Their project is “tough marriage with a sign of femininity.” Wasted Couture is conquering the outerwear market

When they started, the first designs were from the attic. Now they are creating costumes for American production, such as The Walking Dead series, and will soon be promoting their brands in Los Angeles and Cannes. We are talking about Wasted Couture, a group of artists and rebellious visionaries from Western Pomerania who create clothes and costumes by hand in a post-apocalyptic and alternative atmosphere.

Wasted Couture dates back to 2014. Then Viola Sychowska, now the creator and main designer, decided to go to the Old Town Festival. It is the largest festival in Europe protected by the post-apocalyptic convention known from Mad Max movies or the computer game Fallout.

As a place of inspiration for OldTown

– I have always liked to create art. There was a time in my life when I wanted different clothes. I also received orders from my friends to make them dresses for the party, – he remembers the beginnings.

Once at the OldTown Festival he did not hide his joy. – It turns out that there are more crazy people like me. A year later I came with a cardboard box that I made myself – he says.

It turned out that those who came to the festival liked Viola’s designs very much. Today, our hero met Małgorzata and Jagoda, who run Wasted Couture.

– OldTown is distinguished by the fact that each of its participants creates a unique alternative image. This event gave us food for thought and showed that people need to look different and be different, adds Małgorzata Kowcun.

– It is the venue of this festival that has been the main source of inspiration for our activities – says Yagoda Varic.

The first jacket for the American model

The girls admit that the beginning of the activity was “beautiful, but at the same time difficult.” – We ran a company in the attic of my apartment. It was impossible to stand there, it was necessary to squeeze. We tried to make clothes there and sell them abroad.

Viola remembers exactly when she sold her first jacket. – Bought an American model. I remember those feelings when I heard about the sale. It was amazing. Later it became clear that our products are bought from Europe, as well as from the United States and Asia.

Wasted Couture works in the spirit of zero waste. Wheels are used by them, among others, to make bags and bracelets.

– We design recycled items. We buy a lot of material from second-hand shops and teach ourselves. Only after a while we went to our first sewing course. Viola first sewed on a loom she bought from her mother, says Jagoda.

They use hammers, rivets and pyrographs

– The aesthetics we have created is a harsh and destructive marriage with shades of femininity. So, people who wear our clothes feel not only special, but also beautiful and attractive. We try to help people express themselves through our work. For some, they are costumes for the festival, but they can also be something to wear everyday – says Małgorzata.

Interestingly, Wasted Couture is staffed mainly by women. They do not hesitate to use “men’s work” tools on a daily basis. They use hammers, rivets and pyrographs (wood and leather burners – ed.). They admit that such work requires a little effort to cut the wheel or rivet a piece of metal to the skin. – This is a demanding job, but we do it with pleasure – they add.

There is no model that girls use at work. Sometimes their end result is a project that comes as a surprise to them. They also have orders that they first talk to the client, create sketches and discuss. But there are also “one-of-a-kind” products.

– For example, we have a unique jacket and we are subjecting it to processes that we will not repeat. Then the customer feels that this dress is really unique – explains Małgorzata.

They dress up artists and make costumes for American production

Nowadays, girls do not only design clothes for individual clients. They create costumes for artists and movies, series and games. In Poland, they dress among others Night lover.

– We enjoyed designing costumes both for the new season of The Walking Dead and for the American series Pretty Little Liars. We are also working with Techland, author of Dying Light, Viola adds.

Last year, the girls met Jurek Owsiak. Inspired by the activities of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra and Pol’and’Rock, they made a jacket for him.

– It was our dream and it happened. Mr. Jurek Owsiak loved this jacket, wore it during performances and owned it in the Grand Final. We are grateful to the person who auctioned it off and thus donated the account of the Grand Orchestra of the Christmas Charitable Foundation, says the chief designer of Wasted Couture. Los Angeles and Cannes are waiting

Wasted Couture is growing rapidly and is not going to stop. In September, the girls will fly to Los Angeles to promote the brand. A year later, they will present it at the Cannes Film Festival, which accompanies the festival.

– These are very big projects for us and a dream come true. We will be able to demonstrate our products and maybe cooperate with a film producer. Our biggest dream is to make a big movie like Mad Max – Viola explains.

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