like a Chinese plum in a compote! But it was probably too late, and he had already taken my heart with his childish curiosity and admiration for my questionable physical qualities. He touched my hair and rubbed it between his fingersand I felt a beautiful tremor.

– I envy you. To my annoyance, he sighed.

– I think they are beautiful! Like a crow’s wing. And your eyes are like almonds! – I do not know where I got these poetic comparisons and the courage to say them out loud.

He became serious and then asked me a question:

“Are you inviting me for a walk, Can?”

“You mean … a meeting?” Would you agree? – To be honest, I was surprised.

He smiled and shook his head.

– Well, we have a meeting! I shouted for joy, not even knowing how it happened. – I will come to you after work and tell you where you live.


It was a strange date. We were mostly silent, but I was not ashamed. On the contrary. I was never able to flirt, and excessive questioning overwhelmed me, making me murmur. I handed Yuya the arm he had taken, and we slowly made our way down the alley to the park. He did not want to enter any tavern. The May evening was hot and charming, so he preferred to sit on a bench, listen to the birds and give me green tea.

He hid in his backpack the glasses and a thermos that he always had with him at the market. I thanked Providence for offering lychees instead of flowers. He rejoiced over them more than an unacceptable bouquet. We sipped tea, ate plums and were satisfied with our existence. I felt so comfortable without any other girl, I was so beautiful. Yu looked at me two meters tall and with a movie-loving beauty. Therefore did not end on a date.

We didn’t show our love, but every day after work we went somewhere together, got to know each other better, we loved each other more and more. Yu praised the “boring” qualities that one traditionalist considered himself too masculine. It was the most beautiful spring of my life, and then came an even more beautiful summer – warm and very, very passionate …

For the first time, I drove him out of town to the river. And there, on a small, charming beach hidden among the reeds, my sweet Yu asked directly:

– Do you want to make love, Can?

He undressed me and himself. It smelled of sun, almonds and exotic fruits. I was lying on my back, and he was squinting at me, rolling his eyes and waving his hips. I didn’t think it could be so beautiful … We fit in perfectly, as if God created it for me.

The market is a place of gossip, it is impossible to keep a secret, especially romance, for a long time. In addition, my parents saw that I had changed, and they finally wanted to meet a virgin who made me laugh. I took the time to present it officially.

I was afraid of unpleasant comments and suggestions that he was more interested in citizenship or money than I was. I was not the first to be naive; I struggled with uncertainty myself. But I was more afraid that my boyfriend would see his eyesight, that he would see cold-blooded men besides me, and that I would be left alone again. Now that’s you I could not imagine my life without it!

Therefore, I accepted the news of pregnancy as a sign from heaven, another gift of destiny. Because our love was sealed once and for all … My child’s mother automatically became my family – whether someone liked it or not!

“You must marry me now,” I gladly announced.

– Yes, Jean-Yu accepted my offer, which was not very romantic, with a smile.

Content, not form, was important to my lover. That’s why I loved it.

The parents opened the door, and the doorbell rang with difficulty. After greetings and polite exchanges, we sat down to tea. My mother did her best and served the food at the best tables. In addition to coffee and juices, he also served green tea in a teapot. Father and brother played gentlemen, forged fruit cakes with forks, and talked over and over about the prices of air and dried fruit. He was cohesive and terribly artificial.

No one touched on the right issue. When she suddenly woke up, her eyes widened and she shouted:

– Jesus Maria, she is a Chinese woman! Why didn’t anyone tell me before ?!

We blushed. Except for Yu, who didn’t blink, he just smiled.

“A man, Grandma, maybe a little more polite …” Radek muttered. – We said that Yanush’s fiancé’s name was Yu.

“But he’s not Chinese,” the old woman insisted. – And another baby on the way. The end of the world is coming! It was like that in my old age, my slanted-eyed grandchildren! I hope they will at least write!

“It wouldn’t hurt …” my mother shouted, which only confirmed my suspicions that what my grandmother had burned out loud, the rest of the family, was quietly thinking.

I was angry.

– Anyway, I love Yuyu and she will be my wife! – I came out in a harsh tone. – I will not write any contact. This is my decision. And be warned: if someone doesn’t like something, you will lose your son instead of gaining a daughter.

My father moved anxiously, looking at me, then at Yu and my mother. He cleared his throat and said:

– Why immediately with such determination, my son … Love, applause, although I think a few months are not enough to get to know each other well. What do you know about his family? Maybe they will not be satisfied with such a groom? Maybe they had other plans? Yu, your family has nothing against Yanush?

– Father, Yu is going to Beijing to inform his parents …

– How are you going to Beijing? Pregnant ?! My mother shouted nervously.

– For God’s sake, baby, something else will come to you on the way! Granny added in horror.

I smiled under my breath. It is obvious that nature overcame skepticism, worried about their children. Don’t pay attention to the shape of your eyes …

“I’m strong,” Yu smiled. – And I dream to go. Yes tsseba. I’ll be back.

– I think so! The mother snored. – After all, you have to give birth to my grandson, and the family must be together! Well, tomorrow you will go to the office and set the date of the wedding. Maybe you will need some documents, you will bring from China. Because there is no way Yu can hit himself so hard! Yanush, you will go with him. Radek and my father will take over your responsibilities, and Grandma and I will make a pile for you to return. Two rooms, a bathroom need to be put in order … – he gave orders in a firm and final tone.

No one objected. Especially me. Because I wanted it. Support and acceptance. I was proud of them. My family passed a difficult test.

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