“I wanted to hear from Lucian that he loved me, but he preferred to take other girls. I found one too ”- Real life

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He wanted me to go on tour with him to Poland. I told my parents that I was going to take exams and then a student internship, and I thought about it while you waited. I traveled from city to city all summer with Lucjan and his team.

We visited all seaside resorts. In the evenings, the children played, and then we spent the night together for a long time. I didn’t like beer, but I learned to drink for Lucjan. Being a drummer’s lover amazed me, although not everything made me happy and entertained.

For example, I was very jealous of Lucia. I hated it when the chickens screamed when they saw it – it was so cute. Or when you run to get an autograph. But Lucian liked such a success …

Once, after a concert, I saw him kissing a naughty fan. That’s when I realized how temporary love is. And how easy it is to be confused. Because Lucian never said he really loved me.

I consoled her that maybe she just doesn’t know the words, and for her it’s love to be together, to have sex from time to time, to walk together. I really wanted it to be so. And I determined that one day I would get the confession I had long dreamed of. I was 19 years old and very stupid. However, at that time I thought I ate all my mind.

“Come on, Anka, you know you’re the only one,” Lucian reassured me as he reminded her of those kisses. – You have nothing to be angry about. It seemed that the chicken was in need, which surprised me. Don’t be jealous, my dear, a kiss …

We had a long and passionate love of “apology.” I thought everything was fine and the next day the fan came back. And it didn’t end with just kisses. I understood, tied myself to the room and roared.

I went and decided to change my life

I did something I hated before about Lucia. I found solace in the arms of the singer Bodzia. I was weak and dishonest … I was not good at all. I want to say yes at that time, but not later. I loved Lucja, so having sex with Bodzie wasn’t really a long-term choice.

If Lucian had shown me more heart, if I had heard the words I had been waiting for at least once, my fate would have been different … It’s time for a change. I wrote a farewell letter to Luciana, took a penny from an ordinary jar, and boarded the next train.

He didn’t care where I went. I had nothing to show for myself at home, I was just waiting for a lie to come out. I ran out of money, so I had to look for a job. I started helping with tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.

I found a cheap place to live in addition to the villa. The only thing that made me happy was that I didn’t get pregnant and didn’t get any disease. I took the pill, but then I ran out and hoped to get lucky.

I finally agree with Simon

I met Simon outside. We went to work together, we worked together. I was cold then, and Shimon offered me tea from a thermos. It was delicious. Since then, we have been drinking tea together every day. I found myself waiting for this break from work to talk to Szymon.

It turned out that he earned extra money to help his family. I was amazed. I thought there were no such people anymore. I once told him my story. I finally needed someone I could trust and talk to. We were together in the spring, and in May, Shimon proposed to me. Then I heard the words I had been waiting for:

– I love you, Anka.

I would almost cry for joy. Meanwhile, Simon continued:

– I loved you at first sight, but I’m careful and I’m not very brave. Now I am sure of my feelings. If you are not worried about me not being a drummer and you are ready to be with me for better or worse, then let’s get married. I was really happy.

The only thing that bothered me was I could not imagine my wedding without my parents. Simon invited me to come with them. I borrowed money from my parents, even though my father told me that I deserved to be beaten.

We got married in the summer and in May of next year our daughter Yagodka was born. In a few weeks he will be five years old. I will finish my bachelor’s degree in June, hoping to find an easier job.

For now, I have to wait because I am in the third month of pregnancy. Szymon works physically and even makes good money. It is reported that Lucjan and his band are on tour abroad, I do not know where. Fortunately, my life was on the right track.

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