What events are worth watching after E3 is canceled? Schedule of this year’s events

The period when most technology exhibitions were organized behind the belt. In connection with the cancellation of this year’s edition of E3, it is worth looking at the schedule of other events in which the largest manufacturers will present and announce their new products.

E3 2022 is gone, but the world does not end there

We found out in early April This year’s E3 will not be held stationary or remote. This news shocked all fans of the computer game industry. Electronic Entertainment Exhibition it is the world’s largest cyclical event, announcing and introducing new productions during this period. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, the organizers decided to organize the event online.

Unfortunately, such a solution was not well received by both the producers and the audience. Earlier, in 2020, the measure was completely canceled due to the pandemic that began at that time. However, this year Electronic Software Association, ie the organizer of the fair informed that the official reason for the cancellation of the event is also the situation with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, E3 is expected to return with double power in 2023.

The organizers want to cancel this year’s Electronic Entertainment Exhibition and focus on making the fair the most attractive event of its kind in the future. E3 fans are already preparing for what the American Association will present to us In June 2023 At the Los Angeles Convention Center.

However, the abolition of E3 2022 does not mean a complete break with the tradition of organizing summer computer game industry fairs. There are so many events on our radar that we will probably learn about many interesting premieres. Find it below schedule of most interesting events related to the video game industry and technology.

Summer Game Fest

E3 2022 is gone, but the world does not end there

was organized by Geoff Keighley The event will take place in June. In this case, the event will be held remotely. During the Summer Game Fest, for example, we will be able to watch trailers for new games and shorter announcements. The broadcast of the event will be widely available on the largest streaming platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and even Twitter).

Xbox and Bethesda Games Exhibition

E3 2022 is gone, but the world does not end there

The event is primarily intended for owners of Xbox consoles. The event, organized by Microsoft, will take place on Wednesday. June 12 at 19:00 Polish time. We’ll keep you updated on Xbox and Bethesda’s latest plans during broadcasts on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. It is very possible during the event that we will learn about games such as Starfield if Redfall.

Future Games Show

E3 2022 is gone, but the world does not end there

The organizers will make a presentation at the event on June 12 a number of new games and exclusive additions. This year there will be more than 40 titles in total. Interestingly, eight of them are called “world premieres”. This event is undoubtedly necessary for all fans of the smaller, but still exciting production.

PC Game Show

E3 2022 is gone, but the world does not end there

The portal is responsible for organizing this event PCgamer.com. As in the upcoming Games Show, we will be able to watch trailers and teasers of upcoming games at the PC Game Show. In addition, a lot will happen here interviews with developers and behind-the-scenes materials.

Developers Day: Summer Game Fest Edition

E3 2022 is gone, but the world does not end there

An event for all fans independent games. During Devs Day, we will be able to see many productions from this particular sub-genre. The show is organized by Geoff Keighley in collaboration with iam8bit and Double Fine. At the moment, unfortunately, we do not know the date of the presentation, but it should change in the coming days.

Other events

E3 2022 is gone, but the world does not end there

Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to watch anything but E3 EA Live Play. Electronic Arts has decided to cancel the event due to a number of projects. However, this does not mean that the American company will completely refuse to promise its games. We read this in a special statement issued in March titles will be displayed separately.

case Sony the company will remain with special programs Game situation. In the last episode of the series, which took place in mid-March, the producer once again announced the game Hogwarts Legacy. But this time, the players were able to see the comprehensive material presented to us behind the scenes of the creation of the title and its individual elements.

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As you can see, the appeal of E3 should not be equated with the lack of experience watching the big presentations of the next games. This year’s program is really interestingand the first broadcasts of the events will begin at any time, during which time we will be able to see the actions of the largest developers and publishers.

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