The end of the world does not come in 365 days

A few days ago we witnessed the premiere of one of the most popular Polish films. 365 days: Today. As you probably know, the production did not get much feedback from reviewers and “ordinary” viewers. At this point, it is worth remembering that Polish cinema is not as bad and embarrassing as the above-mentioned film!

The best Polish movies

Filmmaking is simply a favorite pastime of Poles. Historically, the first productions, which we can call “movies” for the sake of simplicity, appeared in our country. In the early 20th century. The development of this beautiful art was savagely hindered by the First World War and later by the Second World War. Finally, after 1945, the Poles were able to make serious films.

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Of course, the realities of that time were very impressive restricted the freedom and opportunities of the creators. However, even before 1989, many good films were made in Poland, and after the fall of communism, we were able to completely reject any offers, even orders, from above. Because it has been the most talked about in the context of Polish cinema lately continuation of the film 365 daysI decided it was worth looking for a change five best Polish films in my opinion. So we can move to position number five without wrapping around the arm.

5. Gods (2014)

The film can be widely shown in American cinemas without any complexes. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the brilliant acting game Tomash KotIn my opinion, Zbigniew reminded me a little that he was a great actor in the role of Religa. Cherries on top gods there is no doubt that the story presented there is nothing but the facts themselves.

4. Symmetry (2003)

Dark, sad, dirty and depressing low-budget production. Despite this Symmetry one of my favorite Polish movies! The production perfectly reflects the realities of “our” prisons and what happened there. Therefore, it is difficult to hide that he is there Rehabilitation usually works the opposite way. Behind closed “bars” only deepen the dark sides and they are released as even worse people. case Symmetry It is impressive to be one of the most hit Polish-made that happens in a prison. If you add to that the great acting of Chick, Detmer and others, the result will be a truly great film. disturbing aura can draw you.

3. Dogs (1992)

An absolute classic that should be seen in such expressions. dogs This is Pasikovsky is one of the most attractive Polish films. Fast plot, good (for those times) action scenes and brilliant cast – all work together for the final evaluation of the production. According to Bir’s level, the series after 1994 and 2020 do not impress the audience, but it is worth remembering that they are still good films.

2. The Boys Don’t Cry (2000)

In this regard, that Polish cinema is a comedy I could not exclude at least one representative of this species in this group. Finally, the choice fell on him childrenbut it can also be seen here The killer if Morning coyote. So far, I’m surprised How miraculously Polish comedies with such a high level of humor have sunk to the bottom. All the signs are that, unfortunately, we will never know the answer to this question.

1. Day of the Freak (2002)

Being a child is a comedy. Being mature is a drama. Marek Koterski he understood in a really brilliant way! It seems that we all know each other A strange day and the message from him. Routine, failure and exhaustion is a timeless topic that reaches us extremely clearly these days. I think we all have something about us.


The best Polish movies

I couldn’t fit it because I limited the above list to the five best films many other large productions. Some of them may be better than the five mentioned above. In this regard, I would like to highlight a few films that I believe have the same high standards as those presented in the list above.

  • father
  • Kroll
  • Shoot
  • The killer
  • E = mc2
  • There is nothing funny
  • The body of God
  • Cold War
  • You want to live
  • bear
  • Morning coyote
  • Bad house
  • Flood

You can watch all these productions after the demonstration 365 days and a new sequel. This will be a great recipe to remind yourself Polish cinema is not a series of failures in general and there is much to be proud of for the world.

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