War on the big screen – these are the best films of all genres

The subject of war is one of the most enduring in human history. Since the beginning of time, as a species, we have been involved in all kinds of conflicts. Not surprisingly, the war has also spread to small and large screens.

The best movies that play the role of war

Though war is never positive, in the case of screen shows, we can get a different impression. First of all, it is a very pleasant thing to understand. War is equal to conflict. Conflict is tantamount to aggression. Aggression is equal to emotions. These calculations are very simple. War cinema creates many conflicting feelings in us.

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First of all, the viewer often has to choose one side of the conflict, which gives him “joy” in the screen activities. Second, in a state of war, we can never be sure that we are not looking at our favorite character for the last time. After all, armed conflicts bring many victims. Finally, of course, there are all the action scenes. Shooting, running, bombing, hand-to-hand combat or torture – We can find all this in almost every war movie. So, without further ado and without going into the essence – you can find a list below The five best works in my opinion the main role played by the war.

5. The Survivors’ Pass (2016)

This is the latest film in this ranking. First of all, the creators used the theme in an interesting way to avoid aggression during war. In fact, the word “creators” is wrong here, because the script of the film was written by life. Captain Desmond Thomas Doss he really is a real person who refused to touch weapons and actively fight during the Second World War.

The hero he plays brilliantly Andrew Garfield it’s the opposite of what we usually see in war movies. As a rule, the protagonist is an extremely talented soldier who kills new enemies with a children’s game. This situation is completely different. In addition to a completely bright history, St. Survivor transitions the case also needs to be differentiated Mel Gibsonwas nominated for an Oscar for directing the film. Finally, the 2016 production won two figurines – for the best montage and sound.

4. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

definitely the most specific film on this list. In this case, of course, war is the leitmotif of production, but in my opinion, it does not play a major role here. All The show was stolen by the actors is driven by the unique Quentin Tarantino. The dialogues are at the highest level, and the script itself is a mixture of the highly traumatic realities of World War II and fiction.

If I didn’t spend a few seconds at this point, I wouldn’t be myself Kristof Vals. In Austria Shameless bastards played a life role, rightly won Oscars, Golden Globes, Palm Branches and a number of other awards. In addition, he brilliantly supported Waltz, Brad Pitt and the rest of the actors buongiorno in the foreground.

3. Sniper (2014)

He meets us in the TOP3 sniper Since 2014. Is that so? another true storyholding our throats and holding us for them until the end of the session. The film tells us Christopher Kyle, is by far the most effective sniper in American military history. Although the placement of the plot in the movies in the current reality is not my favorite procedure. sniper is a real exception to this rule.

This is a production that has everything you need for an emotional session. Expressive hero (bright role for Cooper), dynamic action scenes, moments of doubt and superhuman abilities – this is a set of features that best describes this great film. Of course, we must not forget the titanic work of Clint Eastwood, directed by him sniper.

2. Soldier Ryan (1998)

An absolute classic that can be found in most of these combinations. After all, the history of the team led by Tom Hanks is endless. It is a film about friendship, loyalty, courage and fear. All this is reflected in the realities of the brutal Second World War. work Steven Spielberg Suitable for almost all war movies.

After all, for good reason Ordinary Rayan won up five Oscars. He took one of them Janusz Kaminskiwhich is responsible for photos during production. Finally, the 1998 film is a beacon for all the other headlines where war is the main theme.

1. The Enemy at the Doors (2001)

Definitely a number. Movie Jean-Jacques Annaud no weaknesses. I looked a few times and I repeat – there is no weakness. This is undoubtedly a low-cost production that deserves more promotion. Competition on the line Jude Law-Ed Harristhat is, Zaitsev-Konig pushes us into a chair, and at some point we get the impression that it turns into a kind of game.

In addition, there is a love story that always stands in the background and, as a result, has a very important resonance at the very end of the plot. Finally, I must mention the atmosphere of the film itself. Dirty, smelly, cold and depressed scene it only conquers the ultimate visual experience. Just a MASTERPIECE!

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