Check out these Union promotions – computers and lower prices

May awaits us ahead and you are still looking for the gift of Holy Communion? We fully understand this, it is not easy to choose electronics among so many offers. We have good news – we checked for you what Komputronik has prepared for us this year. Take a look at Holy Communion promotions and see what gifts you can choose regardless of your budget.

Union promotions – what to buy at a good price? Contents:

A communication gift that will not hurt your wallet

Unity is one of the events that happens only once in a lifetime, so we want to give it to children a unique gift. without investigation by IPC Research Institute shows that in this case we use the most electronics (7.1% of the answers), which, unfortunately, is associated with significant costs.

No matter how much we have, it is worth considering installment purchase. We have a choice of 50 installments with a 3-month delay in the first payment on the offer of the computer, or 10 installments with an extended Warranty of 0% APRC.

We want the equipment to be ready immediately ready for action we can use the Remote Informatyk Computer service, so that the configuration of devices will take place without our intervention. The scope of assistance provided here is quite wide, and among others, consulting, update and preparation for work laptop or smartphone, installation parental protection or help from hand apparatus. The option of fixing the screen with foil is also available at a great discount, we recommend it when buying a watch or phone.

As part of the campaign, we will buy hundreds of products at affordable prices at the Communion Pass. We have selected the most interesting proposals from them.

Looking for a universal laptop? Take a look at the HP 15s-eq2135nw

what a gift of unity

This model has undoubtedly won the most editorial votes crazy name – Whoever remembers, line up. Fortunately, the technical parameters of the HP laptop are more memorable, because there are several features that prove to be good equipment. common goal. Processor connection Ryzen 5 5500U with fast RAM 3200 MHz and a faster disk 512 GB SSD Activities such as surfing the Internet, working on documents, or having fun are just fun.

Graphics chip integrated into the processor Radeon Graphics In terms of performance, it often resembles its rival Iris He’s, beating the GeForce MX250 and MX350. What does this mean for players? We can easily run headings like Dota 2, Minecraft, Sims 4, Valorant if League of Legends. If we focus on other aspects of the game and need mobility, we will probably be happy that everything is just weighted. 1.69 kgThe lightweight design is reminiscent of Apple devices.

Very good things can be said about the matrix Full HDto provide high-resolution detail (141.21 PPI). It completes a well-chosen resolution non-reflective screen covernot afraid of any light reflection.

get what unity

Large S smartphone Samsung Galaxy A32 LTE 128 GB Dual SIM

The new Samsung smartphone will also be a great gift. A very popular line A32 The advantages are many. Diagonal screen 6.4 inches developed in technology Super AMOLEDProvides fantastic contrast, deep blacks & beautiful, saturated colors Due to the resolution used, the screen has a good image detail 2400 x 1080 pixels and update rate by level 90 Hzthis makes scrolling content and playing games an extremely smooth and enjoyable experience.

What definitely distinguishes this model from its competitors is the capacity battery 5000 mAh and a quadruple camera based on a matrix 64 Mpix. Not only will we not have to reach for the charger often, but we will also take quality photos where the manufacturer is famous.

The hardware specification is complemented by well-selected components in this price range. Processor MediaTek MT6769V paired with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB information area. Everything just weighs 184 q and kept in a light, pleasant design.

Corsair Gaming K65 Mini MX Speed. Game keyboard for enthusiastic players

What would be a good combination of deals without a mechanical keyboard for tough players? Corsair Gaming K65 Mini MX Speed In his hands he has all the right cards and even a few aces. Let’s start with the three most important features of a good click mechanism – the mold, keys and backlight.

Reputable brand keys used in this model Cherry MX Speed With PBT coatings, they have a very short activation distance 1.2 mmThis also makes them perfect for games that require a quick reaction. In terms of form and functionality, the device is designed on a popular scale 60% and great dynamic application RGB backlight. As with its Chinese counterparts, the lighting is not only zonal and contains individual switches, and the bottom row of covers can be replaced with non-standard ones (the space is also nicely different).

Color control can be done using keyboard shortcuts (more than 30 in total!), Which also provides control over multimedia, volume and macros. Everything is completed with use Axon technologyIncrease the reporting frequency to 8000 Hz and scan the 4000 Hz keys.

Tablet for learning and fun. realme Pad 4 / 64GB WiFi

At a good price realme Pad can be an exclusive complement to the home ecosystem Elm and fun. A device with only thickness 6.9 mm Due to its light weight, it will work both on four walls and on the trip (only) 440 grams), aluminum body and good battery capacity (7100 mAh).

Whether your main goal is learning or fun, the processor will provide the performance you need MediaTek MTK Helio G80 together with 4 GB memory ram. On the bright screen we will see VOD, YouTube and mobile games 10.4 inches about the solution 2000 x 1200 pixels.

Four standard speakers are responsible for good sound quality Dolby Atmos. First of all, they are distinguished by a decent reproduction of low tones and good sound level.

The world of music is open. Headphones Logitech G335

If you are looking for evidence headset with microphone For a girl or boy, pay attention to the new Logitech model.

G335 is advertised as a combination of color and comfort, and it’s hard to disagree. The design of the headband is already lightweight (suddenly) 240 grams), which makes it very comfortable to wear.

The most important thing in headphones is sound quality, and here you can see several solutions available on more expensive devices. Neodymium membranes in size 40 mm Make no mistake, and young fans of the mentioned low range will definitely be satisfied.

More than perfect sound is supported by excellent sound compliance and the presence of a certificate Argument. We will combine the G335 series with consoles Xbox, Game station, Nintendo Switch and most desktop computers, laptops, and phones.

A smart watch for kids who answer the venue and calls. Garett Kids Rex 4G M

Smart watch for kids

Unity clocks are still in shape, but not as before. Thanks Garett Kids Rex 4G M children will be able to do more than just check the time. This lightweight and very neat smart watch is distinguished by its presence Android system and contact 4G LTEthis means great functionality and unobstructed practice to be answer calls and video calls (Support for SIM cards and built-in microphone).

This deserves special attention effective locationis implemented using the module GPSusing the function LBS (Placement with the nearest mobile network transmitter when your watch loses GPS coverage) and network WiFi. In addition, it allows the manufacturer to recreate route history Return up to 30 days and activate the function GEO damagethis allows us to monitor whether the child is in the area we designate.

There is an exemplary approach to security. In case of emergency, activation SOS button It is enough to make an emergency call to the three previously selected numbers. Shipping capacity will also be useful voice messages and inspection physical activity comfort and visual values ​​will be highlighted by color stripes that can be changed with the body and a clear touch screen.

Smart watch for children Garett Kids Rex 4G M

Segway Ninebot eKickscooter ZING C10

In the end, we put something that will increase the heartbeat of our peers. Electric scooter Segway Ninebot eKickscooter ZING C10 This is the perfect model to start your adventure with this type of device.

The manufacturer cared first security and functionality. Beginners to two-way entertainment in safe mode will increase the speed 10 km / hby controlling speed with gas. Braves can accelerate up to 16 km / h in mode permanent (by pushing) or turboa place where you can enjoy a comfortable walk.

Flexible and strong tires are resistant to abrasion and the tread is designed for better grip. Lightweight and shapely design allows you to cover the distance 10 km and easy storage and transportation (The shaft can be removed within a few seconds).

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