Why do dogs lick their hands and faces? Is this really a sign of love?

Dogs lick – every watchman of these beautiful animals knows this. The intention of licking and quadrupeds in this regard is wrongly added to the desire to show love every time. The fact that a dog licks us does not mean that he loves us or even likes us. It is important to observe how the four-legged man does this and to pay attention to his body language and the whole context of the situation. Animals often use licking, for example, in stressful situations or in fear – to surrender. After that, it is important to observe the pet and try to understand what he wants to convey to us through his behavior.

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Why do dogs lick people’s hands?

One of the most common behaviors in dogs is licking their hands as soon as they return home. For a dog, its sense of smell and taste is an extremely sensitive cognitive device. Licking a man’s hands means wanting to know where the owner is and what he is doing for a four-legged friend. In addition, if the guardian stays in the room in his absence, for example, with other animals, he will certainly not miss the attention of the pet.

Hands, clothes, or shoes will be an ideal object for sniffing and licking and thus checking what is the source of such a dense and fresh odor entering the animal’s territory. Scented objects and hands will provide your dog with the most information.

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Licking paws – is it always a matter of hygiene?

In addition to licking human hands, dogs also lick their paws. If this does not happen very often and is not accompanied by intense and annoying bites, we should not worry. In this way, dogs take care of hygiene – they clean the space between the pillows. Unlike humans, a dog does not have shoes to protect it when walking. Therefore, any branch or gravel can be recommended to him simply in his paw. Often quadrupeds will quickly get rid of a small object stuck to the pillow.

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However, if licking our paws (or paws) is a concern, it is worth checking the condition of our pet’s skin and whether there are any objects left. It is recommended to visit a veterinarian first with compulsive licking. The cause may be related to an illness and may indicate an attempt to relieve itching or pain. According to the veterinary guide, frequent licking and biting of the paws can cause so-called licking dermatosis. The affected area is generally red and moist. The dog’s fur around the lying area is also characteristic, then becomes a shade of brown. There are many causes of licking dermatosis – from allergies to cancer to the main nervous system. The cause of the licking will be determined by a veterinarian and he will carry out appropriate treatment.

When a dog licks our faces

Why do dogs lick their faces? Opinions are still divided here. According to some, the reason should be sought in the root of the dog, the behavior of the wolf. The offspring of these animals have a habit of licking their mothers’ mouths to get food. The wolf feeds its young by returning the food. Therefore, some believe that when a dog is hungry or feels hungry, it may want to fill a container.

Another theory that refers to monster behavior is the desire to surrender. By licking the members of the package, they can communicate with other people, for example. his subordination and low position in the group. If a dog comes to lick its owner – for example, after showing him indifference or reprimanding him for his bad behavior – for some it may indicate such communication.

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In addition to the above theories, licking your caregiver’s face can also be subtle. This can result, for example, in the dog’s habit of greeting in this way. However, in order to understand your dog’s desire to lick, you must first pay attention to his body language, condition and environment.

Can licking a dog be dangerous?

Although we may still encounter the idea that dog saliva has extremely healthy and healing properties, it should be noted at this point that it is not necessarily for humans. Dogs have different bacterial flora and pathogens, and they often eat raw meat or feces from other animals. Especially pregnant women should be careful with dog saliva. According to doctors, dog saliva should not touch our wounds, mouth, eyes and nose.

However, many pet owners allow their dogs to lick their faces or hands. Not surprisingly, if a dog greets us with joy after returning from work, it is unlikely that anyone can refuse this experience from a pet. However, it is worth remembering the basic recommendations of hygiene and at least doctors – to avoid contact of mucous membranes with pet saliva.

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