The Lost City (2022) – film review

Is “Lost City” a title that develops a romantic comedy and movie story about the looters of ancient tombs? Of course not. Is Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum the duo I dreamed of for an evening with crispy noses and a sugar-free drink? None of this. And again, these would mean that I have to spend for these processes. The fact that April Fools’ Day gave me the opportunity to see Daniel Radcliffe in a tight suit, with a crazy smile on his face and a plate full of cheese, opens the door for a state. -After a while he will get the protagonist, God knows where he is, it is worth remembering. “Lost City” is an unusual film, shot by Paramount Pictures as if in a hurry, mainly because such Hollywood blockers have to be released from time to time. But at the same time, it is clear without a claim to greatness: the cast knows its place here, they know their place as simple as the story of the three Haleys, and even the jokes and jokes in the guise of Hitler. Radcliffe.
In fact, it can be summed up in one sentence: “Lost City” is a film about a narrow boy in a paret suit and looking for an ancient artifact on an island forgotten by air transport. Or different: this is a film about a writer of romances that is widely read in the Tombraider environment, and he realizes that he has become the protagonist of his novel. Loretta (Bulok) is not only creative, but also experiencing an existential crisis – after the death of her husband, a brilliant archaeologist, she practically does not leave the house. He would like to write ambitious books because he has defended his PhD dissertation on Atlantic colonization, and publisher Beth (Da’vine Joy Randolph) organizes author’s nights in the style of “Blind Dates”, whose fans are not for him, but faint. A certain area (Tatum) for the model on the cover wearing a blonde wig. From this cartoonish reality, he draws the protagonist of Fairfax (Radcliffe), the heir to the media wealth and the owner of the manuscript, which is the key to the lost treasure. Crazy Harry Potter ties Loretta to an office chair and forces her to translate ancient pictograms. Is it possible to imagine a greater nightmare of a man mourning his unfinished academic career?

About twenty-five percent of the movie’s nonsense is related to this chair (you know, ridiculously rolling a person in a chair, throwing him, picking him up in a cramped car, riding in a wheelbarrow around an exploding truck, etc.). Especially the cover model mentioned to save Bullock – a type who is water-allergic, narcissistic, extremely sensitive to health and beauty, with the appearance of a wrestling star – and as a mercenary and martial arts coach named Brad Pitt … Trainer. Mrs. Bullock, in a purple sequined suit, high-heeled shoes and a tight hammock with Tatum, runs, swims, falls, climbs and crawls in the jungle in a full make-up that remains untouched even after a night out. A volcano erupts, pirates hide in the dark in a motocross, Radcliffe bribes police, ancient pictographs suddenly come to life on rocky cliffs, locals pull some weeds, and the airport is the most ordinary day in the life of an island resident who dances flamenco. As someone wrote on the Filmweb forum, this movie is like that A mix of “M jak miłość”, “James Bond”, “Bolek i Lolek”, “Lost in action” and, of course, “Harry Potter”. There is nothing to add, nothing less – none of Robert Zemeckis’s “Love, Emerald and Crocodile” is a parody of this classic, which is loved more by Polish television. A parody of Brad Pitt’s absurd episode as material for a potential spin-off.

However, in its class, “Lost City” is a fast and pleasant fool, presenting an adventurous adventure mixed with tourist-romance, with views like “Uncharted”, but without any impact on fans of the genre. I laughed at this embarrassment without feeling offended, because everything was calculated for him, even with dozens of plot spaces, big illogicalities and glazed cardboard cubic meters. The film’s main romantic message – don’t judge the book by the length of the cover or the length of the Latin sentences quoted by the full-bodied sexual model – is a bit of a joke about people looking for deeper meaning or ambition. Hollywood-produced children: a sapiosexual woman who falls in love with a mountain of beautiful muscle mass, although at first she openly despises everything that this mountain represents – posture, deceit, attachment to consumer applause. mob and even Redneck origin.

I can guarantee that you will not fall in love with this film, but this form of appreciation of pop culture, realizing your naivety and sniffing cinematic snobs really makes me happy. “Lost City” is about Hollywood statues that are ashamed of themselves and cope with this shame. However, because you should not be ashamed sinful pleasure Indiana Jones is a phenomenon that is close to the body, like a favorite high school shirt. So let’s get together and rub our noses, let the police do it.

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